Tuesday 10 December 2019

Christmas Credit Plan for Apple Products 2019 - Get iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods

Christmas is coming soon, its only 44 days away. If you're interested in purchasing Apple Products such as an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Air Pods you can easily do so using the Apple Financing Plan from Barclays and PayPal. 

Both these plans are relatively straightforward to apply for and you get an instant decision for approval so you don't have to wait ages to get a decision. During the Christmas period credit companies such as Barclays and PayPal loosen their credit controls so you may have a very good chance of being approved for credit. 

Christmas Credit Plan for Apple Products

This offer is available through Barclays and PayPal and the full details are given below.

If you are thinking of using Barclays Credit Plan for Apple Products the minimum order is £399. You get an instant decision and you can have your order shipped directly to you or you can sent it as a gift. You can choose an instalment plan that suits you. You can choose an instalment period of 3 to 18, 24, or 36 equal monthly payments. You will be charged an interest rate of 14.9% APR (Variable)

Here is an example of Christmas Credit Plan For Apple Products

Suppose you decide to buy an Apple Phone for £999 which is the loan amount. You choose a duration of 24 months with a representative APR of 14.9% Fixed. Your monthly instalment will be £47.95 and the Total Amount payable will be £1,150.82. You will pay an extra £150 odd for use of the credit facility from Barclays. Suppose you are able to purchase this when there is a hefty Christmas Discount then you won't really be losing any money in reality and you will have an Apple product you pay for in Monthly Instalments.

PayPal Instalment Plan for Apple Products

The PayPal Instalment Plan for Apple products include the Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac Computers, Air Pods, and much much more. The minimum order required by PayPal Apple Instalment Plan is £99 and you get an instant decision and the product is shipped directly to you.

You can choose and instalment period of 6, 12, 18 or 24 equal monthly payments. PayPal has a one-off credit application process which means once it's approved you don't have to apply again for credit, you can use this facility as long as you keep on top of your instalment plan.

The APR charged is 14.9% PA fixed for the duration of the instalment plan. If you choose to make a purchase outside of the instalment plan you will be charged 19.9%

Here is an example of an Christmas Credit Plan for Apple Products through PayPal.

If you want to purchase an Apple iPad for £500 and you want to pay for it in 24 equal monthly payments with a fixed APR of 14.9% this would cost you only £24 per month. The total amount payable would be £576.00 which is just £76 above the purchase price. All you have to do is the product with a discount of £76 or more and you're not really paying for the credit and you get the flexibility of paying for the item over 24 months.

How to Order Apple Products Through Barclays & PayPal

It's very simple to purchase an Apple Product Through Barclays or PayPal.

Once you've found the product you want you can make the purchase. You will get to a page that asks you how you want to pay. You then need to choose the Barclays or PayPal Credit Option and complete your order.

If you choose the Barclays Credit Plan for Apple Products you will be taken to the Barclays Credit Application web page. Fill out this page and once completed you will get an instant decision.

The process is the same for PayPal. You will be taken to the PayPal website to fill out a credit agreement. If you have a PayPal account which has been maintained well you are very likely to be approved.

For more information about buying Apple products using Barclays or PayPal check out the following link which will take you to the official Apple Store where finance is available.

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