Thursday 21 November 2013

Get Free Money From Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Unite Foundation)

This post is part of a yearlong series called “Get Free Money from Millionaires, Billionaires, Celebrities, Famous People & Philanthropists,” in which I'm giving contact details to contact these rich people for financial assistance. Based on the premise that you have a genuine need you can contact these wealthy people for help.

Name: Sir Richard Branson

Amount Donated: Committed $3 Billion over next 10 Years (2022)

Net Worth: $4.6 Billion (CelebrityNetWorth.com)

Foundation/Website: Virgin Unite Foundation 

The Virgin Unite Foundation
The Battleship Building
London, W2 6NB

Where Does the Money Go?

Most of the money donated by Sir Richard Branson is allocated through the Virgin Unite Foundation. Branson has pledged $3 billion through the Giving Pledge, all the money will be donated within the next 10 years and aims to reduce global warming. Richard Branson has also donated large sums of money to education charities in Africa, he is a patron of the International Rescue Corps. If you're experiencing hardship or need help with money you could send a letter asking Sir Richard Branson for financial assistance.


  1. If you're planning on asking or have already asked Sir Richard Branson for Money please share your experiences here.

    1. please my name is adebayo adeshina, nigerian. all i seek is assistance towards my education. i'm a university student you can get at me on my mobile +2348051938016. i will be so happy if only i could be helped. Thanks and looking forward to seeing the call. Thank you once again.

    2. Sir RICHARD Branson please look over our website we need your unity and Grace we are still pending our 501c3 and we need help to accomplish our mission www.childrenwithfaithandhopeinc.org/

    3. Greetings Sir Richard Branson Children With Faith And Hope needs your help.We are in the process of growing growing our organization in order to meet high demand of the poverty stricken children in our community we are seeking your grace and unity to help us build a force around our vision and mission we are still pending our 501c3 and without funding it's very hard to grow strong.If you are interested in donating please look at our website http://www.childrenwithfaithandhopeinc.org/ we thank you in advance and look forward working with you.Thank you so much for your contribution

    4. Hello my name is Michael Chillis I am a 40year old father of my beautiful 9 year old daughter. Unfortunately I don't have my life in financial order to be able to provide happily for her, Christmas is coming up and I haven't gotten her anything for Christmas yet I been unfortunate in finding work plus I don't have a car for most jobs are requiring, I live in the shelter and I am not able to come out of this hole. Its been a long time since I had anything to be happy about accept my daughter, I don't want to continue to live like this I just need a boost of cash to be able to expand my ideas and help others. I need help from someone who is able to and the little help from whoever would be a blessing to me I pray that someone with a good heart reads my letter and help me.

      My contact info: Michael Chillis

      1128 N. lawer ave

      Chicago,Ill 60651


    5. Hello,

      My name is Darren Moore. I live in the UK. I used to be in the British Army for 10 years. I was in the Army Air Corps, 4 Regiment. Based at Wattisham Airfield in Ipswich, UK. In December 2013 I was medically discharged because of a condition that affects both my legs. I still have no diagnosis for. Ever since leaving life has been hard for me. It took me 6 months to find a job due to my condition (can only do office based work). But i had to find a new place to live and whatever money I had at the time went into it. In the 6 months I was off i had to borrow money from payday lenders in the hope I could pay them off. I struggled bad, and even though I finally got a job I still struggle now with payments. Even my rent and tax is now falling behind. I am really worried I will become homeless. I can't seem to earn enough money to pay my debts. No matter how hard I try. I am still in the same job. The pay I get is low and I pay what I can here and there, which is also causing me to fall behind on bills. It feels like my life is falling apart slowly and I really have no where left to turn.

      I am asking for help so I don't end up another homeless veteran in the UK. I am a single Dad, I have my son once a week and I really want to have a better life for him and myself. Please I ask of you, no I beg you please help me. My full debt is around £5000. This is all I ask for. I will even pay it back in a monthly as if it is a debt consolidation loan. Not only will this clear every debt I owe, but the money I get paid I can start to save, for my son and so I can get me a mobility scooter so I can get out and about easier and with less pain.

      I really have no where else to turn to. Please please help me.

    6. Hello,

      My name is Darren Moore. I live in the UK. I used to be in the British Army for 10 years. I was in the Army Air Corps, 4 Regiment. Based at Wattisham Airfield in Ipswich, UK. In December 2013 I was medically discharged because of a condition that affects both my legs. I still have no diagnosis for. Ever since leaving life has been hard for me. It took me 6 months to find a job due to my condition (can only do office based work). But i had to find a new place to live and whatever money I had at the time went into it. In the 6 months I was off i had to borrow money from payday lenders in the hope I could pay them off. I struggled bad, and even though I finally got a job I still struggle now with payments. Even my rent and tax is now falling behind. I am really worried I will become homeless. I can't seem to earn enough money to pay my debts. No matter how hard I try. I am still in the same job. The pay I get is low and I pay what I can here and there, which is also causing me to fall behind on bills. It feels like my life is falling apart slowly and I really have no where left to turn.

      I am asking for help so I don't end up another homeless veteran in the UK. I am a single Dad, I have my son once a week and I really want to have a better life for him and myself. Please I ask of you, no I beg you please help me. My full debt is around £5000. This is all I ask for. I will even pay it back in a monthly as if it is a debt consolidation loan. Not only will this clear every debt I owe, but the money I get paid I can start to save, for my son and so I can get me a mobility scooter so I can get out and about easier and with less pain.

      I really have no where else to turn to. Please please help me.

    7. Hello, my name is Eugene and I live in Ukraine with his father disabled, because behind him is needed regular care, I can not work more than 8 hours per day and the fact that I get can not pay all for a normal life, the debts for the apartment are growing and there is a likely to remain without a roof over your head. I have an idea how to fix the situation, but for this I need $ 2000 - I want to go to Germany to work on the farm (found a job), then it would all work out. We need money for paperwork, nurse, transfer and food for the first time. If possible I would infinitely happy. Ready to return everything to the penny. Thank you for listening.


