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People Who Are Willing to Donate Money

People Who Are Willing to Donate Money

People who are willing to donate money are everywhere the hard part is finding them and asking them for money. With so many people struggling with their finance these people who are willing to donate money are swamped with thousands of requests every day. 

If you are in financial hardship or need help with money then this article will explore some of the options you have to get money from millionaires, while there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a donation it’s worth a try.

Alternatively if you're trying to make money yourself check out some of the guides below on raising cash fast. All the strategies and ideas mentioned in the guides below are legal and I've used them to substantially raise my income and multiply my revenue streams.

How to Get People to Donate Money
#1 How to Get Money Donations

If you’re looking for financial assistance you must have a genuine need, people who are willing to donate money look to help people who need it the most. If you desperately need money for an operation, to start a business, to study for a better career then these are some of the areas where you might get a donations. 

Rich people who donate money are very astute and can spot someone trying to pull a fast one straight away, if you are considering contacting generous people for money then you need to be completely open and honest.

Millionaires Who Give Money Away
#2: Free Money for People in Need

People who donate money are called philanthropists and you can find hundreds of them online. If you are serious about raising money for yourself or a charity then you should check out the Forbes Philanthropy List where you can find very generous millionaires and billionaires who give money away. 

Make a list of ten rich people and then find contact details for their foundation or charities so you can contact them direct. 

There is no law that states you can’t contact rich people for help so it’s worth a speculative try. If you are stuck for ideas then try contacting Oprah Winfrey or Ellen DeGeneres via their website, Oprah has given over $50 million to help people in need while Ellen has helped her fans who were struggling with their finances.

How to Convince People to Donate Money
Need Money Help Now

Millionaires willing to give money away need convincing, you can’t just say I need money free and fast and expect a donation, you must have a genuine need to get help. When you do decide to contact people that will give money away you’ll need to write a letter, this letter is the key to getting a donation or not.

In the letter you need to start by explaining what you’re problems are, go into great detail about your hardship and try to evoke a reaction from people reading the letter. You then need to request a figure that is reasonable, if you need money for a study course that costs $500 don’t ask for $10,000 as you’ll be rejected. 

Finally explain how the money would make such a difference to your life and help you go onto better things, put your heart and soul into this part as this will make the difference between getting a donation or receiving a rejection letter.

There are some statements that really annoy rich people who donate and blog archives and campaigns are full of guidance explaining what statements not to use which are as follows 

-          I need money free and fast 
-          I need quick money now 
-          Need money fast no job 
-          I need cash now

These sorts of statements will not get you a donation, instead try to explain yourself and refrain from being too demanding.

Organizations and People Who are willing to Donate Money
#4: Who Will Donate Money to Me?

There are many other generous organizations and rich people that you can contact for money, during the Japan earthquake and the recent Tsunami  Hope into Dawn and Bohemia Interactive Forums were able to raise money to help people in need. Here are some organizations that can help.

#1: Churches
Raising Money for Charity or Yourself

If you’re in financial hardship or are struggling with money then Churches have discretionary funds to help people in need. Talk to your local church to see how they can help. Even if they can’t provide you with financial assistance they may be able to help you with food, shelter and advice.

#2: Charities
Quick Cash Ideas For Genuine Need

Many charities are willing to donate money to people in need, if you can show that you’re in financial despair then these charities can help you with clothes, household appliances and even money donation to help you get back on your feet. Even if they and only offer advice this might make the difference between succeeding and failing in life.

#3: Online Donation Sites
Sites Where People Can Donate Money

There are many online donation sites which allow people to set up a webpage asking for financial assistance.

If you can write a compelling and convincing donation page explaining your hardship then there is a good chance that people will donate money to you. You could even create a YouTube channel and make a video explaining your hardship and reach many more people.

#4: Friends & Families

The reason why we have friends and family is that we can help each other in times of need, if you can talk about your problems to those closest to you and ask them for help then this might be the quickest way to get money. Even if they can’t offer help just sharing your plight might help you get over your problems eventually.

People Who are Willing to Donate Money

There are many rich people, millionaires, billionaires, celebrities and even organizations who are willing to help people in need, as long as you have a genuine need you can ask these people for money and there should be no shame in doing so.

From time to time everyone experiences some sort of hardship and if you can share your problems and ask people for help then this is the first step to getting yourself out of financial hardship.

Make a list of all the rich people, millionaires and organizations that you can contact and then write a hardship letter to all of them, if you can really reach out and appeal to the goodness of their hearts then there is a good chance of getting money. There are many people who are willing to donate money, you just have to find them and ask them.

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