Monday 21 September 2015

How Much do Millionaires Give Away to Charity?

Have you ever thought how much do millionaires give to charity? have you ever wondered whether you could contact millionaires and raise money for your chosen charity or ask for financial aid online for yourself? In this article we look at some of the billionaires and millionaires giving money away, and how to receive charitable donations. I have included a list of rich people who give money away in the USA and the UK so you can try your luck on both sides of the continent.

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Why Do Rich People Donate to Charity? 

Why do people such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Sir Richard Branson donate to charity? Well other than competing against each other to be the best philanthropist ever they want to leave a legacy behind and be known in history as one of the best wealthiest people who gave money away. The millionaires and billionaire philanthropists that donate to charities feel good about themselves when they help other people. When your rich and don't have to worry about money for the rest of your life you can really start to relax and turn your attention to helping people in need.  

US Millionaire & Billionaires Giving Money Away To Needy

Here is a list of all the wealthy people giving money away in the United States. These great philanthropists give to charity regularly and have helped ordinary people like you and me. Donating to charities can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do and when they see it making a difference it can really make the rich persons efforts worthwhile.

Warren Buffet and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have and will be donating a total of $31 Billion to people who need it most.

Chuck Feeny has donated $8 Billion to Atlantic philanthropist to help people around the Atlantic with real donations that make a difference.

Azim Premji who is a prominent Indian billionaire has donated $1.9 Billion to Azim Premji foundation  to help people in India and all around the world. 
Ted Turner who is a self-made philanthropist and billionaire has given $1 Billion to the United Nations to help impoverished Nations such as Africa and Bangladesh. 

T. Boone Pickens has donated up to $500 Million to the State University of Oklahoma. 
Walter Annenberg has given $500 Million to the United States Public School Reform Fund. 
You might be surprised to know dead millionaires are still doing their bit. Andrew Carnegie donated £350 million which is worth up to $7 Billion in today's money. Most of his money went towards building Carnegie Hall and New York City.

Michael Jackson was in the Guinness Book of Records and the celebrity who supported the most charities ever. The celebrity millionaire  aligned himself with 39 charitable organisations and gave most of his money away to good causes.

UK Millionaire & Billionaires Helping People and Charities in Need

David Hockney despite only making £34 Million in 2012 gave away £78.1 Million, his main beneficiaries was the Arts foundations. 
Christopher Cooper-Hohn gave away £72.1 Million mostly to Humanitarian, Environmental, children and Education Foundations. 
Anurag Dikshit the Indian millionaire gave away £23.4m, most of his charitable donations went to India to help Education and children's foundation. 
Lord David Sainsbury who owns a chain of supermarkets around the world gave away a staggering £198.2 million to support Education, Arts, Humanitarian and Heritage Foundation.

Dame Vivien Duffield has donated £40m to the arts, heritage, education, social care and Jewish Foundations all around the world.

How Can I Get Some Money For My Charity?

With so much money flying around how can you actually get money from millionaires? The first thing you need to do is align your cause with a charitable foundation that a millionaire supports. If you want to improve the level of education in a third world country then you can contact Lord David Sainsbury for a donation. The more millionaires and rich people's foundation you can align yourself with the more likelihood that you will get a philanthropic donation towards your cause.

How Can I Ask Millionaires For Money To Keep For Myself

Millionaires also give financial assistance and financial aid online to ordinary people who really need it. You must have a genuine reason and you must use the money responsibly to get yourself out of poverty. If you want to improve your education or have a business plan that you need funding for then you can contact millionaires for financial assistance.

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