    8. Hi I am not exactly poor but I am asking for money to help me be able to do the things that I can to help the world such as provide health care services to under privileged/ under served areas of the world and country.
      I am a single mother, recently divorced and I am trying to give my daughter a better life and do better in this world.
      My contact is swpr15@gmail.com. My phone number is 248 925 6432.

    9. Hello, i know this sounds crazy but would you like to give me some money i want to help other people with that money, its not just for me i always wanted to help other people who dont have food and other things. Im Christian and i think that God wants that and i always have that call and i dont know why am i texting those messages to you also, im from Croatia by the way.

    10. Dear sir/madam
      I am not sure anyone would read this, or if he/she does. Will they can help me? I just hope they do because I believe there still a good people.

      My name is Naparart Xongmixay (Bernice), I live in Macau very close to China. I used to have a good job work in the biggest resort hotel in Macau as a Sr. Manager. I am manage over 200 people everyday. Life was good. One day, I was told to resign with make up's reason. Then I was told by my team members becouse I was too honest and responsible for everything during working over there for three years. Someone think I was at their way, they can't take any avantage from the company. At that moment, I ready can't do anything because 'my boss' said they would restruture the department. I have went to the label department and the layer, they help me to clear out the record, but they said the company had paid you to leave. I couldn't go back to work. All of my staff had cry and sad; because that person was in the higher position.

      Do you know after that I try and try to get a new job but they had been told my record over that company wasn't nice. In the past, I had more than 10 bosses who really want to help me to get a job in the others companies. And had got for operations for few times. But I couldn't. I got bad luck on jobs since then.

      For this 3 years, I had work for small projects, earn not much. I sold our small apartment. Forgot to tell you, My family has 5 members, some old people can't work and children. Only my sister and me is working.

      Now I will start my new life, finially I got a good job. On the other hand, I have a lot of fees and the school fees need to pay about MOP 80,000 (about US 10,000). I really need help. I have ask around the banks, no result because I don't have full time job.

      If I get help from you now, I would pay you back.

      I really need help! I need a new life... My email is bernicexong@gmail.com


    My name is Laszlo Jr Bone , I Am from Canada , but my family , my fiance Mercedes , and my daughters Grace , Apple , and Rency lives in the Philippines !
    After Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, countless people were left without shelter and food , including my fiance and my daughters and the rest of there family's and friends. About a week ago we where still talking about our first Christmas together in December, and setting up our and the girls first Christmas tree , but now we don't even know what the tomorrow will brings to them !!
    Finding food and clean water, a place , a shelter or where they can sleep and call it home is there first priority , but we had run out of money because there is not only them who needed help the rest of there family's to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please consider helping out my family who will directly benefit from your contribution. Any little bit helps, and if you cant, just please
    pray for us !!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your support and God bless!!

    I am including some of our pictures and where they live , and if you have any question please just send me an email , and I will get back to you as soon is I can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    our goal is to rebuild there home and buy food and medication !
    we will try do as much as we can and as much is we could handle with our financial support !!!!!!!!
    We have lost a few friends , and some of them was my good friends to . We had so many plans and now all I can do is light a candle for them , and say my final good by to them as I get there !!!!!!!!!!!!

    So please help us if you can , it will make our life a little easier and safer and give us some hope , that everything is going to be fine !!!!!!!

    I will post more pictures and videos when I get there and how we will progress with rebuilding our and our relatives life !!!!!!!!!!

    I am eternally grateful to you for your donation. Please send this link to your friends, coworkers, and family if you think they would be interested in donating. Thanks so much and please please please continue to pray for all the people who are affected by this disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your support and God bless!!


  3. Please, is there any way that I can ask Sir Richard Branson for the money to pay for the prototype and other services and materials needed to bring my Invention to life? This is all I know, invention is what I am good at. I promise you this is no scam, I will indeed be where all the money donated will go. Please! Please!

    Here's my fund me site, the cute kid in the picture is my little nephew Kay Kay! :)


  4. Im a disabled dad trying to survive in this jungle world , and cant do it it by myself any any more with a truck payment and house payment and everything else that goes along with the house and raising kids , looking for a little help , not looking for a new car but I could get a little help paying mine down or even paying it off would be the greatest thing in the world to me

  5. I am a divorced lady (victime of gender violence) with a daughter of 4 years old. I would be very grateful to get an amount of 15.000€ . If not, I can ask only for a loan without comission for 10.000€ to be paid monthly with lower amounts. I need to rebuild my life, Please help my daughter and me!

    1. What do you mean by gender violence? I feel soo bad for you.

  6. My name is Syed A Kazi. I am in Bangladesh. I want to start helping poor people in Bangladesh. I want funding for water sanitary, child education, healthcare for poor people in Bangladesh. I want about $300,000.00 to start a project that will give me a good cause to serve the poor people in Bangladesh. HUmanitarian project. So please help me> Any body out there to reach me for this good cause!!!!! Call me at 008801673093609 and email me. seemee2008@gmail.com. Thanks and God bless you!!!!

  7. My name is April White. I am simply a single mother trying to raise 3 children.. I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis last year and had to resign from my job... Bills are piling up and sometimes it's hard to even feed my children. Just looking for some real help if this is real.. thanks. Whiteak23@gmail.com

  8. My name is Carolanne Costantino. I am a 25 year old stay at home mom of a one year old while his father works 12 hr shifts to pay the 1000 bills. Our cottage is small and full of mold. Appliances broken, yellow stained floors, but our son has good food in his belly, clean clothes and some toys. And lots of love. I have no money for a car. I have started network marketing with Arbonne, for help with bills but between the 12 hr shifts and no car, it is very hard. We are grateful to even have a house to rent. I tried selling our wedding dress I haven't even worn yet. Some help with Christmas and a car for work would mean everything to me. I am so grateful and full of hope for my family. A chance is all I need for a better quality of life. Thank you for hearing my story 716-462-9634 carolanne1121@gmail.com

  9. 4/Dec/2013

    Tamil Nadu

    To our valued donor :
    I am Narendiran from India , I am working as a Marine Engineer with Shell .I am from lower middle class family and I am in love with a girl . I want to built a house for her , In order to built a house I need a need help from donors like you to fund some money to built a dream home for my girl friend.
    I hope you consider to make this success and possible .

