Tuesday 10 December 2019

Bose Sunglasses Headphones - Only $50 Per Month with Bose Finance Instalment Plan

15 days left until Christmas, doesn't time fly? It's now or never, the time is here to get Christmas ready for 2019. Own Christmas this year with fantastic gift ideas for your loved ones and yourself.

I wanted to share with you the Bose Sunglasses Headphones, also known as the Bose Frames Alto. This amazing piece of tech is destined to become a classic and a popular Christmas gift for 2019. Be the best gift giver for the upcoming holiday season, or don these glasses to be the coolest cat in town.

Bose Sunglasses Headphones Frames Alto

This is a fantastic innovation by Bose who are renowned for producing amazing sound quality. The future of audio lies in the Bose Sunglasses Headphone design. This beautifully crafted and technologically advanced Bose Sunglasses Headphones allows you to listen to amazing sounds without the heaviness of earphones or headphones. You just have to place it on your head like normal sunglasses and away you go. 

Bose Sunglasses Headphones only $50 Per Month

You can purchase these sunglasses for a retail price of $199.95 from the Official Bose Store.

These Sunglasses Headphones are incredibly popular and selling like hot cakes so there is no discount at the moment. However Bose does offer a finance plan whereby you can pay $50 per month for 4 months to pay this off. 

All you have to do is choose your Bose Sunglasses Headphones and checkout through the Bose website. When prompted you have the option to choose the instalment plan by entering your credit card details. It's very very simple and just takes a couple of minutes.

If you like listening to amazing music with crystal clear sound clarity and definition this innovative technology is for you. You can spread the cost of your shopping and be the best gift giver for Christmas or the coolest cat in town.

Bose Sunglasses Headphones Frames Alto Features

If you're still not convinced with this product and want more reasons why to buy this I've compiled a list of features for this Amazing product. Once you switch to the Bose Sunglasses Headphones you won't go back to the normal bog standard ones.

Feature 1: Open-Ear Audio - Gone are the days where you have to have something stuck in your ear or clamped to your head. You just put the Bose Glasses on and listen as normal. It's like having the audio in a high tech cinema.

Feature 2: Ultramodern Materials - Bose uses the finest materials to make the Sunglasses Headphones. The sunglasses are durable and ultra light with lots of technology packed into a small space.

Feature 3: The Bose Sunglasses Headphones is Bluetooth enabled allowing you to sync with many devices. Makes listening to music so convenient and easy.

Feature 4: UVA/UVB Protection as standard. The Bose Sunglasses Headphones has proper protection from the sun. You not just getting a tarted up headphone, you're also getting bonafide protection from the SUN.

Feature 5: Integrated Microphone - The Bose Sunglasses Headphones has a proper integrated microphone which means you can sync with your phone and make phone calls by just wearing your glasses. Uber convenient.

Feature 6: Bose AR Enabled so you can enjoy all the features Bose has to offer in terms of audio quality.

Feature 7: This is set to become the hottest gift for Christmas 2019.

Feature 8: You can make 4 equal payments of $50 over 4 months to spread the cost of the Bose Sunglasses Headphones.  

Feature 9: Experience High-Quality Music at a very affordable price.

Feature 10: Be the best gift giver this Christmas of the Coolest Cat in the room.

Bottom line, this is an amazing product. You can gift it to someone or treat yourself this Christmas. If you love sound and audio you should invest in this uber cool product destined to be a classic of the future. You can find out more at the official Bose Site Sunglasses Headphones product page.

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