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Hollywood actors and singers also donate to their fans, artists such as Jon Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper have their own charitable foundations to help people in need. Hollywood actors such as Will Smith, George Clooney and Matt Damon are also giving money to help people all over the world.

Every day I will be adding the profiles of celebrities and Hollywood actors below, the profiles will include the charitable work that these wonderful people are doing along with the contact details of the charitable foundation that they run.
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  1. I am asking for help in buying the property next to mine. It goes up for sale on the courthouse steps within the next 3-6 months for back taxes of $19,000. I want to turn these 12 acres into an organic vegetable, spice and fruit garden, which will enable me to supply the local restaurants in Harrison County Texas. I am asking for an additional 100,000 to buy the tools, equipment, seeds and greenhouses necessary to fulfill my dream I would also use the money to give back to my town of Karnack Texas in a community garden where I would till the soil, water it and let them plant what they want in exchange for helping me with my garden. I see this as a win-win situation, bringing people of a small depressed town something to look forward to, putting food on many tables, creating lasting friendships and teaching today's children the benefits of helping others. Thank you Laura

    1. That sounds wonderful, Laura. If I come into some money, I will help you. I have bookmarked this page.

  2. (REACHING OUT ON MAJOR FAITH!) Hello My name is Andraye Speed from Indianapolis Indiana where I attend Living Water Fellowship Church where the pastors are pastors Kim and Steve Outlaw. Lately our pastor has been preaching about walking into your purpose and your destiny! There have been many testimonies about how people have been seeing their dreams come to pass at our church since she has been preaching this! Books have been written boutique stores have been open and major projects have been funded all because of God! Our pastor charged us to reach out to people about our dreams and goaIs and step out on faith! I am an artist and my ministry is called S.O.P.W. or Sound Of Praise & Worship! We have been together for five years and we are about to complete our first project called "THE JOY MOVEMENT"! We have truly been fought by the enemy on every hand in the process of trying to get our project out! But by the grace of God, we have made it to the end process! "THE JOY MOVEMENT" is a project birthed from the scripture Nehemiah 8:10, wich tells us that the Joy of The Lord Is Our Strength! It has 10 original songs of uplifting high energy gospel music! We are a group of young people on fire for God and ready to spread the Joy of the Lord through song, to as many people in this generation as possible! It is in its final stages! It just needs to be mixed, mastered, and duplicated by disc makers. We are only $3000.00 short and I am reaching out for help! If any one can help us or bless us with any type of donation, we would be forever grateful. Thank you so much for your time and may God continually bless whom ever reads this message! We love you! I will post send youtube links so that you can get a better look into our ministry! (S.O.P.W. Music video Behind The Scenes)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhTQ9dBNsiM&feature=youtube_gdata_player(S.O.P.W. Live Rehearsal)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmO2LNQGRt8&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  3. please help im dying and I jus want to purchase life insurance so my children have money when im gone

  4. Please read my story and decide if you can help me through this dilema. I have never had to ask for help for anything but I am at the end of my rope and need help. I have been foreclosed on by Bank of America, N.A. because I was unemployed in this bad economy, I was late on payments, I tried to catch up by sending two payments, but that was not enough, they returned those payments, and then foreclosed on me without any warning. The amount due and owing to the mortgage is $17,382.71. In order to redeem the property I will have to have $18,149.37 in addition to $2.86 in per diem charges.

    I have had several attempts at saving my house to no avail. The bank will not work with me, they will not budge, the only way I can save my home is if I pay it off in full. I am unemployed and I am trying to get on disability, I am going to be homeless unless someone steps up and helps me. I have been in my home for almost 18 years, I have remodeled it entirely and now the bank wants to take it because of two missed payments. I know that there is fraud within this loan but I do not have money for an attourney. So the only solution I can see is to ask for help. Also my vehicle is an old 1995 Chevy Van that is falling apart currently with no insurance, so I need a different vehicle, insurance, and a license plate. I currently receive $200.00 per month in food stamps, that is all I have. So I need $20,000 to save my house and $10,000 to get a new vehicle, so I am asking for $30,000.

    Time is of the essence because I do not have long before the money is due to save my house and keep a roof over my head. I only have until the end of August. I have been going through many hardships relating to these situations and they are destroying my life and well being, there are no ways to overcome these problems in the city I live in because there are no jobs and the economy is at a halt in this city. I am currently unable to work anyways because I am disabled with back problems. Please consider helping me save my home that I have worked hard on for the past 18 years. I will be forever greatful to anyone and everyone that helps me in this cause.

  5. Hi my name is crystal mae im 22 years old. I have custedy of my little brother due to both parents passing we have been forced to be on our own. I a a hard working deyicated woman thats in a little struggle just need a little help with som bills. They will not accept me at and assistace program and i have been on numerouse beg sites please help me pay these bills off. Please and thank you. Love and godbless.

  6. My name is Becca Garner in Houma Louisiana,I am an adoptive parent of three Beautiful Angels, my eldest Susan, has been singing in Heavens choir for 13 years this Christmas.My son Thomas, is a shrimper,who works hard to keep us afloat. Then there is my ray of sunshine, Daniel. Daniel has had a very rough life going from family to family, sweet baby has ADHD,mildly mentally challenged, and dyslexia. He is a rough and tumble 10 year old with the childlike qualities of a 6 year old. As for myself, I had brain surgery for anuerysms, I surpassed the surgery with only slight memory loss and a slight stutter, that was in 1996 in Las Vegas. In 2006 I suffered 2 heart attacks on the same day, I suffered another in 2008, and another in 2010. I was told by my cardiologist I have Artial spasms caused by stress. I was diagnosed with RA, severe depression and Social Anxiety Disorder, yet I'm a fighter and can't stop. In the past 5 months I have pawned everything of value we own, including Daniel's xbox I am ashamed to say. I made the mistake of taking out a payday loan,just to get us through the holidays, for those of you that think it will be ok to take out one, please don't, it becomes a vicious cycle that sucks you in and leaves you having to borrow more.I have gone to HUD for rental assistance but was stopped at the door, there is a freeze on applications for 2-5 years due to budget cuts, Catholic services say I make too much, in a nutshell I either make too much or not enough for any of the social programs, food stamps give us 109.00, thats enough to purchase 7-9 days worth of food, I have tried all churches and social services but funds are empty or on budget cuts. I am in debt up to my ears, I would only ask for donations, I need 2500.00 which would be used to pay rent and get up to date on my utilities, plus put groceries in the house. I'm not a greedy person but any help would be appreciated. Daniel needs school uniforms as he goes to summer school and has hit a growing spurt. Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give.

  7. I have a pressing matter for which I am asking all my friends, acquaintances and family to assist me with. I need to cover the retainer fee of $7,500.00 for my attorney by JUNE 25TH to get started defending my case. I was involved in a terrible accident last summer. I have a witness that was driving directly behind me that has verified the light being green. And two witnesses, including the 911 caller verifying that the other driver had been drinking. The police did not conduct a toxicology exam. So, whatever you may offer will be of great assistance. I have exhausted all of my resources over the year covering the attorney's fee and hiring a private investigator against civil actions. I work for the federal government and we will be experiencing 11 furlough days consecutively in 3 weeks. PLEASE HELP!! I really appreciate any and all help available. Thank you for your compassion

    Please go to: http://www.gofundme.com/fundmarlo

    Thank you. Respectfully, Marlo E. Ettien 770-990-6875

  8. Hello , I am desperately trying to raise $500 dollars in order to submit my patent application for my invention, and i need your help, I am not asking for a hand out but a hand up ! this device once on the market will save countless lives of children all across the country. I have set up a Paypal account so To everyone that will bless my efforts with thy gifts and those who wish to, but cannot I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Just know that when this product gets to market you will be able to know that your generosity was the catalyst in helping to save the lives of children all across this country! For that I will be eternally grateful. this is a very big deal! God bless!!

  9. hi
    I am in an extremely desperate situation as I am unemployed, no savings unable to pay the mortgage and the house is on the sale. All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Only $2000. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to anybody who is willing to help me in this.

    Thank you so much
    May Buddha bless you

  10. My name's Bornfree Gwaze and I'm 26 years old. I'm going tell you my story briefly. I’m from Harare, Zimbabwe. My dad collapsed and passed on 5 April 2002. I’m the second born in a family of five boys. Things never been easy for our family since then my father was a retired Headmaster and my mom doesn’t work. We straggled to leave our lives every day and by then the economy of our country were going to its extremes. I passed my ordinary levels and then I did my professional course in Business Administration (Diploma). I once worked full-time as an Administrator at a local College and life was going great because I was now managed to look after my mom, young brothers and myself, I was more than on top of my finances, until my place of business suddenly closed down 6 months ago due to mismanagement. We were given no notice, and I was devastated. I've been searching non-stop for a job ever since but i've had no luck yet It's a terrible feeling being so independent, and usually being on top of my bills. But right now I have no control and feel helpless. I'm a very hard working person, and I’m unemployed for this long trying to make ends meet. These 6 months i feel like an eternity. I've just been having such a hard time paying my bills, and even finding money for groceries and even feed my mom who stays at our rural home. And due to my job closing down, I’m really behind on my rent and some accounts. I always had a passion to be my own boss and I have a vision to establish a cleaning company so that I can offer services and supply detergents to major outlets throughout the country. None of this is possible having no money. Any and every little donation helps really, and is so greatly appreciated! Each and every donation means so much to me, and helps me out more than you know. It gets me one step closer to getting out of the hole, and one step closer to furthering my dream to be a business man.Thank you for taking the time to read my story.I Also have my project proposal. Have a great day, and god bless! :) If you have anything to ask, my email bgwaze@gmail.com. Phone +263 773102198

  11. hello,i have spent lots of time searching for financial help on the internet.I have faith that there is somebody somewhere who can extend his/her hand of blessing to me.I have finished my bachelors degree in Bsc.and i would like to continue with my masters degree for one year and i dont have any support,i struggled in my bachelors degree spending time doing fellow students hair.Now they have moved to different places and my life is like hell...i remember during my fifth semester at the universityi contacted my pastor for support and he lied to me that he gonna send me some money which he did not do....from this incident i learnt that rich people out there have a godly heart and can help a lot from what i have read although none has helped me yet unlike the pastors and fake gospel evangelist who claim to speak to God yet dont help instead lie to poor like me...........