    Thank you for your time and considering this request .I would like to have the opportunity to show how your donations help in my life .If you fund me $1000 dollars also I find very helpful in my whole life.

    NOTE : Please keep this confidential and if u interested in helping please send to this address or my NRI account If u have any clarification please contact
    Mail id ;narendarmarine@gmail.com
    Mobile + 91 9790735351

    Or please transfer the money to the following Account

    Acc name : Narendiran Annadurai
    Acc No : 6061288277
    Indian Bank
    IFSC code : IDIB000M031

    With heartly thanks,
    2/ 17Samiyaar street,
    Gingee taluk,
    Villupuram district,
    Tamil Nadu

  10. Hello we are the Meeks family. I am writing today because we are in desperate need of a miracle. My fiance' and I just had our beautiful little girl Zoe in August. He has two other children, 6 and 8. The 6 year old has autism and developmental problems. They were originally living with their mother as she had full custody. Well recently she got into trouble with the law in Colorado it was all over the news. She is facing 12 years prison time minimum. So the children were taken from her and brought back to us in Florida. Well My fiance' and I are currently about to be homeless. We do not have the money to get a house big enough for us to take the kids and legally we have to. If we do not find a place in a matter of a couple weeks, we loose the kids to the state. I doubt anyone will help us, no one ever does, but Oh Lord if you knew how badly we need it. These children deserve a home with family. Especially after all the traumatic things they had to go through. Whoever reads this, please copy and paste it and pass our story on. PLEASE. I don't know what more I can do. We have literally tried and called every option we have found. I do beleive in God and I wish and hope and have faith that he will help guide us down the path to happiness, we just kinda may need a jumpstart to get there. Please help us to end these innocent children from suffering.

    Our emails are as follows:
    and our paypal account is as follows:

    I really hope our story reaches out to someone, and fast.
    And please remember, if it doesn't touch your heart, pass it on!!!!
    Thank-you and may you have a blessed and lovely day!
    ~The Meeks Family.

  11. I really need help I do not have nothing to do my family I'm. Two boys father I lost my job I have to pay my bills and debate my request to rich peoples I need help from them please help me pay my bills and debate I have very difficult problems I need £5000 I don't know who's gonna be help me this amount I don't want ask people about donation but there no way I should be please help me my contact 0033 605 868 118 or jaitehseedia@Gmail.com thanks god bless who should sympathy for poor peoples

  12. Hi I am a stay at home mom with a CP child and getting a divorce and I need a van and extra to pay my loans off and if u can help I sure would appreciate it thanks, denise

  13. Please Help A Family In Need…. My Name Is Wayne of the Talley Family, We Consist of My Wife Katie, Myself (Wayne) and our 3 children. Angel she’s 5, Kierra she’s 4, and Wayne Jr. he’s 1. We have also been blessed with another Little Girl Soon To Be Here, Laila Due January 26, 2014.
    I am Reaching Out To You for Your Help Because My Family and I are Going Through A Very Rough and Pain full Situation, Our Babies we’re Removed From Our Home On May 20 the
    2013. Since Then We Have Lost Our Home and Transportation While We Were In The Process Of Getting them back Home With Us. I Am Asking You To Please Help us Get Transportation So I Can Make It To and From Work and Be Able To Get Us A Home So I Can Get My Family Back. At This Current moment Me and My Pregnant Wife are Homeless and I am Struggling getting to Work. If We Don’t Get A Home before Our Baby Comes D.S.S Is Going to take Her Too. Please Help Us. Please Help Reunite Our Family, It Would Be The Greatest Blessing We Could Ever Receive, We are Good People and Loving Parents Who Have Fallen On Very Tough Times, Please Help A Family Need…
    Sincerely The Talley Family

  14. Hello my name is Stacy Christenson. I have never done this before but I am a full-time mother, student, and worker. However, I would like to have a great Christmas for my 3 year old daughter Jocelyn. She is so excited about Christmas but I do not know if I can afford Christmas this year. I also do not know how I am going to pay my bills. I work for a little more than minimum wage in Oregon and my fiance is disabled. I have exhausted all my resources and no one to help. If you can not help I understand but it doesn't hurt to ask. I know there are so many people out there that could use the money more than me and my family, however, I have been working since I was 15 years old and I have yet to ask for any help financially. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. God Bless to all of those who need help just like me. Thanks again for your prompt response.

    Sincerely Stacy Christenson

  15. I am a first time father living in Cambodia, I have one Beutiful daughter that I love, sometimes we dont have any food left, crying out to the world for hunger!.

  16. Please, l need financial assistance to start my business again. I was attacked by armed robbers for all my money, 30th sept of this yr.After the money is withdrawn from the bank. GHC 20,000. Am unemployed.38yrs, married with 4 children, l m now in critical financial condition, Please, help me to start again to care for my family , God bless you for your concern Thank you. From Ghana, West Africa.

  17. HI! My name is David Williams and I am trying to raise money for my new invention please donate here http://www.gofundme.com/522mv0 I so want this to happen, this is indeed the next revolution for the batheroom since the indoor toilet and sink and tub+shower.

