This is the Resources Page I have designed for the Millionaires Giving Money Community. On the resources page I will be highlighting all the popular posts. I will also be listing all the useful information I have found on the web to help people get money from millionaires, billionaires and celebrities. I will also be sharing information on how you can save money, make money and improve your personal finances.

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Most Helpful Posts

These posts received the most emails remarking how useful they were. A lot of people were inspired by these posts to get up and make money using the internet and other ideas outlined in these posts. These posts are definitely worth checking out if you want fresh ideas to make money.

I Need $5000 Right Now - In this post I give ideas on how to raise $5000 dollars legally and legitimately. Some of the ideas are unusual however if you really put your mind to it it is possible.

I Need $200 Right Now - Another post in the I Need Money series. These posts inspired people to make money legitimately. Many of the ideas here were acted upon and now readers are making $50 to $200 per month passively.

I Need $2000 Right Now - Another popular post outlining all the ways to generate some extra income on the side.

I Need $50,000 Right Now - Another post which proves that millionaires do give money! Craig Ronin was able to secure $1 million donation by just asking for it. You can learn how to ask for $50,000 here!

I Need More Money - This is a mammoth 20 IDEA series offering readers 20 ways to make more money. Again all these ideas are legitimate and legal and there are people/readers making this money right now.

Most Popular Labels on Millionaires Giving Money

Here is a collection of the most popular labels on Millionaires Giving Money. These posts within these labels have received the most comments and emails for being the most helpful. Be sure to check these out and please leave a comment if you want to share a thought. Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or queries. 

I Need Money Right Now - All the posts under the I need money right now label. These posts are ideas for making money quickly and are designed for people who are experiencing financial hardship.

Get Free Money - Here are a collection of all the popular posts which receive the most emails and comments. These posts explain how you can get free money to top up your income. These posts are designed for people who are experiencing hardship.  

Financial Despair Label - This is a collection of posts which receive a lot of recognition from the Millionaires Giving Money Community. These posts are designed for individuals and families who are experiencing financial hardship and require financial aid. You can find resources from the Government and private businesses and charities.

Insanely Popular Posts 

I Need More Damn Money 20 Part Series - Here is the mini series of 20 posts answering reader questions such as - I Need More Money and What's a Quick Way to Make Money. You will find 20 Ideas which are proven to make at least $10,000 per month as long as you put the effort in. All these ideas are legal and legitimate and there are people all over the world earning high incomes just using these ideas. So without further ado here are the ideas!

Short Term Loans UK 16 Part Series - You will find a collection of 16 reviews on the best short term loan companies in the UK. All these reputable pay day loan companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and practice responsible lending. If you need cash quickly then you should definitely consider these short term loan companies to bridge the gap between pay days.

Loans for People on Benefits 10 Part Series: This is a collection of posts which give loan ideas for people who are benefits. These posts are also offer Ideas to unemployed people, disabled people and people with bad credit who need to take out a loan at a reasonable APR Interest Rate.

Resources to Get a Free Car 8 Part Series: This is a collection of sites where you can find out more about getting a free car for low income families and individuals. This is not a scam. A lot of low income families have received free donated cars from organisations such as 1800 Free Cars. Check this series out now if you need a car to make life easier. 

5 Sites Where You Can ASK FOR FREE MONEY: Here is a list of sites where you can ask for free money. These sites allow people who are experiencing hardship and financial distress to contact them and then publish a post or video asking for help.

3 Sites offering Free Cash Back Money - Here is a list of all the best sites which offer excellent cashback to people using their service. An average person spends up to $10,000 online per year. If you can get 3% cash back on this amount you could earn $300 per year which makes cash back sites worth investing some time.

5 Sites Offering Money to Try Products - Here is a list of 5 sites offering money to try out their products. Large companies offer incentives such as money to help get the word out about their product and service. If you keep your eyes peeled you can find plenty of these offers and make up to $1000 per year just trying out new products.

3 Sites Offering Interest Free Credit Cards - Here is a list of 3 sites offering zero percent credit cards to borrowers. Savvy investors take advantage of these zero percent offers by transferring money into a high profit account and then repay the money once the interest free period is over. Once you pay off the money you are left with pure profit.

7 WAYS TO MAKE 700 DOLLARS - Another extremely popular post which gives seven legal and legitimate ways to make money fast. You also get 3 ideas to make money if all the other ideas are not your cup of tea.  

4 Sites That Give Free Grant Money Information - Here is a list of all the top free grant money sites. If you want help to invest in yourself then you can find a lot of helpful resources and free money on sites like these.

Help Buying Food - Here is a list of resourceful sites which offer advice and guidance on how to save money on food. You will also find a list of programs which help individuals and families experiencing hunger. 

Writing to Rich People for Money - This is a guide which explains the process of asking Rich People for money. If you're experiencing a genuine hardship and want to improve your life you can reach out to millionaires, billionaires and philanthropists for money.


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