    Anyway i hope somebody reads this and opt to help me...Thanking for reading part of my story....to know more please contact me at emma_imma16@yahoo.com.Have a blessed day and God bless you abundantly

  12. Please visit my blog on donations, thanks for your time.


  13. http://www.gofundme.com/rileysnewlungs

    My daughters transplant account... She is 5 years old.

  14. Hello, my name is David. And recently i got in trouble with the law. The issue with this is, i have never been in trouble and or charged with anything in my life and im 29. I have gotten minor consumptions when i was under age but nothing like what im being charge with now. Im a great friend and a good person that sticks to his word and stands up for his friends. I left with a friend of mine that found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and he wanted to confront her. When we showed up to our friends house, not hers or the guy she was sleeping with, i waited outside until i heard loud yelling. I rushed inside to find the man she was sleeping with, wasted and yelling at everyone. When he turned to me he said,"what the fuck are you doing here". i said nothing and realized he had his fists clenched and starting to walk twoards me. He then said, "what the fuck are you gonna do." I knew he was going to swing or push me or something along those lines so i grabbed him, not to hurt him but restrain him by the chest, throat area. I mean i thought he was my friend and i just wanted to settle him down. After i let go, i apologized and we all left. He decided to call the cops out of anger and i got charged with first degree burglary assault and 1st degree burglary aiding and abedding. both felonies. I figured it would work itself out but now im going to trial and looking at 4 years in prison. Ive made sure not to hang with the wrong crowds. And ive lived my life obeying the law. And now i look at it as why? How can they ruin my life with no remorse just because they can? I cant afford a lawyer and my public defender is no help. So im asking with my knees on the ground, begging for some help. A felony will ruin my life. And its all for standing up for one friend and restraining another. Even the friend that got us all in trouble is trying to recant his statement and tell the truth but the prosecuter will not let him. Please, please. Someone out there give me a chance to live the life ive been working for and not let it get destroyed because of what the definition of burglary is, which is out of this world unfair, insane and crazy. I just wanna live a life with chances and oppertunities and if i get a felony, my life is over. So if you can help i will forever be greatful and in debt to you. Im not asking for a handout. Just help with a lawyer. Thank you so very much, David

  15. davidasiegert@gmail.com is my email... For David with the wish for help with a lawyer

  16. Allways i ever wanted is a brand new sport car :(

    Answer me plase or donate : dzimejltockakom@gmail.com

  17. Hi my name brandy im 27 years old and and my teeth are in need of work i have tried everything im tired of looking in the mirror crying and my little boys asking me what wrong if there any way you can find it in your heart to help me please contact me at brandyturner67@yahoo.com

  18. Having a hard time.. I can't seem to get a loan from a bank to purchase a home. They say I don't make enough money. All I ever wanted is to have a stable living environment for my kids.

  19. i am a mother of 5kids, at present i am jobless. my eldest is a hearing impaired and my youngest age 8 is having an autism.
    my problem is about their back accounts on their tuition fees hence my husband was out of his job last february 2013 and i just asked the school finance office that i can pay it this school.year and and some other loans. my husband has just get back to work and with his salary we cannot cope up with our dues and bills, i also would like to request for financial assistance to make s small business like a small store in our place considered as a loan. i cant work full time as my youngest with autism needs my personal assistance.
    PLEASE WE really some help. by july 10 will be their first exam and i really dont know where to get for their tuition fee.
    i really dont know where to go so i am trying to get some help to those people who are generous and kind hearted.
    i am not expecting for richness in this life but just for my kids to finish their education, nobody from them who would want to stop schooling and their pleading that that can continue schooling.
    my email ad:
    contact number:
    sincerely yours.
    maria delilah

  20. Please Help me..
    I am girish kumar pg from kerala state, country india. i am in an very desperate situation as I am unemployed, as my mother she had gone through a surgery for ca tongue, i ve spended the whole amount which i ve saved for her, my father is no more, now am looking after my mother without going for any job. i had taken some amount on interest from money lenders, for the same, which am not able pay them back right now, and am need of 11 lakhs of indian rupee urgently, All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to u in helping me in this situation.

    Thank you so much - girish
    God bless you

  21. Sir,

    This is to introduce myself as suresh from chennai india. How r u sir. My son wants to join in engineering college in chennai . So I request your goodself to help me pay his fees pls. sir. the fees amount comes to Rs.5,00,000/- .
    Your help will change my son 's life as well as mine.

    We are expecting your reply sir.


    s. suresh

  22. hello my name is angel came to the usa to make different to my family and especially my to sons but nothing is working can even get a job would someone kindly help me reach somewhere get out off this hold please.angelwiltshire2008@yahoo.com please someone help me .


    The company I was working for ran out of cash flow and they still owe me 15k for wages. It seems I cannot recover from that set back. I am asking for %5,000 to catch up the bills and get a place for me and my kids to stay. Please help me.... I will not forget to pass it on when I get on my feet.... Please have mercy and lend me a hand.... I am in Atlanta, GA... My name is Denise... You can donate via paypal at brn2excel@yahoo.com... Thank you, in advance!

  24. Rebecca E. 7/8 2013 my name is Rebecca iam 41 years old been married for 21 years.I live with my two sons my daughter and her five kids.and also my ex husband.total 10 people in a three bedroom home.we are in need of finical help.we need help in many ways possible.this year has been total hell for us.Two weeks ago I tried to commit secuide cause I just couldn't take it anymore.the pressure that is on my shoulders is very huge.if there is any angels out there please contact me asap at rebeccaenriquez87@yahoo.com you will not reget helping me.

  25. Hello, my name is seth Penigar, I have a corner two bed room apt with five kids, ages are 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 and I need help with getting ahead on bills and getting my Driver License back so I can get back to work at my job as a moble DJ. number is 715 271 8566 address is 3206 Brian st apt 3 Eau Claire wI .54701. Thank you for reading. if you you ill be very greatfull.

  26. Hi. My name is Anna. I am a single mom with three kids. I live in Indonesia. I am struggling to find some money for my 15 year old daughter and a 10 year old son. Education fee here in Indonesia has been increased from year to year. I couldn't efford it. I lost my job almost three months ago. I am in deep panic right now because the schools begins in a week later. Please help my children go to school. Right now I can't even give my 1 year old baby daughter good nutritions. I am not a lazy person, but finding a job that gives me big money right now is impossible. Help me, please. I just find out this site and I write these right away. Thank you for reading

  27. Hi! my name is Cedric, i'm trying to get my TrophyKart racing career started. I recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money but they have taken down my campaign due to not following guidelines. I have been trying to save money since 2007 when TrophyKart racing was just getting popular and well known, but bills, and countless other living expenses have gotten in the way. I need a TOTAL of $20,000 for the TrophyKart that including race fees, Kart maintenance, and safety gear. If you can't donate the full $20,000 ANY donation is GREATLY appreciated! Here is my email to send money through PayPal: CJHhates@yahoo.com

    If you do end up donating, PLEASE reply or leave your name. I would love to know who has helped me get closer to my dream! Thanks, Cedric

  28. i've recently just had a baby
    (june15, 2013) i had a high
    risk pregnancy so i was out
    of work. i have 2 other
    children 2 and 4 and 3 days
    after i got out of the
    hospital i was evicted from
    my home, my rent was
    raised to 1200.00 and i
    could not afford it. me and
    my family are now
    homeless and we need
    rental assistance to move
    into a new home. the
    shelters aren't accceting
    anyone and we are really in
    need of a new home

  29. Hello, My name is Caroline. I am a 23 year old single mother of a 3 1/2 year old boy. I have had a rather difficult life becoming a mother so young and taking on the responsibility of a child by myself. I live in Kelowna BC and after months of trying so hard to find employment, I am having no luck. I decided what I need to do is go to school and get an education under my belt. My son goes to a great daycare fulltime, thanks to daycare subsidy. I am a very loving, caring, motivated individual. I strive to succeed in everything I do. I would like to be a care aid. I figure it is a good field for me due to my personality characteristics and for the fact I will never be unemployed again. I found a great school, Pro Care Institute, but they are not covered under the student loan dedicated schools. The course is nearly $8000. That is a lot of money for me and I don't know where to get it, especially if a student loan wont help me. I am looking through grants and scholarships but the course starts August 7th which is less than a month away. I'm giving this a shot in hopes to have some wonderful stranger help me get an education so I can go on to support my son and myself. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I'm praying someone sees me as a deserving soul. You may contact me via email at cwojtczak@gmail.com

  30. https://www.youcaring.com/tuition-fundraiser/success-after-a-death-going-to-college-after-mom-dies/71972
    Please donate!!!!! Im a faith believer that this will touch your heart and I will accept anything you donate

