Monday 28 September 2015

Great Ideas to Make Money and Become a Millionaire

Great ideas to Make Money and Become a Millionaire

If you’re fed up with the rat race and feel burdened working for other people then it’s time to reflect on your life. You are where you are because of all the decisions you made in the past, and you are where you are because you failed to look for opportunities and take them; basically you zoned out and left your life on autopilot and acted the script others gave to you. 

If you’re now looking to make a change there’s still time and the more passionate you are about leaving the rat race and making money the quicker you’ll realize your dreams of financial independence, early retirement and location independence. 

The reason I write this article other than to make money is to try to open people’s eyes so they can see what’s possible. The law of Effection which is a terminology from the Millionaire Fast Lane by MJ DeMarco states that to become a millionaire you need to effect the lives of a million people, you need to offer a service or product which will really hit a home run. 

Here are ten ideas that you could try thinking about if you’re serious about exiting the rat race for something better in life. These ideas are taken from the Millionaire Fastlane which I recommend strongly if you’re thinking about getting rich fast.

Note: If you're looking to make money quickly check out the following posts which include strategies and ideas to raise cash fast. All these ideas are legal so you can make money without looking over your shoulder. I have personally used some of these strategies to make money and multiply my revenue stream.

#1: Make them Feel Better
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If you can develop a product or service that can make someone feel better and then market the effort effectively then you can become very rich, you could even become a millionaire really quickly. You could make people feel better about the way they look, make them feel better about their relationship, make them feel better about money, make them feel better about their family; the lists are endless. 

With the internet you can reach a wider audience from all four corners of the world, if you can offer a product or service that people demand then your net worth could skyrocket within a few years.

#2: Help them solve a Problem
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There are so many problems in the world today; most people experience the same problems. If you could identify a profitable problem and find a solution then people will give you money, they will give you money to make their lives easier. 

Some of the greatest problem solvers in the world are also the richest people in the world, billionaires like Bill Gates, Edison, Wright Brother and even Dyson with his vacuum cleaners. People love convenience and ways to make their lives problem free.

#3: Educate Them
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Most people are willing to learn something that will add value to their lives; unfortunately most people are unwilling to spend thousands of dollars on that education. If you could become proficient in a particular field and the share the knowledge for a fraction of the cost you could become rich very fast. 

People offering no nonsense personal finance advice have really struck gold and during times of downturn make millions selling their eBook for a few dollars, the more people that they reach the richer they become. 

You could educate people in finance, in the stock market, in options, in property development, in profitable law, again the list is endless.

#4: Make Them Look Better
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Everyone tries to look better, everyone’s looking for that cream or treatment that will roll back the years. If you really believe in a treatment and are willing to use it yourself and then document the progress through your blog then people will flock to see your progress.

If it really works you could offer tips and advice and then watch your readership grow, you could advertise on your blog or offer bespoke products and services. Again the more people you reach the wealthier you’ll become.

#5: Give Them Security
Help People and Get Rich Fast

Everyone craves for security and peace of mind; if you can put a mind to rest then people will pay you for it. If you could solve their debt problems, if you can solve their insecurities and make them feel better about themselves then people will come to you and give you their money.

#6: Raise a Positive Emotion
How to Get Rich Quickly

Most people want to be happy, it’s much better than being sad a depressed. Unfortunately most people spend most of their lives unhappy and unable to fulfil what they set out to do. If you could offer these people a way to escape and enjoy their lives by raising a positive emotion then this is a great way to become rich.

If you can develop a product or service that makes people feel happier about them then you could make a bundle. You could offer exercise programs, learning a language, learning a craft, again the list is endless.

#7: Satisfy Appetites
Quick Ways to Get Wealthy

Everyone has an appetite that they want satisfying, it could be a craving or a desire. If you can develop a product or service that satisfies an appetite then people will come to you and buy whatever you have to offer.

#8: Make Things Easier
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Life is hard, if you can make life easier for people then not only will they love you they’ll pay you money for it. Examples of things that make life easier include online shopping, online banking, you could become an outsourcing expert offering people advice on how to outsource their lives so they can spend time doing what they love.

#9: Enhance their Dreams & Give Hope
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Most people have the same dreams, most people want to retire early and spend their life doing what they want to do, if you could offer a service or product that helps them achieve their goals then you could make millions in the process.

#10: Entertain Them
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If you can make people laugh then YouTube Channels is a great way to make money, if you’re capable of reaching a million people and entertaining them then you will make money very quickly. There are so many channels on YouTube where views exceed 100 million, if you can offer a service or even advertise on the video you could end up with a lot of money.

Great Ideas to Make Money & Become a Millionaire

The most important point to remember is that you need to effect a million people to make a million dollars. All you need is a product or services that satisfy one of the needs above and then market that particular product or service effectively. If you can satisfy more than one of the needs listed above then you could become a multi millionaire, if you can satisfy all the needs and scale your operation then you could even become a billionaire. 

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