  18. Please if you could help me I'm a 41 year old mother of 1 child and my hours got cut at work I can't make my bill or pay my house payment of 700.00 I'm afraid I will lose my house and have no where to go I have looked for other work no place is hiring right now I live in a some town please help I will be very greatfull I can ask my parents are dead so please help me my email is melindawariner@yahoo.com

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  20. Business start up help
    My name is Jennifer I am trying to find help to get our beef cattle ranch that my husbands family homestead up and running again. Due to my husbands first divorce he was forced to sell all his cattle to pay off the bills accrued during his 20 year marriage. He now works at a mill and the income from that doesn't even pay the bills let alone try to purchase cattle or fix equipment. My husband now has a different view and appreciation for the land we own and wants so badly to get back to ranching and providing organic local beef to anyone who needs or wants it. He was always highly known for his cattle. Knowledge on care for animals, land and how good the finished product is compared to what u buy in store. If anyone can help at all I am trying to do whatever possible to make his dream come true and raise our kids on the ranch with the cows as he was.
    Please contact me at barhww2@gmail.com
    Or 5419691478 please put response to business request in email
    Thank u for your time reading this

  21. I was born in Canada and have been living/working in Europe in the hockey business for 10+ years. I have been part of very successful times in this industry, however that is the really in the past now. The company that I worked with went abruptly into bankruptcy protection in fall 2008. A competitor ended up purchasing all of the assets of the company and quickly liquidated 95% of the people. I was one of the lucky ones that was offered a position inside the "new" company, which I eventually turned down and began to look for other opportunities. In February 2009, I started with another much smaller brand. About six months into the position, the salary payments became less consistent and eventually stopped. The owner of the company was seeking new investors and nothing was happening. In the meantime, the company that I established with a partner in 2004 in Switzerland and 2005 in Germany were deeply affected by the loss of the brand that went bankrupt in late 2008. My decision to change to the new brand in 2009, meant that our companies would follow with the new brand and accept the challenge of building it up. In May 2009, we merged our German company with a local hockey distributor. We quickly realized that all the promises from the new brands owner about financial backing/support was a fairy tale, and it turned into our company supporting the brand financially. This went on until spring 2012 when the brand finally found an investor that was passionate about the sport and was easily able to fund the company. The new investor cleared out the monies owed to me and my company and everything seemed to be on the right track. By fall of 2012, the relationship between the new partners turned extremely sour and the new investor backed out, which again left me with no monthly income. Meanwhile in early summer 2012, my wife of 17 years and I decided that it was time to split up. This was more than the correct thing to do as we were both setting an extremely poor example for our 2 boys. My wife returned to Canada with our children. With the "new" company situation, we were able to agree on monthly support etc and she left debt free. Things carried on as best as they could through June 2013 - I was somehow able to make my monthly support payments by working non-stop and borrowing on short terms from others to make sure that my 2 boys had the money that they needed to live comfortably in Canada. In early June, a catastrophic flood hit our area in southern Germany and basically wiped out our company. Words cannot describe the destruction when the water subsided enough to safely get inside to start the cleanup process. The cleanup took almost 3 months of basically non-stop work - the building had to be striped down to the bone, containers of items thrown away and a trying to salvage any inventory possible to create some cash/sales. We had no insurance for flood damage as our building is considered in "low land". The final blow has come earlier this month when the company in the USA went bankrupt owing me a year's worth of salary (since October 2012) and no clear answer if, how or when it will be paid back. I am beyond financially stretched, everyone that I could borrow money from I have. I am behind on my child support, debt payments and everything looks extremely dim at the moment. I am currently 85,000/EUROS in personal debt that I have accumulated by not getting paid from the company in the USA. This money could clear all debts, get caught up on everything and enable me to make a fresh start in the New Year. I am trying to start something new, that has a tonne of potential but the "debt monkey" on my back is dragging me down and I cannot breath. If someone reads this that can help, please contact me. I am not a person that looks for handouts, but under these series of unfortunate events, I have been left with no choice but to beg for some help. Please contact me at dp260274@gmail.com if you are willing to help

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  25. If you have time, please read this...

    At first, I am very sorry for my english. I hope it's not too confusing what I am writing here.

    I feel very bad about writing you because of money. My whole life I rejected taking money. Even if my grandma was giving 5 € to me, I felt very bad about it. But now I need help.

    I'm westernhorse trainer and I work really hard. But it is not easy to survive in that sport business in Germany, where I am living. So, I studied Equine Scieces and Biology and I am working in a Max-Planck Institute for researching in multiple sclerosis. As I said I work really hard but I have less money, nevertheless because I have to pay back about 20 000 € for the study-credit I had to take. Besides I help my parents financially. I know: There are so many people and so many animals who need the help of people like you. And this is what makes me unbelievable happy... I wished I had a lot of money too so that I even can really help. I'm not sure if the few euros I donate every month can help... But this is an other thing...

    Long time ago I met a young horse called Lena. She was the first who touched my heart after a stroke of fate of my lovely gelding. Usually I maintain a distance to the horses I am training. But I always whispered to her "sometime, I have enough money for taking you...". Since then she is in my mind... and I can't forget her. A few days ago the bad news: Her owner is going to be insolvent and he has to hurry up in selling the horses. If he does not, the horses will be sold by an auction. In Germany, dealers rub their hands together for those animals... This mare is an uncut diamond and she will be exploited in the sports, I am sure... Her owner would give her to me for 5000 €. He says it's because she would have a great home... 5000 €...This is not much for such a horse... But I really have no money... So I have to force myself to asking for money... and I hope you know whom I could ask...

    She is great... I want to show her in Cutting and Working Cowhorse. I can't promis that we will be successful... But if we do so, our investor will get his part of money. I would do everything for taking her... If you have an idea what I could do for you/for the investors, tell me. I will do. I could register your/the investor's name as owner in the equine pass. I love her so much... Even if you can tell me what I could do, I would be so thankful...
    Nina (PayPal: ng1407@googlemail.com)

  26. Im a 57 year old woman on ssi and have depression and anxiety. I have a hard time dealing with life. Been hurt a lot...raised 3 children alone. Now I am alone and reclusive. Lonely. I dream of having my own home and a car with garage. Just a small home 1 or 2 bedrooms. A porch or two and in the country. Id like to have a garden and flowers and fruits. A porch where I can watch the sun set. Simple things. But I am too poor to ever afford such things...and that makes me sad to know I will never have my dream. I used to dream of a good husband.a happily ever after....but gave that up cause it dosent exist. I pray for these things every night. I know there are a lot of people a lot worse off than me...like the Africans. Its just my dream that's all. Thank you.