  31. To be short, my husband is a businessman. We used to be the happiest families with 5 children. My elder two daughters finished their studies but 3 others are still studying .Since last three years our business did not run well and my husband is in great debts and very difficult to support the family and children education and right now he is in great depression. My husband is desperately in need of some money to pay back the debts and give education to our children. My husband owes about US$ 850000 (interest is increasing every day) to Bank and private lenders. Initially, he took some loans from Bank and private lenders to do some business and build our house but for last three years his business didn't run well and in great debts. Bank Authority and private lenders are pressing him to pay back the loan with interest and threaten to take him to Court. It is really devastating! Your small donation of US$ 850000 will uplift us and bring back the happiness in our family. Right now my family is in great tension and great trouble. Our family is also a very religious persons and love to do charity works. When we were financially sound we used to do charity works. We will continue to do if GOD HELP us ! Please kindly help us. Please contact us at email - twang349@gmail.com

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  33. I studia teologiczne w Instytucie Teologii Systematycznej w Katedrze Teologii Biblijnej we Wrocławiu (http://www.pwt.wroc.pl/). jestem studentem. Byłem bezrobotny przez ostatnie 10 lat (w latach 2007, 2010, 2011 pracował jako katecheta w Szkole Podstawowej w Wałbrzychu). Jestem przeżywa trudności finansowe.
    Nie jestem oszustem i złodziejem. Mówię prawdę. Wiem przykazań. Jednym z nich jest Nie kradnij. Mogę wysłać do Ciebie mój dyplom mistrza teologii na e-mail jako dowód. I nie wyrzucać pieniądze w błoto
    Telefon: +48 79 664 40 49
    E-mail: NiemasG@gmail.com

  34. i am asingle mom with two small children .after many years of drug abuse and prison now iam clean for 4years now please help me stand on my feet again i need this help so much anyone . my name is olga i live in israel and my telephone number is +972 527843649.thanks alot.

  35. Hello my name is Sabina from ghana, 22 years old. I need 6000 to help my family rent a place to stay and also to pay debts and my youngerst sister's fees. Please help me. May God bless you.

  36. This is my email........nicolebina13@yahoo.com. contact me if you want to help

  37. Hi, My name is Sheila Love and I could really use someone's financial help! You see I am not able to pay my debts off, and I want so badly to do so. I declared bankruptcy January 2011 and I am unable to even pay my trustee, and told his so and now I'm tolded the creditors will be able to come after me now, but I don't think they will get much, because I only get $813.00 a month to live on from the Government of Canada. I really don't want to stop the bankruptcy I owe $2,200 along with another $7,488.12 will completely take me out of debt for the first time in 6 years. That would be such a burden lifted off my shoulders, All the Stuggling I've done over the years would be gathered up, put in a box and shipped out to sea, never to be seen again forever !! I would have such a big smile on my face, it would hurt my cheeks !! Thanks for reading my clip.

  38. My name is Ariel and I'm looking for someone to help fund my schooling. I work two jobs and am a hard worker but I don't want to go into debt before I am even making money. When I was in school I got decent grades so I know if I can just focus on getting my degrees I will be able to move forward.

  39. My name is Betty Bradshaw hope all of you are doing well . I hope you can help me and my family. We are about to lose our home on 8/6/13 we owe 3000 on our house .Everything was going well when my husband lost his job and I am the only one working if you can help me with this amount I will be able to save the house and hopefully my husband will find a job real soon if you would like to speak with us my name is betty brads haw and my husband is randy brads haw .We do have 2 sons that are disabled really hope you can help us. If you need to talk to me or Randy you can contact us at 623-931-1577 or email me at Bbettyphn@aol.com
    Thank you
    Betty and Randy Brads haw
    5803 W Vogel Ave
    Glendale AZ 85302

  40. Hi my name is brandon randall. I am just seeking enough help to get out of debt so me and my family can start saving money for us to get a house. I am currently in the military and for those who think we get paid alot of money is not true. So like i said im just looking for someone to pay my debt off so i can start saving. Also with all of this i will provide proof where it is all going and receipts. If anything i will give you my bank info and you can just deal with them so that way there is no shady stuff going on. For anymore questions regarding this just email me at brandon1371@gmail.com. Thank you for your time

  41. Good Afternoon. I was going to write this hardship letter due to all the trials and tribulations in my life. I initially thought of the reason I was asking for help was for the debt that I am in. Then I thought about all the things that I am thankful for. My husband and I owe a combined $60,000 plus interest in student loans however, I am thankful that we were given the opportunity to have access to an education which is priceless. 10 years of Identity theft has played a major role in our financial lives that even cost me a great job, about $40,000 in debt and named me the mother of her 2 children. Thank god the girl who did it is not around town or I may be in jail right now, if you know what I mean. But seriously, even though I never met her, I hope she has changed her ways and made a better example for her children’s sake. My husband and I have 5 children between the 2 of us. My education has been put on hold so that I can work fulltime to take care of our family. I had an injury where I was immobile for almost a year. My injury happened during a semester at college and I was not able to attend classes due to my inability to walk or drive. They pulled my financial aid and I was left with a huge $1800 debt to the school and they are holding my transcripts until I pay it off. My husband now has his degree however, he has had a hard time finding a job that can give him the hours he needs. One of our daughters has Crohn's Disease and we have expenses related to that as well, but I am thankful that she is now responding well to her infusions treatments. Thank god for Children’s Mercy! We are struggling to make ends meet and would be grateful if someone could help us with some of the financial burden. I am thankful for many things in my life, even the hard ones because I know that they are just trials to grow from. Even if no one responds to my request, thank you for reading. I can be reached at angelahorn81@yahoo.com

  42. I don't believe in just outright "asking for money" from strangers, but I do believe in networking and hard work, all I need is one BIG CHANCE. I am a young artist,i do tattoos,i sing and I posess other talents as well. I am a mother of a beautiful 10 month old boy and have an amazing husband. We have fallen on hard times recently and honestly, I'm just looking for a blessing, someone to believe in my talent so that I can reach out to others. I am a very high energy, spunky person and I just need a chance to prove myself to someone in a higher position in life than me.

  43. Hello! Rather than ask you for money, can I ask for an hour of your time? I am curating a benefit art show in Wayne, NJ on Sept 29th - we have had donations of art from artists from all over the world - hundreds of beautiful pieces! - that will be on sale to benefit Sam's Voice, a worthy organization started by a NJ family to benefit Heeling Autism, which helped their son Sam with a service dog who has changed their lives significantly for the better. Can you come out to the show or help us promote it via your facebook, twitter, blog, etc? We have the venue, we have the works to sell...now we just desperately need help bringing in a crowd!! Please come out to the show, and help us spread the word to support this terrific cause!!

    Boxed In Art Show
    Sun, Sept 29th, 2PM-6PM
    50 Hinchman Ave
    Wayne, NJ 07470

  44. The world is wonderful when it gives us joy. When you wait for a new life to come to this world, you think only about good things. How he or she will be born, will grow, study...
    But sometimes all beautiful dreams shatter into pieces.

    I was exceedingly waiting for my daughter to come. I imagined how she will look like, how I will take care of her. I could not even think that procreation will be so complicated.
    The name of my daughter is Iveta. She was born breathless, was resuscitated. She was being reanimated for a month.
    It seemed that all troubles must had gone away. Iveta got stronger, was developing just like other kids, but we ended up in hospital again. Doctor’s conclusion was merciless: Iveta will not be able to walk, will neither see or talk. She started to have epileptic seizures.
    Back then it felt as if there is no ground under my feet. I was in shock, but I had a hope that Iveta will get better.

    When Iveta was three years old, she was diagnosed to have a Rett syndrome. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder of the grey matter of the brain that affects girls almost exclusively.
    She repetitively nervously moves her hands, she is prone to gastrointestinal disorders, she has a bigger than normal head, cannot sleep at nights.
    With Rett syndrome Iveta also has a severe autism. She does not like many people around her, is selective for food. She is hyperactive, cannot stay in one place, has a short span of attention. She also has a severe mental retardation disease, epilepsy.
    Iveta uses medicine of epilepsy, attention concentration, vitamins.
    She also has a cerebral palsy. It is harder for her to balance, drags one leg.
    Iveta doesn‘t talk. She cannot take care of herself, needs help all the time. As an autist she is a hyperactive girl; she breakes all things she sees, everything crashes. She likes it, but it is hard to me because not all members of the family got used to her. They get nervous from her constant shouting, squeaking, breaking. You cannot stop her from doing this because she likes it.
    Iveta needs a room addapted to her needs, so she could not hurt herself. Educational, musical toys are also needed.
    She is thirteen years old but developed as a one year old baby. She needs special transport.
    Those like Iveta, with Rett syndromy, need especially good care because they can hurt themselves.
    Iveta needs material and moral help.

    I have always been dreaming that she will recover. That one day she will embrace me and say: “Mum, I love you”.

    My daughter required hospital and medicines.
    Requiredfor playing , shining, squeaking toys.

    Required a hause and transport.

    Please help.

