Tuesday 12 November 2013

Get Free Money From Ellen DeGeneres

This post is part of a yearlong series called “Get Free Money from Millionaires, Billionaires, Celebrities & Philanthropists,” in which I'm giving contact details to contact these rich people for financial assistance. Based on the premise that you have a genuine need you can contact these wealthy people for help.

Name: Ellen DeGeneres

Amount Donated: $30 million Approximately

Net Worth: $200 Million ($60 Million Annual Salary)

Foundation/Website: ellentv.com

Contact: Site contains contact form

Where Does the Money Go?

Ellen DeGeneres is an incredible women and one of the richest celebrities in America earning $60 million every year. Her hit show Ellen TV is one of the most watched chat shows in America where she has a loyal following. Some of the causes that Ellen Supports include Gentle Barn, Small Change Campaign, Feeding America, Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, American Red Cross, Breast Cancer Awareness, Susan G. Komen Cure Research.


  1. If you're planning to be on Ellen's Chat Show to ask for financial assistance please leave a message below. If you've been on Ellen's show and received financial assistance share your experiences.

  2. Hello Ms. Ellen

    I was wondering if you could help me in finding a remedy for my lower leg ulcer, there very painful Last March I lost my employment cause my car broke down going to work it was just a 58 mile one way trip to my job site.
    so if you can help me I would appreciated with all my heart even if I have to work for it, currently I live with my Daughter and Wife married for 25 years and counting.
    Been looking for employment since I lost my job, is very hard to find another one to much competition on line and I need to buy medicine and food.
    Thank you Ms. Ellen DeGeneres
    Have a Great thanks giving and Christmas

  3. Hello Ms Ellen I want to you help me am married I have two sons I want you help me to pay my bills I lost my job please help me what's important for to save kids no place to live sometimes it's very difficult to get food mobile 0033 646 12 72 42 thanks

  4. hello Ms. Ellen if you seen my massage . i 18 years old i am ill more thn 10 years kidney stones veiw month ago my kidneys warking but now one of them deid and docters told me if anather kidney getiing soon hight treatmen will dei still i am petion and i dont see anyonne help me i dont have any relative my parents deid in cival war instead damage me that cival war so that ieed help group and personalty
    some bady asks you like house like food but this savave young self icant tell you more about me becouse i dont know english

    contact me dalmar___2013@hotmail.com or / 00967737501737

  5. I have been taking care of my 87 yr old father for the past three years and have been strugling with my own finacial issues and his He past away today and I am going to lose our home and my car very soon I have always tryed to be independent and I work very hard but always seem to get knocked down just when I start to get it together I loved being here and taking care of him these years even though it was very hard sometimes I will always tresure these past three years I just dont know how I am going to pick my self up this time and I cant stand to lose the home my father worked so hard for

  6. Hello Ms Ellen, I am a woman of two children and then i told my husbant that we will have a third child he decided to leave me,all our live he was runing from one woman to another, but i kept my eyes always closed i wanted that my children grow up with their father. But now i dont know how i am goind to live i have debts of £5000 and soon i am not be able to work. I am in so difficult situation and i dont know were to turn i never ask anyone for help but now i am desperate. If you be so generous and could help me i would be very very greatfull. It would be a real Christmas miracle not to have debts. Thank you in advance. Thank you.

  7. Dear madam,
    I am in dark side of life because of health problem, i was survived by my parents, i was in bed rest since 6 months,to overcome my problem i need $2000 to pay bills and go back to my duties. I am requesting the kind heart people to help me.

    Thank you



  8. Today at 12:44 PM

    Hi, my name is Tina im a artist and retired cook my husband is med-retired.

    We live in Puerto Rico been here about 8 yrs our son Zach lives with us he is unable to find work here so he has made it his job to be our(mom and dad) nurse maid he really needs a job,lol We want to move back to the states near our daughter and grandson we miss them so, and so Zach can find work. Our family has talked of opening a store front Coffee Rolls and Art, as I love making cinnamon rolls and I want to sell my art.The hard part is the move it will take at least $5000 for this move. We are on a fixed income its been difficult to save when trying to make ends meet .We would appreciate any help at all.

    Here is some of my art , http://youfinallyfoundart.weebly.com/index.html

    Thank You, Tina


  9. Hi Ellen Hope you are well...I am writing to you as i have faith in you that you will help. You are indeed a nice person and i admire what you have become.... you are a good role model so may God Bless You forever. Ellen i have been going through so many hardships especially finicially . I have no job so does my husband for the past few years . I have used up all my savings and am very desperate to start a new life. I need help to build my family which consists of my two children, my husband, my mother & my mother in law......Please Help me I need $250 000 to start again ..I live in Singapore and my email address rufinajulian@yahoo.com.sg

    Thank you.


  10. Good afternoon Ellen.I am a single mother from Philippines.I am jobles....i have 13 years old son.I hope you can help please...i am watching your show wishing i am one of the people you could help.I wish you could give me money to start of a business.I pray you will read my letter soon.My email address is tessa_bote@yahoo.com.Ellen please i hooe you will consider my request.Sincerely yours,Miss Teresa-Fe B. Bote. Godbless.

  11. Hi Ellen!! I am a 71 year old retiree who has raised my disabled nephew for 25 years. (Since he was born). His Mother died February 17, 2013. Since her death we have been struggling. We had to pay for her funeral. She had no insurance. We got behind in our rent and other bills, and have been unable to catch up.we were evicted and have been homeless, living here and there. The manager understands how we got behind, but wants us to pay for what we owe in one lump sum. ($3355.50). We have tried different agencies, and churches, but cannot come up with this amount of money in one lump sum. She has been holding our home, with everything in it just as we left it. We have lived there for twelve years, and would like to go back home. The address is 6136 Farrow Avenue in Kansas City Kansas 66104. What we are asking is that if we can just get back in with the amount we owe, we would be willing to pay it back to whoever would be willing to help us. If anyone out there can help us please consider it, because time is running out for the manager to keep holding it for us. Please hear our plea for going home. We are very tired at this point. May GOD bless each and everyone and thank you. My name is Beverly Foster and my nephew is Calvin Powell.

  12. Please help me, God bless you IBAN HU75 11773339-00115829



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