  27. My name is Evans D Oluoch Onganga. I write for a boy called Clinton Ochieng
    Clinton is the first boy and third born in their family of five. His father died in 1999. The mother lived with Clinton under strict environment. He was beaten all the time and was not given room to develop like other children in the family. The mother liked the daughters and the last boy whom she begot after the death of her husband. The boy felt neglected. Unless he goes behind the mother to take food, he would not be given enough food while others are eating.
    The boy is 16 years old but looks younger and malnourished. Every day his younger brother would be given a 250g packet of glucose to carry to school but Clinton would not be given. One day the boy also took one small packet of glucose costing KES 15 only from their canteen. His younger brother saw him take the glucose and reported to the mother.
    When the two boys came back after school at 5.00 pm ( EAT), the mother kept her cool and Clinton thought his mother would not quarrel. As usual evening meal was prepared after which they went to sleep. The mother woke up at 11.30pm (EAT), pulled the boy up, tied his hands with waste polythene bags, poured paraffin and lit fire on the boy’s hand. The boy cried but no one came to his rescue since their home was standing alone without close neighbors. The next day the mother locked him in the house until a passer by called in to ask of Clinton’s mother when one of his siblings informed the woman that their mother had gone to church but Clinton is in the house with pain. This is when the woman called neighbors and the boy was taken to the hospital. When the mother heard of this, she decided to go hiding. Up to this moment she has not been found.
    I am the boy’s uncle, working three districts away from home. When I heard the information from our neighbor I hurried home, paid the bill of the hospital and transferred him to stay with my wife at my rural home. However the boy is not healed fully as you can see in the picture. He can’t eat properly. He has to be fed. He will need therapy along side proper treatment, care and psychological support. I therefore call upon donation from Samaritan and probably a willing foster parent to take care of the boy since I would prefer that he be taken to a boarding school a way from the mother. Not more than $1000 will help the boy improve his life. I CAN RECIEVE YOUR DONATION THROUGH PAYPAL ACC. oluonga@gmail.com or WESTERN UNION

  28. Dear Sir Sir Richard Branson,

    I write a letter, because i need money. I´m 36 years old, lonely mother. Having the problem with the health i can not work so much now.

    I would like to open my own little business. I can not more. I do not have more streanth. I live in Germany now, originally from Belarus. As i am a teacher, they

    have not accepted my Diplomas here. In my motherland now also there are problems.

    Hope for Your Help.

    e-mail: nata241276@gmail.com

    With the best regards


  29. DEAR SIR RICHARD BRANSON . hello We are a young family of Romanian nationality, live in london uk nearly seven years, we have a little baby of two months, I work in construction as a Groundworker, we want a house which always bothers us, we live intro house in north west London along with other people. house only cost £ 1,600 rent per month rent amount is in parts to 7 people in 4 rooms, we are a femili and I always wanted to buy a house but can not afford to buy a house we need more money deposit and I where I work as a self emploid when we work through various agencies work when I please if you want to help us and us to have a house I beseech you do not know can not afford know that we are not so some poor people in Africa but I know that you can give joy and thanks a lot from the new femiliei Aruxandei Cristian, Otilia and our little Jacob. PLEASE IF YOU WANT HELLP BAY ONE HOME ON LONDON ,CONTACT IF YOU WANT ON ME EMAIL cristianaruxandi@gmail.com

  30. DEAR SIR RICHARD BRANSON, Hello sir Richard my name is Steven Griffiths and I am writing to you today with regards to my current financial situation. It all started when I lost my job in July this year due to ill health and what the problem is it is that I have debts in the region of £21000 and I am not able to pay the full payments because I am on benefits at the moment. The illness is still with me at the moment and is getting worse because of the stress of not being able to take care of bills fully but I am paying what I can every month to them through my benefits money £240 per month which is not enough to live on and i feel will soon be stopped. I have never written to anyone before like this and I heard about how many people like you help others in this world in which you are fantastic in doing what you do to make this world a better place. Why i am asking for your help is that i have finance arrears of over 900 pounds and i am owing over 21000 still and i feel i am going to be taken to court with no means of paying court costs and i will lose the car and with Christmas approaching it seems too difficult to deal with. I really need to keep the car so i need to find work asap but seem to be getting no where as i have had interviews but with no success as there is so much competition out there with finding work. I also had a bank loan which is going through a debt charity and that is going to be difficult to pay in the future as that is going through a token payment plan and the reason this happened is that i was made to switch banks and the bank that i owe the debt to has black listed my credit file for 6 years and i have no way of getting any credit until that time is up which scares me but i am worried the payment plan is going to stop soon and i will be having to pay full on that also which seems impossible at this time. Staying hopeful in finding work and also hopeful of tackling my financial situation which would make life easier for everyone in the family. It has been 4 months now since i have been out of work and i have been trying so hard looking for work staying up late at night every day for the last 16 weeks and it seems to be at a stand still at the moment with hope everyday there is something with work. Please if you can help with my situation in anyway possible i will be eternally thankful.
    Many thanks
    My contact details are srg77@live.co.uk and my telephone number is 01443 674524

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  32. Poor Life
    im only 22 years old working in the pakisan out bond call center and my salary is (Rs 6000)pakistani. i have one sister and mother and father. i want to study in university but i can spend from my salary cuz im helping my family . please i need someone to help me....
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  33. Poor Life
    im only 22 years old working in the pakisan out bond call center and my salary is (Rs 6000)pakistani. i have one sister and mother and father. i want to study in university but i can spend from my salary cuz im helping my family . please i need someone to help me....
    phn num:03153475975
    bank account:22147900311501