    You can write me in the email: valantyna@gmail.com

  45. I need a blessing just to help get the bills paid this month.. my husband just recently went to truck driving school and its going to be hard for a month...i can be reached at angelapelley@gmail.com. any help would be appreciated

  46. http://www.gofundme.com/Shari-needs-your-help

  47. I am turning 69 this year and don't have any family and hardly any friends. I am also without a job ( nobody wants to hire ''OLD MEN''?) I want to treat myself with a nice set of angling gear. Is there any body or a group who can donate any sum of money or $1000-00 or more towards my birthday present? Your assistance will be highly appreciated. You can pay the money into my Paypal account fgmoolman@gmail.com

    Regards and God bless


  48. Dear Sir or Madam,
    me and my husband is both is disbaled, and we are in badly need of help , our home is rotting down around us both , and we dont have the funds to repair it , by the time we get thru paying our monthly bills and by what little food we can that dont last the whole month we dont have the fund to get hired repair , we dont care if its a good used mobile home if some one could please help us ,i have tryed so many that wants to send you a book like app expect you to fill it out and want your life history that you cant answer the questions they have on it then i get theres no funds avable so if theres any one who might can us us please

  49. My name is Stephanie. I was laid off in 2012 and have been looking for a job with no luck. My unemployment ran out. I am now facing eviction. My landlord is not willing to work with me. I have been here for 3 years. I tried going to the state they were willing to help with part of rent but landlord refused. I am getting food stamps and my family is helping with what they can. My other bills are due as well. I would appreciate $5000.00. I have no where else to turn. you can reach me @ tinie00512@yahoo.com

  50. Hello we need money to run our server and to keep it running if we get the donations then we can run it with no troubles or problems so then people will be happy and come back it is totally non profitable as we are not a company we are a world-wide open sourced server that help a lot of people with there needs, we need only a small amount of money thankyou so much.

    Money Needed: £300
    Paypal: joshford378@gmail.com

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  52. hi there.
    for you today, i have a great story...
    ever traveled 1000 miles? in the dead of winter? on a dog sled? starring at 16 wonderful dogs butts?
    i have!
    for the past 3 years, i have competed in the yearly dog race called the Iditarod. this yearly event commemorates the erotic efforts of dog teams in the early part of last century. In Nome, AK, an outbreak of diphtheria threatened to wipe out the villages youngest. air travel at the time was limited. planes of the era didn't handle cold weather very well, yet the vaccine needed to find its way through he Alaskan wilderness and all the way to Nome before the eminent total wipe out of the villagers young and old.
    a relay of heroes...
    dog teams would have to bring this salvation. ever heard of Balto?...
    long story short, mushers (human part of a dog team)lost fingers to the cold, but in the end, the town was saved...
    back to good old ME;
    never thought i would ever get to participate in this "The Last Great race" due to the simple fact that Mushing is extremely expansive, and i am no rich man.
    luck brought me to helping an other musher, this older gent, retired pathologist was in great need of a brand new hip, so, he got his opperation, while i took care of his dogs. one day the question came up... "Nick, how would you feel about doing the Iditarod this year?"
    my jaw dropped, and i accepted the challenge. raised money in my little ski town of Girdwood ak in order to be financially ready for this race.
    it was a blast and by some miracle, i was crowned R.O.Y. you guessed it, Rookie Of the Year for finishing the 1000 mile trek in 28th place, and before any other rookies participating in the 2011 Iditarod could cross the finish line.
    2012 i borrowed dogs from many different people, couch surfing my way around the mushing community. new dogs, new trails 29th place.
    Now, 2013 Iditarod was tougher, wetter, yet faster for me and my new amazing dog team!
    we took it easy the first few days, to preserve enthusiasm in my dog team. plan was to finish with supper happy dogs, and hopefully improove by 10 or more place. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! WE FINISHED 6TH, only 3h 59 min behind the winner. improving our finishing position by 23 places also earned us the Most Improved award. wow
    so, point is, i am still poor, still mushing, still looking for nice friendly dog loving folks to help in my devours.
    so how much does it cost to do the Iditarod? 3000 for entry fee, 30 bags of kibble per month at 50$ per bag. 1000 lbs of beef (frozen)per month, dogs wear booties, 4 per dog, 16 dogs, replaced every 50 miles of training or racing 1000 booties a month... to be competitive in this one can expect to spend over $30,000 dollars per year some of my competitors have large corporate sponsors with $100,000+ allowing them to hire help...

    want to help? awesome!
    check me out at Teampetit.com,
    also on face book under girdwood 2 nome.

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this, off to feed my critter now....

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  54. Hello I am a sinlge parent 3 wonderful children. I moved myself and my children out to cincinnatus ny for a fresh new start after a bad relationship,unhealthy lifestyle. As soon as we moved here we fell in love with this town. My 15 daughter who had always struggled with school work and making friends has been an honor student and they are extremely happy children now. I have looked for rentals finding nothing in my price range. I did however find a rent to own property that is big enough and has plently of land. I was able to save the downpayment and the monthly rent to own priec is only 400.00 will be paid off in 3 and half years. However the man I bought the property from had septic electricity and foundation done, Then ran out of money before he had well put in. We are not on a city line so a well is my only option. I am resourceful and of many traits. So I have been able to do most of the repairs myself. School starts in one week and my children and I are in desperate need of assistance to have a well drilled and set up. I am willing to pay back any money given to help us though I will be upfront and honest and say we are ery low income so it would have to be in small monthly installments. I have not had a reliable vehicle in years and I will not put my children back in a home where they will see their mother being mentaly or physicaly abused. As well I truly have struggled hard these last 5 years to keep my children in this school district where they thrive. I am struggling in many areas finacialy however a well is our desperation at this point. If their is anyone out there willing to help my family or would like to know more about us feel free to contact me. My name is Kristian Carlton 607-863-3400. Also I would take out a loan however I am to low income and as I stated earlier before I regained my composure after years of abuse I made bad choices and have bad credit. I hope that being honest and upfront someone out there will see that I have struggled and overcame many things and this is a perfect break for my children and I. I also hope to go back to school at some point. I am very interested in writting. Also I do help others as much as I can with things such as rides or fixing their car. I am not mentioning this to get notice because I beleieve you do things out of the goodness of your heart, I am just preying that right now something willl come back my way. Thank you very much for reading this. Krisi,Sean,Cassie,and alexandria

  55. Im seeking help for my mother who is 74 and in poor health.My father passed away in 2002 and left her with her home which she is about to lose very very soon.My mother is the type of person that is loved by all and would help anyone in need but as much as that is true no one is willing to help her in her time of need.These problems are not because of her doing but rather from poor decisions and poor choices in a spouse by a son.This is all my mother has left from my father and im asking for help to be able to keep her in her home for the rest of her life so maybe she can enjoy the remaining years she has left.Im asking for someone to be an angle to my mother who has been an angle to many others in her life..thank you for your time and i hope you can find it in your heart to help this wonderful woman..

  56. Hi, my name is Kenneth Ellingburg. I am a 25 yr old father of 2 daughter and a step daughter and step son who's father never sees them. I am also a husband and I have worked for so long to build my credit just to attempt to get a loan for my house. It is a $65,ooo purchase so my family and I can have peace of mind about having a place to rest our head. I travel all over the U.S. working for Clean Harbors Environmental trying to make ends meet but it seems the longer I work, the worse it is...I am asking for dontations or anything that will AT LEAST benefit my family with this purchase of this home...please let me know if there is ANYTHING!!!!! that can be done...Thank you and God bless you and those around you.. souljahunk_88@yahoo.com or contact by phone at 901-229-7025

  57. http://gfwd.at/19AmL5j

  58. Hello, My name is corey wootton, I am from the UK and live in sheffield.

    Recently I have dismissed from my work on unfair terms and currently I am unable to take them to court

    I was living at the premises of my work as part of my contract

    because I was dismissed from work it has become practically impossible for me to get work and currently I am homeless and living either on the streets or when I can at friends houses.

    I have no income and I am currently living on hand outs which are far and few between

    I was looking for a little help from a successful and charitable human being who could possibly find a place in their heart to help a struggling person get back on their feet

    with any donations I would provide my self with shelter by putting down the rent on a flat(paying bills also), look into training courses to help me with the near future, and pay for the obvious importance of food

    With larger donations if at all, I would use the money to fund a project, currently I am a musician so the donation could help pay for instruments and gear, book recording sessions, rent spaces for events and pay for promotion(including a few music videos which would be put on music sharing websites such as youtube)

    I also have a few business ideas which include a health food cafe joined to a library, martial arts studio and gym, the martial arts considered would mainly revolve around self defense such as tai chi and wing chun. The business approach would involve such promotions such as gym member ship would provide free lessons in martial arts. Also specific food offers which include a day in the gym for purchasing such meal deals. The location could be aimed at teaching people of the community on spiritual matters which could help bring balance to their life. And so in helping me, you would also be helping them. The aim is not to crush peoples belief in their own faith but to help improve them and bring different faiths together to create a more harmonious environment. And for those not interested in spiritual matters, a place to go and be able to eat well priced healthy food and work out. The project would involve dietary experts, martial arts and meditation experts and personal trainers so each individual can get the most out of the location.

    I am a genuine person with an open heart and if in a position of wealth I would help others out in setting up community projects such as the one described and more to benefit people in a positive and effective manner.

    It seems strange that a homeless individual such as myself would be able to create ideas such as the one above, although maybe hard times were needed to be the catalyst to inspire my mind to do bigger and better things.

    Hopefully there is someone out there that can help, either just me on a personal level, or help me set up a project which would benefit much more.

    You can contact me on woottoncorey@googlemail.com

    Yours faithfully
    Corey Benjamin Wootton

    Ps I wish a happy and fruitful future

  59. my name is katrina. ive gone threw alot of hardships in the last few years. i am a mother of 4 girls. the hardships began nov. 15, 2011 when i lost my dad. i lost a part of my heart that day. jan. 9, 2012 i found out my boyfriend and father to my now 4 yr old was molesting my oldest daughter. i still cant get over it. ive lost my 2 oldest daughters because of it. ive lost almost everything. i suffer from severe depression and anxiety. i am homeless now even though i am staying at the ronald mcdonald house of northwest ohio now because i just had my 4th baby by another man that ended getting in trouble and is in jail. i have a problem with trusting the wrong people. i was only 25weeks along. she is expected to be in the nicu untill her due date which is oct. 27 at that time i will be homeless if i cant get any help. i would like the opportunity to help mothers that have had love ones molest there children and or mothers who have had children way too early somehow. i just dont have the money but i have the experiences and the knowledge to do so. please help me help myself and others. thank you for giving me this opportunity. my phone # is 15176730273.

