Tuesday 19 November 2013

Get Free Money from George Clooney (Hollywood A-List Celebrity)

This post is part of a yearlong series called “Get Free Money from Millionaires, Billionaires, Celebrities & Philanthropists,” in which I'm giving contact details to contact these rich people for financial assistance. Based on the premise that you have a genuine need you can contact these wealthy people for help.

Name: George Clooney

Net Worth: $180 Million (Celebrity Net Worth)

Foundation/Website: Not on Our Watch Foundation 

Contact: info@notonourwatchproject.org

Where Does the Money Go?

Most of the money donated by George Clooney goes towards the Not on Our Watch Foundation which was co-founded by Clooney, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and Jerry Weintraub. The main purpose of the organization was to completly stop genocide in places like Sudan and Rwanda. 

George Clooney also donates to the United Nations World Food Programme to alleviate hunger and poverty. If you're experiencing hardship or need help with money then there is no law that prohibits you from asking George Clooney for help, if you need financial assistance you can contact him for a donation.


  1. If you're planning to ask George Clooney for money or have already done so please share your experiences here.

  2. Hi sir my name is sulinda Edward.I do came here looking for help on my bills and my kids need.I dont know if you already have a letter from me yet,but im searching for people that can help.I do have bills to pay,and also my kids been asking me about their needs ,and now im not working and i realy dont know where to turn.I please beg you if you can give me $10.000.00 dollars to pay off a little of my bills and also my kids gifts and i realy want a car too.I hope i got this in this thanks giveing or christmas.thank you and god bless you


    My name is Laszlo Jr Bone , I Am from Canada , but my family , my fiance Mercedes , and my daughters Grace , Apple , and Rency lives in the Philippines !
    After Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines, countless people were left without shelter and food , including my fiance and my daughters and the rest of there family's and friends. About a week ago we where still talking about our first Christmas together in December, and setting up our and the girls first Christmas tree , but now we don't even know what the tomorrow will brings to them !!
    Finding food and clean water, a place , a shelter or where they can sleep and call it home is there first priority , but we had run out of money because there is not only them who needed help the rest of there family's to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please consider helping out my family who will directly benefit from your contribution. Any little bit helps, and if you cant, just please
    pray for us !!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for your support and God bless!!

    our goal is to rebuild there home and buy food and medication !
    we will try do as much as we can and as much is we could handle with our financial support !!!!!!!!
    We have lost a few friends , and some of them was my good friends to . We had so many plans and now all I can do is light a candle for them , and say my final good by to them as I get there !!!!!!!!!!!!

    So please help us if you can , it will make our life a little easier and safer and give us some hope , that everything is going to be fine !!!!!!!

    I will post more pictures and videos when I get there and how we will progress with rebuilding our and our relatives life !!!!!!!!!!

    I am eternally grateful to you for your donation. Please send this link to your friends, coworkers, and family if you think they would be interested in donating. Thanks so much and please please please continue to pray for all the people who are affected by this disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for your support and God bless!!


  4. Hello Mr Clooney, I am a woman of two children and then i told my husbant that we will have a third child he decided to leave me,all our live he was runing from one woman to another, but i kept my eyes always closed i wanted that my children grow up with their father. But now i dont know how i am goind to live i have debts of £5000 and soon i am not be able to work. I am in so difficult situation and i dont know were to turn i never ask anyone for help but now i am desperate. If you be so generous and could help me i would be very very greatfull. It would be a real Christmas miracle not to have debts. Thank you in advance. Thank you.

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  6. 21 year old student...new Mom. Barely scraping by...we are searching for a chance to do our absolute best in easier circumstances. Anything helps

  7. I really need help I do not have nothing to do my family I'm. Two boys father I lost my job I have to pay my bills and debate my request to rich peoples I need help from them please help me pay my bills and debate I have very difficult problems I need £5000 I don't know who's gonna be help me this amount I don't want ask people about donation but there no way I should be please help me my contact 0033 605 868 118 or jaitehseedia@Gmail.com thanks god bless who should sympathy for poor peoples

  8. I am disabled. I have been fighting for my ssd for 2 and a half years I have two adult kids who one is on ssi and one woks they pay all the bills and we still fall short I have no income, and Christmas. Looks real bleak, I felt horrible because I can't get the. people I love anything my disability is making use loose everything, we had to move three times in two years, because we couldn't pay rent. I haven't Bern able to work in a year and a half I was denied my second appeal hearing now had to apply all over again. Please help my family. I can only receive text messages at 484-369-9345 and only till Dec 27th but my address is 114 north Evans street pottstown. Pa 19464. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sincerely ; Brenda mccarraher and family

  9. Dear sir
    I am in dark side of life because of health problem, i was survived by my parents, i was in bed rest since 6 months,to overcome my problem i need $2000 to pay bills and go back to my duties. I am requesting the kind heart people to help me.

    Thank you


  10. Hi, my name is Tina im a artist and retired cook my husband is med-retired.

    We live in Puerto Rico been here about 8 yrs our son Zach lives with us he is unable to find work here so he has made it his job to be our(mom and dad) nurse maid he really needs a job,lol We want to move back to the states near our daughter and grandson we miss them so, and so Zach can find work. Our family has talked of opening a store front Coffee Rolls and Art, as I love making cinnamon rolls and I want to sell my art.The hard part is the move it will take at least $5000 for this move. We are on a fixed income its been difficult to save when trying to make ends meet .We would appreciate any help at all.

    Here is some of my art , http://youfinallyfoundart.weebly.com/index.html

    Thank You, Tina Thomas

    romnrono33@gmail.com HC6 Box 63816 Aguadilla PR 00603

  11. whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing ye shall receive"
    I truly have faith theres someone out there could help me by starting my life again. For the past 2 years my days have become sorrowful, my heart has become a deep ocean of tears and all paths of life. I have reached the verge of utter despair, my heart is numb within me. Please i entreat you to help me by giving me $250 000.
    I need help quickly. Do contact me at rufinajulian@yahoo.com.sg (Singapore)

    Thank You




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