  34. Poor Life
    im only 22 years old working in the pakisan out bond call center and my salary is (Rs 6000)pakistani. i have one sister and mother and father. i want to study in university but i can spend from my salary cuz im helping my family . please i need someone to help me....
    phn num:03153475975
    bank account:22147900311501

  35. dear mr , i hope you see my message and answear me.in the first my english language not good,i hope you understand me.my name is marco egyption live in russia32 years oldi want speak with you about my problem and i hope really you help me.me and my wife now we live in nighmare to back money for 3 cridet bank every month 1300 $ .year and half now we pay every month but we can't live normal,and the last 3 moth start have more problem because i can't have work,some time i can work and some time not have work.also start my wife less 30% from her money in the work because russia now have more problem.also we waiting child will come after 5 month because my wife pregnant and she need every week medicine now we can't pay for banks ,also all cridet at name of my wife because i'm egyption they not agree that give cridet,start bank now make problem for my wife and they want put her in prison.all our dreams now that you help us for close this cridet and we live normal without problem waiting baby be happy no more,i can sent to you all copy of paper for cridet to understant our problem,.all what we must bank for bank 45000$, for this 3 cridet,if you like help for can close this cridet ,my number is +79202975705. email is marcomarco2015@yandex.ru

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  37. Dear sir/madam.
    I am writing to you because somebody suggested me to do it.. i am not a business woman. i am a mother who is desperated. I am a mother of three, we were abandoned by my husband and father of my children. when he departed, he also left all the bills to me. At present I am owing almost £10.000, wich included my son's college fees and I just cannot pay. And we are Virgin customers, but we wont be for so much longer. I am an at home mother, I cannot work due to depression and memory loss. Me and my kids survive on benefits, and now we are really struggling. My kids are good kids, who are doing their best to get an education, but I am sure they wont be able to attend university due to our money problems. They are in need of good computers, and some other things they need to continue their studies. MY only son is at present attending college, learning computers game design. He loves it and he is very good at it. .My daughter wants to become a musician, and I am afraid they wont be able to fulfill their dreams of becoming professionals. If I hadn't been left with so much debt , I probably could be able to help them, but debts are consuming our lives, and they go up and up, they never seem to end. We will probably be evicted from the house we are living now, and that would really be to reach rock bottom...I don't really know what to do, or where to go, This is just an attempt to get some help, and I am not sure I will get it. I am not even sure that you will receive this message. We live in England and spent all winter without heating, we cannot afford it. And we still can't. I am in an extreme situation, and in need of help. because I havent got a job, I cannot get a loan anywhere either. Please, let me know wether you can help me. If it was just myself, I wouldn't care, but my children do not deserve what their dad did to them and to myself. I am trapped, and desperated.
    Thanks for everything
    gratefully yours

  38. I am suffering every day.
    I had a job as teacher in school and i was struggling to live with low income. I also feed my mother, a younger brother & my wife. that's why i wished to try my luck to get a job visa and go to other country. One of my relative who was working with a visa process firm who offered me to get a Hotel Job Visa for OMAN from them. He said the Hotel need three counter boy at once, so asked me to manage two more friends of me to buy 3 visa. 3 visa cost was 15000$ ( 1200000 taka my local currency).
    as i am a pious & honest person when i told to my 2 friends, they agreed and they give the money to me and in 25/12/2014 i paid to the visa process firm. But they cheated us. They were giving dates after dates that visa will come and now they ignoring us. As we asked to refund our money they act careless.
    After February 2015 my friends were giving me pressure to give back their money. I just sold my land property in 25 April 2015 at a low cost of 4025$ and gave the money to my friends. but still they ow 10975$ . Please i don't know how but i have to pay them back. They are pressing me every day to give their money back. And the relative, he just ran away somewhere i don't know. He also cheated me. Please any one Please,I beg you, Please , Please Help me
    My Name is :Faruk Abdullah
    Country is : Bangladesh
    email : dashnbl@gmail.com
    Mobile: +8801717729741

  39. Hello,
    I am mother of two kids. 23 months old baby and 16th years old boy who is doing GCSE egsams now I am desperately looking for some money to get our mortgate for own house. The bank needs from us (20%) 50.000 pounds to get it. We are living in London renting house which is going to be sold by our landlord and no hope to get other one from estate agency because of low incomes. My son dream is also to join British Army and they need from him to have a British passport. The cost of passport is 900 pounds (we are no British). We are no able in our debt to get it.
    If you would like to help us that would be wanderful.

    God bless you,

  40. Bismillah Rahman Raheem
    Allahumma salli 'alaa Sayyidinaa Muhammad, wa 'alaa aali Sayyidinaa
    Muhammad wa baarik wa sallim.How Beautiful is Allah subhaanahu wa ta
    'aala? Our minds cannot comprehend His Beauty. How Perfect is He? How
    Kind? How Loving? How Generous? How so extremely Merciful? There is no
    way we can ever understand. It is simply beyond 0ur small and meager
    (yet so blessed, as they are from Him) capabilities.My dear brothers
    and sister let me hope this letter finds you in a good and healthy
    condition, with the blessing of the Almight Allah.Once again i would
    like to introduce to you my problem,the problem was that i want to
    finish my studies as i lost my sponsors in a car accident and yet my
    parents expired when i was 10 years old,but with Allah's mercy and
    blessing have been able to study till to now.Now am in diffculty that
    i can not finish my studies since i lost my uncle who was supporting
    me,i want to complete my MBA finance course of which am left with only
    three semesters and each am paying 3000 dollars,if you can help me with
    only one semester fees that will be, of a much big help.Am ready to do
    anything you ask me,and i can work for your company when i finish my
    studies,but brothers i need your response,am so helpless,no one is
    there for me.Mashallah, the merciful,the Almight,the Creator ,Allah
    will reward you.I have nothing to reward but only to pray for
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    am in India now am stranded,only get help from friends for food and
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    you want to do. Kayos2011@gmail.com