  60. We are victims of hurricane Sandy. We are in need of help with a few utility bills. And some clothes for our children. We have four of them . My fiancee and I have been together for 15 years. We don't have much extended family so it's just us. There hasn't been much work due to the damages from the storm . It's silly but $500 - $100 would get our van fixed and gas and electricity paid for. With a few dollars extra for the kids this school year. One day I know we will be in the position to pay it forward. Thanks for your time
    Cjeikens@gmail.com 732-967-5178

  61. Hello my name is Shana and I am reaching out for rental assistance for my apartment home I am coming up on my 2nd month of unpaid rent and I am on the upcoming eviction list . I recently lost my job and its been a struggle with my bills and on top of that my car just got repoed last week I have the documents to show . I need 1385.00 times 2 for rent and I would really appreciate it if I could get some assistance I also just started a new job but it will take a little while to reach my money goal for rent. Once I am caught up I am looking to move into something cheaper. I pray you guys can help me .

    Here is my donation website for donations

  62. I am 22 tired and disappointed on life but its ok i am strong had good and bad days
    only wish just to make my family happy and proud of me working regular job is just make me feel like in prison dreams crash life is not allways you want it to be learned how to hope for best get ready for worst nothing is making me happy but mill would do
    just to see smiles of my love ones give then freedom , no money can make a man happy it will not buy out your sins .+447427628701

  63. My name is Nikita Biddle and I'm homeless. I've just started a campaign yesterday at http://www.gofundme.com/savenikita.
    I need the word spread about my situation and my donation site, as well as funds so that I can get back on my feet.
    A dollar from a lot of people will help. Every penny counts and thanks for reading.Please share this with everyone you know.

  64. canadian who need help should contact dr.joecarson19@yahoo.com..just canadians he has a good heart and he sometimes helps people

  65. Hi ther my name is dung nguyen im not going to tell y a sad storie Im just asking for 1 millions dollars so I can opwn up a restaurant can y help

  66. I will be taking a gap year hopefully in 2016 in this year I will be going to YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Hawaii I have to pay flight over and DTS which is Discipleship Training School with in this you go to DTS for 12 weeks then go on a outreach program for 10 - 11 weeks this includes flying out to different areas in the world and telling Gods message this is all included in the price of the DTS but I will need living expenses after that 6 months is over I will fly home until the end of July where I will fly to Ohio when I am there I will be doing 5 weeks at a Young Life Camp which involves servicing and making the best experience you can for kids and then there is 2 months of school and I will also need living expenses in total I will need £9500 which is $15165.80 anything you can donate would be great if you cant it's totally fine but thanks for taking the time to read this thanks so much and just remember Jesus loves you:) God Bless

  67. Hello, I would like to introduce myself, I am Sarah a mother of two amazing children ages 11 and 5. A couple of years ago I became sick and ended up loosing my job, my house and my car. I ended getting in housing that went off my income (which is 356.00 a month) My children and I reside in a complex that is taking a toll on us. My son gets bullied, and in turn is causing him to want to hurt himself due to the anger not only of being bullied but because his father has never been in his life. He thinks at times he would be better off not here. We have sought out counseling and are working with that to build up his self esteem and knowing that he is worth the world. My daughter she is a chameleon and is adapting to the environment, but thats the problem, I don't want her too. This environment is so negative. The things kids see and even adults. I am so trying to seek some help as I am trying to leave this place in Pennsylvania and move to Georgia. I have a strong feeling that is where I am suppose to finally plant my feet and raise my children. My children even ask me, "mom when are we moving"? My heart breaks for them, and I know my situation is not the worst, but it is not the best either. For my family I just want to give them the happiness they so deserve. My children are my world, I stay home and care for them 24/7. I am not at the bars, the clubs, out all hours, I am home trying to prepare them for the world. Tears roll down my face as I envision a house, a yard, possibly a dog (lol). The smiles on my kid's faces is what matters to me. There is so much more that I could tell you, but I wont take up anymore space. Feel free to email me at sbreene782@yahoo.com or sarahbreene@yahoo.com or sbreene782@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you , God Bless, and keep smiling Taking a leap of faith asking this.

  68. Please Help Build a Home :)


  69. hi, how are you ? i hope that you are having a good time ..you don't know me and i don't know you and im very ashamed to do it, but please , i count on you to understand. What I’m saying now looks silly and not important but I’m helpless right now and I decided to try asking you for help.. and i m sorry if that is bother you because I m so desperate and I send it to many people but no one respond to me and they ignore my message and I hope that with you it is gonna be different .. I'm trying to find a group of people who can help me and who want to help me ..so everyone can send even 5€ as a donation for me .. and to share this message My name is Nidhal from Tunisia , I m 27 years old , i don't have a job not because i don't want but because it is hard to find a job .. I worked before in temporary jobs before like construction, painting... (I swear for less than 10 $/ day) but that is not what is going to make me have a stable life or future... what is make me even more than that trying to beg is that I’m in love with the most amazing gorgeous girl ever, every time I see her I go crazy, her gorgeous smile makes my heart beat so badly. I love the way she hugs me, I love the way she talks to me, I love her passions, I love her thoughts … I love everything about her .Every time i look into her eyes I thank god for this lovely gift. I have a wonderful girlfriend, and she means the world for me. And i want to marry her and give her a decent life... I don’t want to disappoint her... i need someone who can help me with a donation , some money , so i can start small business , store , that can make my life bearable and that can make me have a step forward .. All my story seams not important for other people but i m trying my best... So, I don't know if i will have a respond for my ask but i have faith.Hopefully that with your help i will find my way... I thank you for your time and i hope that you will understand my story. if you understand what i said and you feel like you want to help me this is my: Bank account: TN 5 9 0 4 0 6 9 1 5 4 0 0 2 5 5 5 9 4 5 1 4 4 Swift code: BSTUTNTT God bless you

  70. I will be taking a gap year hopefully in 2016 in this year I will be going to YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Hawaii I have to pay flight over and DTS which is Discipleship Training School with in this you go to DTS for 12 weeks then go on a outreach program for 10 - 11 weeks this includes flying out to different areas in the world and telling Gods message this is all included in the price of the DTS but I will need living expenses after that 6 months is over I will fly home until the end of July where I will fly to Ohio when I am there I will be doing 5 weeks at a Young Life Camp which involves servicing and making the best experience you can for kids and then there is 2 months of school and I will also need living expenses in total I will need £9500 which is $15165.80 anything you can donate would be great if you cant it's totally fine but thanks for taking the time to read this thanks so much and just remember Jesus loves you:) God Bless

    if you are willing to donate anything toward my webpages are http://gogetfunding.com/project/ywam-and-young-life-camps or http://www.gofundme.com/4d8qik

  71. There are students who took loan in India and cant pay them back due to circumstances. Some are near to suicide since the bank have been pressuring them. If there are kind people who like to help them please do contact in this e-mail id:


    You can save their lives. Help them to put a foundation for their lives. Please help if there are kind people.

  72. My name is Jackie. 55 yr old female who is on a wing and a prayer.If I wasn't I wouldn't be writing this letter. I want no sympathy. I am not dying,or on drugs, don't drink and have no terrible life threatening disease...I am fortunate to have seen my son beat cancer. I work and I am no better or worse than any other person on here asking for help. I have no home of my own, rent a room...I have an old car which is fine for me..no complaints on that..I have student loans that over the years the interest has gone so high that there is no way I can pay it off...I owe back taxes and the interest on that is overwhelming...I am single and I need financial help...The stress is killing me inside....I see no light at the end of the tunnel...I am having a difficult time sleeping...I know I owe these debts...I know these companies deserve their money back and I so wish I could pay them...I am not asking for a fancy house or car...All that I ask for is some fresh air to breath and a good nights sleep and a wish that I can start all over again and maybe soon will have the chance to rent a whole house for myself and give my grandchildren a place to come and spend the night and to have room for a christmas tree....I hurt inside cause of the mistakes I have made and cannot undo...so if anyone is willing to pay it forward the act of kindness it would be a blessing for me....jackystevens153@gmail.com

  73. Hi, My name is john, I am 54, married and have two children. I have been praying for relief and I am unsure of where we will be living two or three weeks from now.

    I used to work for a company that had a contract teaching Traffic Safety for the Military Services. Being a veteran and former police officer this job was right up my alley with my particular expertise being operation of emergency vehicles, all was well until Sequestration. 05 May 2013 I was notified that due to Govt budget cuts 10 May would be my last day on the job. I wasn't too worried, I thought that since I was a former federal employee, I would be able to look there for a job. But again, sequestration put a hiring freeze on federal positions.

    My savings has dwindled to nothing, but I did find a job as a sub contractor for motor clubs providing roadside assistance to stranded motorists. For some unknown reason the small business I work for had its contract canceled. It took two weeks to get that straightened out, but the rates per job were cut by two thirds. What I earn was cut in half, but I was happy to get back to work. During this time I have been selling things I own like ladders guitars amplifiers, tools, coatracks, etc... at a great loss just to keep my bills paid. Then, a few days after I started working again the motor in my car died. In desperation I went to a buy here pay here car lot to get a cheap car. I didn't have the cash to buy a car so I have to make payments which may not work out. Two days after driving this car, it is apparent that the transmission is not in good shape.

