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Billionaires Giving Away Free Money - Frequently Asked Questions

Billionaires Giving Away Free Money FAQ

Here are The Millionaires Giving Money Blog we get asked a lot of questions on billionaires and millionaires giving money. I thought it would be a good idea to create a frequently asked question page to share information on the best ways to contact philanthropists for money.

So..What does it mean for a billionaire to give away free money? Who do these billionaires give their money to? Can any individuals get their hands on this money if they’re experiencing hardship? These are some of the questions this article will try to answer. Most of the time when a billionaire gives away free money it’s referring to a large donation that they’ve made.

Almost all of the time these donations are given to charitable organization or non profit foundations, the money is then distributed to people all over the world to so it can help people in need.

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Why Do These Billionaires Give Money?

When you’ve got so much money there’s only so much you can do with it, you can continue to buy more cars, more homes, more materials until it gets boring, these billionaires eventually see how rewarding it is to help people and turn themselves from billionaires to philanthropists.

Two of the greatest philanthropists of our time are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett; both have made serious donations to help people in need. In 2008 both these billionaire philanthropists thought about creating a non profit organization which invites billionaires across America and later throughout the world to join their Giving Pledge Organization by pledging to give away more than half of their to help people in need.

Since 2008 the organization has grown to almost one hundred billionaires and has a combined giving of more than $500 billion. 
Can Individuals Get Help from Billionaires?

It’s very rare for an individual experiencing severe hardship to get direct help from a billionaire, there are rare exceptions when this has happened but it’s very unlikely. If you do want to get help then you’ll have to go to the charitable organization or foundation that the billionaire philanthropist is aligned to or runs. 

If you want to get help from Bill Gates then you need to check what’s is on offer from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, if you want help from Jon Bon Jovi then’ll have to check what’s on offer from the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation. You stand a better chance of receiving financial assistance if you go to the foundation rather than the billionaire.

Who Is Eligible for Help?

If you want to get help then every charitable organization has a criteria when giving out money, every program that these foundations run have strict guidelines when helping people, this is because they want to make sure that the money goes to the people who need it most. 

A genuine hardship would include help with medical bills, medical treatment, homelessness, poverty, financial despair and disaster recovery, if your need falls into one of these categories then the chances of receiving help are better. 

Where Can I Find Billionaires That Help People?

It’s worth finding the billionaires that give money away because this will lead you to the charity or foundation that they run. One of the best places to find lists of billionaires who give money away is on the GivingPledge.Org which was mentioned above.

On the list you’ll get the details of almost one hundred billionaires who have given away more than half of their wealth, other lists that you can find philanthropists on include the Forbes Philanthropy List and the Top Fifty Americans from Business Week.

Will These Organizations Help Me?

Whether you get help or not depends entirely on your circumstance and whether these charities and non profit foundations supports that particular need. If you can match your need exactly with a foundation that supports that need then there is a very good chance you’ll get help.

The help you get could come in many different forms and it sometimes could just be advice, whatever help that’s available it could be the advice needed to turn your life around.

How Can I Contact These Billionaires For Help?

The best way to contact these billionaires is through their charitable foundations, once you’ve found a handful of organizations which support your need you can start to contact them one by one. You can either look on their site to find a program which you might be eligible for or you could send a speculative hardship letter or email asking for help.

It’s important to understand that these requests take a long time to process and there is no guarantee that you’ll get any money from them; you just have to contact the next foundation for help.

Other Places that You Can Consider

There are so many other places where you can ask for help, you can try contacting corporate philanthropy departments. Large companies such as Merck, Abbotts, and GSK all offer Patient Assistance and Prescription Assistance Programs to help people who are experiencing hardship.

You should also check to see if you’re eligible for help from the Government, if you’re unemployed and on a low income there are a number of programs on offer such as unemployment benefits, rental assistance, weatherization programs and even free cell phones and landlines.

Other places which can offer help are your local charities and churches, both these organizations have discretionary funds which help people that are experiencing hardship. If you need help with clothes food or even appliances and furniture you could go to these organizations for help.

Just make a list of all the churches and charities in your local area and then give them a call to arrange a meeting so you can ask for help. You’ll be surprised at how much help might be on offer, I’ve seen families who are given all kinds of food, all kinds of relatively new clothes and much more.

You can finally turn to begging sites if you’ve got nowhere else to turn to, a begging site is essentially a site where people can post their hardship online and then wait for people to respond, if you can promote your hardship using sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google you’ve got a better chance of making much more money.

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