  41. I thought I sent this to Mr Branson or whomever
    I am a wife mom and grandmother of one and one on the way.
    My husband and are struggling right now we had a business in construction
    Back along time ago it got audited for 4 yr 2003 to2006. We hired
    Someone thinking they would get it dropped to reasonable but no we got
    A installment agreement and we have managed it so far on 500.00 a month.
    But now we supposedly got drawn for a payroll audit which didn't go well
    But we can if we sell some stuff pay it off in a yr. But tomorrow we have a audit
    With the it's for a audit for 2013. Which the way our luck is it will be bad..
    I tried warren buffet he can't help..we just need a fresh start and be able to keep our
    home..the back debt is mostly personalities and interest but it's over 396 thousand
    So I hope you can help please...email me at shannoncoulter66@gmail.com

  42. DEAR SIR RICHARD BRANSON! My name is Katherina, I live in Ukraine. I'm
    sorry for the misteke, because I
    do not speak English.
    Exuse me, I have to adress you, in life of my family very bad times. The four
    of us live in a three small rooms, do not a have a bathroom, and we have
    heathing stove. we have two loans and there is a need to keep buying the
    medicaments, so the money we earn is only enough to puy for leans, electricity
    bills and food.
    we need to finish the build house, buy fuel, warm clothes, to repair the roof
    of the house of my grandfather, and issue the documents to the house. besides
    I have to be treated, and l want to have children, but the conditions of my
    life do not allow me to have a baby. please, help me and my family. l'll be
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  44. Hello Sir/Madam, am age 32 woman,am from India...am suffering from vasculitis with chronic kidney failure disease .
    and could not go for work from last 2 years .As my health and wealth conditions are not good,I am in need of money. Please
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  45. Hello there, I'm going to try this. I'm currently unemployed and wanted to start/ open my own restaurant/bar at the waterfront in a town called Richardsbay, South Africa. I went to the banks, but they are not interested to help me, that is why I'm trying this. It is going to cost me $30 000.00 to start up, this include the deposit, first month's rent and to buy stock. I have all the equipment for this place( valued at $ 1 500.00, freezers, stoves, ect.) The site is located near the yachts mooring place and near the beach. A lot of people are walking past the site. The site us to belong to people coming from Thailand, but they wanted to return and offer the site to me to take over. the turn over on the site is approximately $ 15 000.00 p.m. If you are willing to help me, I can provide photos and a profile of the site. my email is juriedean150@gmail.com

  46. Hello there, I'm going to try this. I'm currently unemployed and wanted to start/ open my own restaurant/bar at the waterfront in a town called Richardsbay, South Africa. I went to the banks, but they are not interested to help me, that is why I'm trying this. It is going to cost me $30 000.00 to start up, this include the deposit, first month's rent and to buy stock. I have all the equipment for this place( valued at $ 1 500.00, freezers, stoves, ect.) The site is located near the yachts mooring place and near the beach. A lot of people are walking past the site. The site us to belong to people coming from Thailand, but they wanted to return and offer the site to me to take over. the turn over on the site is approximately $ 15 000.00 p.m. If you are willing to help me, I can provide photos and a profile of the site. my email is juriedean150@gmail.com

  47. Good day to you, sir. I'm trying to get financing, to start my own restaurant/bar. I went to the banks, but they all decline to assist me. I were given the opportunity to take over a restaurant/bar at the waterfront in a town called Richardsbay, South Africa. the site is located near the yacht mooring docks and next to a beach. the current owners are returning to Thailand and they offer the site to me to take over. I need about $ 30 000.00 to start the business, this is for the first month's rent, deposit and to buy stock. All the equipment in the restaurant is carried over to me. The restaurant made a turn over of around $15 000.00 p.m. the expenditure( rent, levies and monthly stock) is around $ 7 000.00 p.m. If you can help me to start this, please contact me on email, juriedean150@gmail.com, I can provide photo's and a profile of the site, if needed.

  48. Hello.
    My name is Bartosz Tomassi.
    I come from Poland.
    I need 20 000 dollars now.
    I 19 old years . I do not have a permanent job. My girlfriend lost her pregnancy.
    I need this money for a psychologist for his girlfriend and a good start in life.
    With this money, I could buy a car, rent an apartment, find a good job and live in the city.


  49. hello Sir Richard, my name is Adebayo Adeshina, Nigerian, and a student. I want assistance from you over my education. I'm a university student and i wish to graduate real fine as things are not really okay for me right here. My mobile is +2348051938016, you can reach me through or send to me through the western union and message me on the mobile as i believe you will do that and i will forever be grateful and never forget you. Thanks.............Looking forward to seeing your positive response.

  50. hello sir
    Thank you for the great work you are doing my name is joshua okello in kenya i am imailing to requet you for some $20,000 to start abussiness and to anable me pay the court fine for my mother who was jail due to ilegal bussiness.i am remaining with my younger brothers of age 12 and 10 .your help will help me remove my mother from the jail and start legal bussiness which will transform ourlifes.

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  52. I took a bank loan and a savings society loan to start a business and also pay for my university fees. I began the business, ran it for a while, but unfortunately it did not work out well and I had to close it down temporarily. I also began my university course and successfully completed it, but due to my financial situation I was not able to complete my university fees and so I am remaining with an outstanding balance. I will not be allowed to graduate and get my degree unless I clear this balance. Meanwhile I still have to pay back the bank loan and the savings loan, these have weighed heavily on my finances and I have incurred several debts which are pressing including my monthly house rent and electricity bill. I am therefore kindly requesting you for $20,000 to clear all my outstanding debts. This is an urgent request and so I'll appreciate your prompt response. You can contact me on chankena8@gmail.com