    My bill dates are right on top of my and I do not have the funds we need to pay rent, insurance, utilities, much less fixing either car. I won't start receiving steady pay for another two to three weeks. It seems that in this business if you turn down any jobs you get penalized with fewer jobs to do. I can build back up to where I was but it takes a couple weeks. In the meantime I find myself about 2500.00 short of what I need for my family and car repairs to get us through the next three weeks.

    If there is anyone who can help, I and my family really need it. The worst part, earlier today my daughter said I should try nutella on popcorn. She informed me that it was real good. I don't even know if I'll be able to keep a roof over her head.

    I can be contacted at lee19k@gmail.com

    Thanks for your time.

  74. Hello, My name is Alexis and I'm currently working at an Non Profit Organization called New Era Global. What we do here at New Era Global is help under privileged children have access to free Music and Art Programs that we have here in our facility. Not only is it free to under privileged children but also to the Los Angeles, Hawthorne Community. Students will have free access to the Music and Art programs, Seminars that we offer such as Health Awareness, Teen Pregnancy Support Group, Trouble Teen Support Group, and much more. Our goals is first keep children out of the streets. Without support groups or after school programs, students are more open to become involved in gang and drug activities. Something a community shouldn't go through. But its life,so we as a Community need to open and express Genuine love to the children. If not us, then who will? With all this being said, we are a Non Profit Organization and to be honest we need donations. That's the only thing keeping us from reaching greater heights with these children. Our Organization is building by the second and we need partnership with other non profit organizations as well. We are going to continue to keep striving for the best. We except any donation, from used computers to desks to anything useful. Money isn't always what children need. I'm typing this letter not because anyone told me too but because I know our organization is struggling financial and we do need some type of support. Now I understand I'm most likely isn't speaking to the right person about this but I hope in anyways shape or form you can tell even a friend about our organization and what we are about. for more information you can definitely check us out on our website at
    www.neweraglobal.org or call the office at 424 269 0035

    like I mentioned before, my name is Alexis Skelton and I'm just the receptionist here, and was just trying to look for ways to get peoples attention about our organization because I LOVE working here , and would love to keep my job here. So pl ase if you happen to know anyone who is into what im speaking about or you know anyone who is generous about giving to those in need please please please let them know about our organization !!

    what I attached to this email is a monthly calendar that I create to show people what classes we offer on certain days, we have a Community event going on, on the 28th of September. Food, Music, Games, and a Talent Show will be provided. Then the last attachment is almost like a fundraiser event but only at an Italian restaurant named Mama D's in Manhattan Beach.

  75. Hello
    I am a PhD Syrian student at the University of Wales in UK.
    I enrolled since 1st April 2010 and now in the final stage of study and approaching the critical period for completing writing up the thesis. Hopefully that I will complete and submit by the final deadline of March 31st 2014
    However as you are undoubtedly aware – as a Syrian student I have been
    suffering considerable stress, distress and financial difficulty due to
    the severe political situation in that country. Whilst I arrived in
    the UK with a fully guaranteed grant (including tuition fee) and
    salary from Damascus University – enough to cover expenses and living
    costs – and now this source of financial support has effectively been cut
    off since more than 18 moths with a 2 years of overdue tuition fee.
    I am wondering if you could help me to cope with this hard situation? If you are able to help please contact me on ousama_73@hotmail.com


    PLEASE GO TO GOFUNDME.COM LINK http://www.gofundme.com/4hsjsk TO SUPPORT A FAMILY IN NEED.

  77. please help me need to buy home , im very very bad with finances

    my email is emilio90@email.cz many thanks , hope to get reply from you

  78. Hello my name is Vania regina 'm from Brazil , the reason for being here on this site , is because a higher power brought me this far , I 'm not American , I am Brazilian , I live in a country of great social inequality , where we are robbed by taxes high , we do not have health , and much crime , I ask for help to change their lives and country if possible , because I am ashamed to say that I am Brazilian , where women here are seen negatively by everyone , but not all are well , my desperation for today is to be in a situation of dire need , I'm 39 years old, I am about to have surgery to remove a tumor 9 cm , but the hospital here is not horrible , and the service is not good, if you have money to pay hospital and surgery , you are better served if you do not have , unfortunately you die on the waiting list , I give up and wait for podeira minah death , as I saw my mother die in my arms , but God gave me two beautiful children and Anne Daniel and they want to continue living and fighting, but for being sick , while some difficulties today , no longer able to pay the rent of the house where I live , and buy food and clothes for my children and I have no money to pay for hospital surgery , and still for worse , I owe to the banks have taken loans to buy food and other months now as I did not have to pay , I have a debt of about $ 6000 , need help paying hospital and the debts and give a better condition and studies to my children , please , I just ask God to touch the heart of someone to help us , eassim as possible , so it will return this amount to get a job and I recover from the surgery , health must have to keep fighting and living , but charges due to my name and I just can not more restricted credit for anything, I'll leave here my bank account for donations in any amount will be gladly to any kind of help , not only for me but my children
    AGENCY NUMBER 0082-5
    Happ NUMBER 79571-2


    DOCUMENT ID.164206098 -44

  79. Hello, My name is Shay and I am from Lafayette, Ga. I'm not so sure if any thing I write will be seen but I hope that God has put me in this page for a reason. There are so many others who struggle, so asking for help is very hard for me. The only thing I know to do is to swallow the pride and go for it, so here it goes!
    I am a widowed mother of three girls. I have one daughter that has just started west Georgia, one that has just went to basic for the national guard and one that still lives with me. Over the last 3 years we have lost so much, the most important loss was my second husband and best friend. At the age of 37 he had a massive heart attack, totally unexpected! Since then, God has put us through many trials such as job loss, loss of vehicle, and financial stress. We are blessed to wake up everyday and know that God will provide, but we also know that sometimes we have to reach out and ask for help...which I am not good at.
    I have gotten a job now and am currently having to borrow vehicles from my family because I cannot afford to purchase one. We are on the verge of loosing our home of 15 years (which I am trying to sale) and in the midst of chapter 13, which is not going well. If anyone out there has a vehicle, I would so much appreciate the help. Any contacts, websites, any kind of information to help me with this would be such a blessing.
    Thank you all and may God bless each and everyone of you.
    S Hagwood

  80. My name is Kristina Mitrovic, I live in a small town in Serbia called
    Jagodina, and I am 19 years old. I am reaching out to you in a moment of
    desperation, and I can see nothing that can get me and my family out
    of that, other than this.
    My father is 52 years old, and works in a factory for a monthly salary of around $350 (30.000 Serbian dinars). My mother is 47 years old and unemployed (but
    searching for a job every day for the last 2 years). My sister is 23 years old and in college. Our family is in a massive amount of ever-growing debt, without any indication that it will ever start to decrease. The financial situation in Serbia is
    terrible, with a lot of people unemployed or working for minimal wage,
    and the only hope of leading a normal life here is having a college
    degree. I have just entered a university to study programming, so I
    don't remain in the vicious circle that my family is trapped in.
    Nearly all of my father's salary goes to our flat lease. We owe more
    than $1300 (1000 euros) for heating and electricity. Since 2008, we've
    been living solely off of cash loans from banks and our friends, to
    whom we owe more than 5000 euros ($6600). We can't raise more loans
    from banks, because we're already paying off 5 of them (the biggest
    one is for the flat with just under $30.000 left, and three more cash
    loans, a 1000 euros each). We can't borrow money from our friends
    either, because we already owe to all of them.
    My parents are in an immensely difficult psychical condition, they
    can't see a way out of this situation, and I can already see the
    stress on their faces, eating them inside. And now it will be even
    harder for them because they have to support my studies too, because
    without a college degree there is no hope for a normal life here. I am
    very embarrassed to ask this, but I need financial help. The amount of 30.000 euros ($39.600) would definitely help us stand on our feet,
    reach a positive zero, and avoid the repo men from the heating and
    electricity companies coming to take all of our belongings. I know
    this is too much to ask, and honestly it seems impossible to me, but
    this is the last thing that I, with my 19 years of age, can try to do
    to save my family.
    Thank you very much if you took the time to read my story. If you even considered donating, but are unable to, I am still so grateful for your kind-heartedness. If you have donated, there are no words that can describe my gratefulness and I wish you and your family all the best things this world can offer. Thank you!


    My indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/p/519042/x/4661690

  81. Please note, I am not looking for a LOAN....I am not able to pay back any money, please read below......

    I am a mother of 2 disabled children. We live in Canada. My son has ADHD and he needs to get involved in sports, however, I cannot afford any sports because my husband and I not working. We both lost our jobs last October and cannot find a decent paying job to support our kids.
    My child has to be involved in sports so that he can control his emotions properly. Right now he is not able to control his behaviour and it is very difficult to control him around other people. He is on special medication, which is controlling his emotions, but at the same time he is not eating properly, he is not gaining weight and not growing like he should be because he has no appetite during the day.
    Our family desparately needs any kind of financial assistance anyone can spare (not a LOAN). You can e-mail me ... livits5@hotmail.com if you are willing to spare some change. God bless all! Thanks in advance... Marina

  82. Hello. I am a 18 year old freshman in college. I need help paying for college. I owe money for this semester and if I don't pay it by the end of October I wont be able to go back to school in the Spring. Please help. Please email me at lennhoby@mail.uc.edu if anyone can help. Please.

  83. This is the story, I'm a 20 year old mother of a baby girl named
    Jannevih my fiance lives in Honduras(I met him while I was studying
    abroad) we are Pentecostal Christians, my daughter and I live in
    Texas. A blessing came to our lives when I found out I was pregnant of
    our daughter (which is 4 months old now). I had to stop going to
    college because it was disappointing for my parents and I came back to
    the USA because I had no other choice and I wanted my baby to receive
    the best care and benefits.. He stayed in Honduras because he didn't
    have a Visa, and to consequence of that he wasn't here when I gave
    birth to our daughter and he hasn't met her, this distance and the
    fact he hasn't met her is killing him and me emotionally. He also
    couldn't give her his last name, since he had to be there to sign in
    order for her to be recognized as his daughter. I'm living with my
    sister for now and she has helped as she can, the situation has hit
    her too, because she hasn't made that much money working. But what
    hurts me the most is that my baby hasn't had a paternal model in her
    life, and it's not because her dad didn't want to, but because of the
    situation. Our lives changed as well as it has for many other couples
    having babies at my same age, I know. I started working cleaning
    houses every now and then, but since my child is too little I decided
    to get a course online for Medical Coding and Billing so I could start
    working at home after I finished my course. The pay was for $69 every
    month but little did I know I wasn't going to have a job anymore, and
    now I'm over due in my payments, my phone is cut off because I
    couldn't pay. I have gotten help from the state, but only for food
    needy. I have tried many jobs online but most of them have been scams,
    I have looked for work outside, but I would have to pay for daycare
    and again, I don't even have $1, I also take care of my sister's 3
    children. I wanted to buy a crib and clothes for my daughter because
    she has outgrown her bassinet and the clothing she has, but my debit
    card only has $0.64 and I can't seem to get any help, the only ones
    she has left are the gifts sisters from church gave to me. I haven't
    been sleeping at all at night just thinking of what I can do to make
    my life better and easier, but I can not answer myself yet.We filed
    forms so that my fiance can get his Visa so he could come legally and
    work hard on order to have enough money to sustain us, but the process
    stopped since we don't have money. So my point is, I'm asking for a
    donation. All the donations for me will be used to pay my bills, pay a
    flight ticket for me and my baby to fly to Honduras so they both can
    meet each other and we can finish the Visa processing at the embassy
    abroad so we can get stabled and live together as a family that we
    should be over here in the USA. I can finish my course and pay the
    late fees I have already, and I would be able to contribute while
    taking care of my child as well as saving in many ways. I would lie
    if I tell you I need $15,000 or $10,000, I just need $4,000 to get
    started into a life of hard work for my daughter from her parents. I
    would greatly appreciate the donations, because I am literally
    begging. I wouldn't do this if I was not telling the truth, but I
    believe God will provide to you even more than what I'm asking. Thank
    you and God bless every one of you!

  84. Hello, I am an unemployed single mother of two on the verge of being homeless. Next week, I will be three months behind on my mortgage. I have NO income coming; I don't receive unemployment or child support. I used up all my savings this past year and am trying to sell what I can. I have no family or friends who are capable of helping me and I do not qualify for a loan because I am unemployed. I am trying to get my editorial contracting services up and running again, but the work as been few and far between. In the past, the business supported my family rather well.
    Everything was fine until May when a couple of job opportunities fell through. Before that, I spent the last year trying to identify an illness and fighting depression after watching my husband, father, and sister all die of cancer all within a year and a half. Regarding my own health, without health insurance, I spent over 5,000 on tests, meds, exams, and I still don't know what is wrong. I ran out of money to continue the tests.
    But that is not the issue. My home was my retirement investment. My commercial property, when sold, will enable me to start a new life with my two sons in Oregon and build a business for us to operate. My eldest has Aspergers so I want to make sure he is set up with a stable home in the event something happens to me. (I am a Congestive Heart Failure survivor of 15 years so I plan for my children's future.) My other son is a 13 year old who has overcome great scholastic difficulties. He is a success story too.
    I am not expecting a hand out. Assistance can be in the form of a loan to be repaid when my home sells, probably in the late spring or early summer. I have been talking to a developer for a few months now but they are not ready to buy it; they own the surrounding property and they are planning a retail strip mall here. My mortgage is $1,200 x 3. Ideally, I would like $10,000 to get me out of this financial slump. I am behind on everything. I may lose my car too. Keeping the utilities on has been a major ordeal. I am not on Food Stamps or assistance. I do plan to apply for Food Stamps though.
    I have never asked anyone for a hand out, but I am desperate. I cannot lose my home. We will be homeless. I will be happy to verify this information and provide personal references.
    Please help my family. I have less than two weeks left to come up with the mortgage payments, insurance bills, etc. I fear my home will go into foreclosure if I cannot make that deadline.
    My goal is to sell my home and invest it in new very affordable home (no mortgage) and buy into a business for my sons to run so they will have a livelihood. On a personal note, I run a feral cat colony to provide a safe haven for cats in my town which does not have a no kill shelter. I also am working to bring awareness to the San Antonio community about the dangers of genetically modified foods. I am a local host of the Oct. 12 GMO Free rally which is nationwide. Please email me at cynthia_prose@yahoo.com.
    Thank you for considering my plea. I hope that someone can help me. I don't know where else to turn. Sincerely, Cynthia

  85. I am writing to ask for your kind assistance financially. I would not ask for any help but I am at the point where I do not know where to turn. I am having difficulty paying for my bills that have built up due to unexpected home and automobile repairs, so I thought I’d ask help from you and your church. I don’t know if you can help out with financial assistance, but I thought I would try. I am now to the point that I am behind on my mortgage and my car note. It depresses me because I don’t want to go into foreclosure or to have my car repossessed. I feel very stressed and was so desperate to keep the bills current that I made a mistake and went to a payday loan business and am paying them also.

    I currently owe the payday loan $1,000, my car note is $380 and my house note is $560 plus I have to keep up with my credit cards (which I only have 3 – one has a balance of $2,400, one has a $900 balance and the 3rd one has a balance of $500). I had read from some websites that when under financial difficulties, that the house note, car note, car insurance and utilities should be priority and to not pay the credit card bills until you can catch up. I hate to have to explain my issues and problems this way, but I am praying for a solution to get me back on track, and I decided to ask you for help.

    I am employed and work full time, but just got into a financial situation and feel as if I am living check by check and still not having enough to keep up with my utilities. If there is any amount that you can assist with, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Many blessings to you and I will repay any amount that you can assist with. Thank you so much for your time.

    Sincerely with the Grace of God,

    Carmen (carmen7ocean@aol.com)

  86. My name is Russell and I lost everything after being shoot in an attempted robbery. I've struggled all of my life. I have never stopped striving to help others. I live today only because I know my purpose is to help others as I get back financially stable. I started a business that fundraises for local Non-Profits. I' am a powerful leader, an intellectual and social advocate for the voice of those that aren't heard. If anyone reads my words and out of the kindness of their hearts connect to my honesty enough to donate just $500 to me and my dream of helping save every local center anywhere, I will have renewed faith knowing that I;am not alone out here. I and my fiancée met on Craigslist. Two Aquarius minds that dream of changing the world by Love and simple service for the sheer seek of just helping. I don't seek money here in truth I seek relationships with real people that want to help Us help each other. All money we receive will go toward a reliable car for my pregnant 26 year old childs mother and I. For her its a ride to community college to get her Business Management degree and for me it means getting to meetings to set up Fundraisers and connect youth to mentoring groups. Without an income yhats constant we face loss of the only roof over our heads. The money goes to clear up bills that block my way from dedicating 50% of my time to Our dream of seeing local teens who are on heroin or meth go through rehab and graduate High School. It goes to Phones that work so that we can connect people struggling like us to these centers for resources. Clothes for presentations, Events for battered mothers and most importantly, when you invest in Russell and April Roses dream you( even if you donated a little ) would be investing in a job for Me, My fiancée and many poverty stricken people we touch in our social network. YOUR DONATIONS ARE LIFE BLOOD TO A BRILLIANT DREAM THAT MAY NEVER COME TO TRUELY BE IF YOU PASS THIS PLEA FOR HELP. Imagine having what could be blueprints of social solutions that could change the world in your mind, but no one to tell them to or help you make them real. that is how we feel when we say that we can change the world, if only a few people serious about seeing their hard earned money change lives just contact us. We will share our full story of struggle with anyone willing to give to breath life into our only dream. You can contact me directly via email, regular mail and phone. My info I, Russell. Rose III, 6813 Sheridan Rd #1, Kenosha, Wi, 53143. (262)504- 0292. Email is russellrose7@gmail.com. Please contact me today for anything your heart feels compelled to give. It means everything in this world to us. Thank you.