  53. Hello, I hope you can help. Firstly, I suffer from a condition known as post finnastaride syndrome, caused by taking a drug called Propecia. (Please Google post finnastaride syndrom) it's very rare, but very real. In 2005,when I first took them drug, th packaging said that any side effects would stop after 3 months discontinuation, however, for many I people this has not been the case. Merck changed there packaging in 2006 to say that in fact this drug can cause Permanent erectile dysfunction, which is what post finnastaride syndrome is I have tried to take on against Meek in court, but unfortunately it's David vs goliath . NO win, no fees company's wont touch it, they say its 50/50 chance I'll win.Richard, I used to work at Virgin Mobile in Trowbridge from 2007 until closer in 2012. Sir, I'm thinking of driving to Beachy head and ending it all. This condition has caused me anxiety depression adhd, and many more symptoms I want to live, and want to make success come myself, I don't wish to beg, I just need a helping step onto the ladder. Any help would make me so happy, yours sincerely, Steve. 01380813724. Merritt82@talktalk.net

  54. please help me, am cripple and hard worker, but need help to push my work thanks , my mail is ernest sefa boakye, from ghana, ( sefaboakye58@yahoo.com) my mail thanks

  55. Mr. Richard Branson,
    I am writing to your good office to seek some assistance. This is Edgar Cuachin from the Philippines. A jobless father at 55, because of age I was always being rejected for employment. I have no money, we already lost our mortgaged house. I already seek some help from foundations and to other individuals but was turned down. I have nothing to turn to for help.
    I am now desperate and hopeless, we're now living in poverty.I am sincerely asking you for help. Any help you wish to extend would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much, and God Bless You More. My email is: emcuachin@gmail.com

    Best regards,
    Edgar Cuachin

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  57. Dear Sir Richard Branson
    would you help me with my financial problem that I am in, I have lost faith in everything and I work really hard to sort my finance problem out but I don't seem to be getting anywhere, and the harder I work the more run down I become and I don't know how long I can work this hard for before it kills me, I wish that I wasn't asking you for help because I don't feel comfortable doing this,
    I wish you could help me but reading other peoples comments on here had my in tiers and they need help more then me but if you could I would be so grateful to you,

    Kind Regards Danny

  58. Dear Sir Richard Branson
    I am a victim of domestic violence that is in desperate financial need. I am out of the domestic violence situation, but I cannot get back on my feet because of the incident. My husband tried to kill me, I was living out of my truck for 11 months. I had owned my truck but because of having to flee I took out a loan on my truck. I moved from mountain to mountain to hide from my ex and to hide my truck and I am still in hiding. I now live in an RV in the middle of nowhere. There are no utilites, I have to haul water, propane and gas. I think that I could get back on my feet if I could take care of the truck, by paying of the loan and making some repairs, and I sure would like to have a decent place to live. I have found myself wanting to go back to the ex who tried to kill me, but I do want to live, but not this way, I have to look behind to make sure there is no one following me, and make sure that a cop doesn't follow me with the bad tags, it's the only vehicle that I have to haul water or get food, without my vehicle I am doomed. I am 35 miles from the nearest town.I am so worn out and so very tired, it's difficult at 60 to try to start over, I have only one friend, but she is unable to help me financially and she would if she could. I had a growing wholesale business that I sold for very little money over 2 yrs ago. All I need is my truck and my business back and I would be such a happy camper, but right now I spend my days crying and wishing that God would end my misery, because I can't seem to find a way out, so I am turning to people that can help and hoping that someone listens to my prayers

    Thank You Mare

  59. Dear Sir Richard
    I hope that you might find it in your heart to help me out financially. I am a 60 yr old women that was a victim of domestic violence. After 33 yrs of being with this man I finally got away, my life was more important, but I had to live in my truck for 11 months, going from one mountain to another in order to stay in hiding. I was hiding from my ex and hiding my truck. I had paid for my truck and it was free and clear except when I left I had to borrow on my truck which I have been unable to pay back, and it's my only sorce of transportation. I now live in a small RV in the middle of nowhere, there are no utilities here, I have to haul water, gas and propane, when I have the money to, while my ex husband is living in my house and has all the rental properties because of New Mexico's laws, he was found guilty for trying to kill me and he is on easy street while I am in proverty all because my name was not on the properties, they only gave him 1 1/2 yrs probation. He committed the crime and has everything that I worked so hard for, now I spend my days crying, I have never known such depression as I have now. I am unable to get back o my feet without some finacial help.I had to sell my wholesale business for allmost nothing in order to survive. If only I had my truck free and clear again and some repairs done and my business back I could make it on my own. I use to sell at the flee market and I did quite well, it was the only thing tha I could still do if I had my stock back, you se I am full of arthritis and the flee market is part time, it allows me to move around, or sit when I need to. I am unable to work because I can't sit or stand for long periods of time, but the flee market allows my to be my own boss and sit when I need to or stand or move around, but I have lost everything. I pray to God to end my dispare but for some reason he does not want me yet, so instead I am seeking the help of those that are in the position to help. All I want is to have my truck back and a decent place to live. I am tired of waking up to frozen windows and the only warmth is from your own air under the covers. I would not wish for anyone to endure what I have for the past 2 years. I tried to do it all on my own but I can no longer, I need HELP PLEASE, I am begging. I was never a person that asked for help from anyone but gave help to those that I could, and now I really need the help, and like I said before I am not wanting the world ust enough that I can make it on my own, transportation, my wholesale business and a nice warm bed.

    Thank You and God Bless

  60. Dear Sir Richard Branson
    I am a survivor from domestic violence but thats all, I am barely surviving, I am in financial need to start a new life. I am 60 yrs old and I was living in my truck after leaving my home because my husband tried to kill me, I have survived 33 yrs of verbal and mental abuse. I am living on $500.00 a month, which is ot near enough. I ust need help to get back on my feet. I lost my home, my business and my truck has a title loan that I need to pay. If I could get a $10,000.00 loan then I would pay you back in paymets. It would be so nice to have a home with a warm bed.I am desperate, I do not like asking for help, but I know how to make it if someone would ust get me started. I use to have rental properties but my ex never put my name on them and according to New Mexico law if your name is not on it then you do not own it. As I said before I lost everything that I worked so very hard for but I did survive, if you can call this surviving.
    Thank You

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