  87. In need of financial assistance!!! I know these sites get thousands on top of thousands of requests like this and it's hard to pick and choose who is legit and who actually really needs it. I'm not trying to get rich, just trying to breathe easier. I'm a single mother of one 12 year old daughter and times are pretty rough right now. I work full time and make about 23 dollars an hour so I'm not dead poor, but I have made some bad financial decisions in my 37 years. Just took my daughters father to court for child support after 12 years and after letting him get by without supporting her the way he could of. He is a P.E. teacher and at one point he was making close to 70K a year and was giving me at times only $200 a month. He is now unemployed for the second time in his 20 plus years of teaching (LONG STORY) so I'm hardly getting anything to support her. Lets just say the money I get for child support is just paying for her lunch. I had to get a lawyer now because he is now stating he wants custody. He is just doing this because he is mad at me for taking him for child support. This man is 20 years older then me and acts like a teenager. I have my daughter in travel softball which is not cheap and he helps in no kind of way. I owe the IRS because I have to put my dependents at 10 so I get more back on my paychecks. Now I have lawyer fees and payments to these payday loans are killing me. Had to get payday loans to keep above float and since my credit is bad because of the bad choices I have made in the past I can't really get a good loan to pay everything off with a low interest rate. Family is not big at all but just hurts me that as much as I have done for them they can't seem to assist. In my child years my father and mother divorced and both of them got into other relationships that were horrible. They both got addicted to drugs and my mom till this day is still on them. My dad has finally got his life together which is awesome. My dad is from New Orleans and moved back up here after Katrina. He lived with me for a short period of time an then got his own place. At this time he was still using. He lost his license for a DUI which he was hiding from my brother and I, but he finally came clean to me and my bother about it. He didn't have his license for about 2 years and I literally played taxi for him. I never judged him, not once!! My dad's mother died (my grandmother) three years ago and my dad got a good piece of inheritance. This is what hurts because he didn't offer me a dime. I do and do and I never can catch a break. I'm always the one to help when I can but it seems I can't get anyone to help me when I'm in need. Not to mention I practically raised my brother when my dad and mom got divorced and my dad moved away to Atlanta and my mom started becoming real bad with the drugs. I had to file bankruptcy because I racked up so much debt in credit cards. The second part of my daughters softball fee are coming due, IRS, lawyer, behind on car note, cable, just getting a little to much. I'm even trying to find a part-time job. For me to get everything paid and breathe easier I would need about 10 to 15K, this would make me feel so much happier. I swear this is all I think about, is how I'm going to pay everything. I'm not even asking you to give I'm just asking for a loan and I would even pay it back. Please consider.

    1. I forgot to add my email, please email me at gxp210@gmail.com.

  88. I iam desperately in need for a house for family iam not working my husband is the sole bread winner in my family need help around 400,000 for a house living in this country is so expensive i have to marry my sister and my in laws are poor i come from a good family but still need help can anyone help me email me on allizah.misha@gmail.com

  89. hello my name is joe form perth ,wa australia i have met a girl in russia we have been best friends for 2 and half years. just never have the money left over to been able to go see her in person..my motivation and my faith has been lost latley... i just need to see her. we can make a new life together just need some money for airfare and a month of living,till i get a job there or work something out..if anyone can help.. please contact me this girl is my life.. mfcfriends@email.com thank you and god bless..if he still cares

  90. My name is Felix 46 years old and having a critical economic situation, on April 05, 2013 have a surgery since that time to the present having couple surgeries and can really back to work my wife is the only person who is supporting this house but we can not make our mortgage payment and possibility of losing our house my medical bills are extremely high, car payments,house bills, and we have no more savings. I'm trying to get some help but can't get anything,never been in this situation is very difficult to me to ask for monetary help but now is my only solution, I know is people with good feelings out there and always helping others in this type of situations, all my life been helping other people without expecting to get something back and feel very good when I can help someone who needs and now is my time I need someone who can help me.

    Thank you very much
    God Bless you and Bless your Family
    Felix C Gonzalez
    (562) 833-5034
    7081 Luz De Espejo Dr
    El Paso, TX 79912

  91. Can someone please help a friend? Even a small donation counts!

    Cancer: The “No One Talks About It” Tour begins this week.

    October 16 to November 16, 2013 - A Maryland woman with cancer plans to take the journey of a lifetime to spread her message of joy, love, and peace with others who are coming to terms with cancer.

    Shortly after Elizabeth Alraune, (http://worldofperspectiveradio.com/) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer she was invited to speak at a local seminar. She was asked not to talk about cancer though, “...because frankly, it's a bummer.”

    Many out there are too ashamed, confused, or frightened to talk about their experiences. About the nastiness that is chemo, about the financial devastation, and about the joys of being cancer free once again, if only for a short time. Elizabeth has talked about all of it from the beginning at http://Relatetocancer.com

    At first she asked for money to help her pay her medical bills, and her friends all tried to help but there just wasn't enough help coming in. Her insurance alone is nearly $700 a month.

    Now the doctors tell her that the cancer has returned, and the news is not good. She can choose a dangerous surgery that may kill her. She can choose to go through chemo again, but it may just help prolong her life. Many in her position would give up, but not Elizabeth Alraune...

    She is choosing LIFE!

    There is no time like the present to make ones dreams come true. The “No one Talks About It” Tour will begin the week of October 16, and continue for 30 days. Elizabeth will be sharing her unique message of hope, inspiration and the importance of talking about it along the way. She has already raised about ¼ of the money for the trip. http://www.gofundme.com/4odyg8

    Elizabeth will be blogging, shooting video, and available for audio or video interviews while on the road. If you are interested in her tour please contact Ayngel Overson at boshemia@gmail.com or by phone at (970) 864-7557 or (970) 864-7640.

    Route To: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon,
    Return: California Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, and Virginia
    (Subject to change)

  92. This is hard for me to do but…
    I am asking for support for my mother. She is 83 years old. Her husband passed away two years ago. One year ago her kidneys failed and she needed to go on dialysis. It was a rough road and we almost lost her. When her kidneys shut down she lost some skills and never fully recovered. She was not able to live in their home alone any longer. She moved into assisted living and is on dialysis three times a week. She cannot drive and is in a wheel chair so we have a service that takes her. It's expensive, but there are no other options to be found. they are very helpful getting her in and out, and into her apartment. I have been trying to sell their home to be able to pay the bills. Assisted living, with the extra care she needs is expensive. Along with the transportation to and from dialysis three time a week. I am trying very hard to sell her home, but it looks as if her money will run out before that happens. Over the last year she has been in and out of the hospital with everything from phenomena, to sores that won’t heal, infections to having her port vein collapse.
    Though all this, she is always on smiling. I know she misses her husband and her house, but she never complains. All she wants to do now is just stay in the apartment she is in. It is finally becoming home to her. But if her house does not sell, she will need to move someplace else. I hate the thought of uprooting her at this stage of her life. I know her time with us is also numbered. The only thing I really want is to be able to give her that wish. She means so much to me. But until the house sells I’m stuck. So I am asking for a little help to tide me over.
    I would be very grateful for any assistance you could give to make my mother’s last year’s good ones. It is the love for my mother that I ask.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Shirley Mahoney

  93. Cindy Russell17 October 2013 04:45
    I'm a 54 year old widow that used to be strong and could solve her own problems. I hate asking for anything. I don't know where else to turn. I'm lost and can't find my way back. I lost my husband 13 months ago. I think when he departed he took my spirit with him. It was so unexpected. I have tried for 13 months to wanna live. I pray every day for answers. I cry all day and night. I miss him so much. I have tried to get counseling I get $300 a month pension and for some reason cant get approved for medicaid. I've applied for utility assistance but all utilities on in my husband name so they won't help and I cant get them out of his name until they are all paid in full. Everything is so screwed up. I'm losing my house I owe $51,000 and I owe $5,000 on my car because I got a title loan to pay utilities off and ended up owing another $1000. I applied for disabilitilty. I'm going thru an appeal on it. My unemployed daughter and 3 grandchildren live with me. I try to be positive but I keep falling asleep for days. I had back surgery and have problems with my knee and shoulder from working in home health care for 15 years. I also have asthma and COPD. I haven't been able to work since 2006 which wasn't a problem until my husband passed away. We were denied life insurance because of his diabetes and my COPD. I have sold what I could the last year to pay the insurance, taxes, house payments etc. I'm losing everything. I'm terrified. I just wish he was here. I keep waiting for him to come thru the door. I know I'm blessed. There is a lot people in pain and suffering. God Bless us all... If anyone can help me please I will give back if I'm able. Pass it forward if I ever get back on my feet. Thanks for listening.

    Cynthia Russell

  94. We have been accepted to travel to Africa for six weeks this summer with the Reach Out Volunteer program. We will be spending four weeks in South Africa, and two weeks in Mozambique. Reach Out sends volunteers all over the world to work on a variety of different projects. Their goal is to have volunteers “change the world, one village at a time.” We are grateful to have the opportunity to volunteer with this amazing organization.
    With Reach Out we will be working with schools and orphanages teaching children English and giving them the tools they need to have successful futures. We will be working on a variety of building projects, including homes, schools, and playgrounds for the children of impoverished communities.We will also be aiding a World Wildlife Foundation conservation team in their efforts to sustain the populations of many endangered species.
    In order to participate in this program, as well as help the Reach Out program purchase the supplies needed for our many projects during our time in Africa ,we are asking anyone, if they are able, to contribute to our fundraising efforts. We are accepting donations for our trip on our Go Fund Me account at www.gofundme.com/4jbyjk. Your donation will help us greatly in our efforts to “change the world, one village at a time." Thank you for listening!

    Rachel Wroblewski and Anna Gordon


  95. My name is Nura, I am originally from Africa and I am residing in Washington State. I would like to ask you few things but only two are important for me and my kids. I am going to school to finish my AA’s and I will try to continue to four years college, however, so many obstacles are out there and it’s hard to pass. We are struggling financially and my husband and I are both working, but not making that much money because we are both going to school and trying to get a good education in order to give our children in a better life. But today I am asking you if you can give me a hand to help my two parents that I always want to give them a good life no matter how long it takes especially my mother who raised us alone. After 22 years my children and I visited my parents in Kuwait, and I was very disappointed in their situation. My mother is a wonderful mother who gave us the opportunity to go to school even though she never went to school. She was very persistent to make sure we had to finish all the way in high school and she never gave up on us until we finished. I want to make sure she gets something back, but I did not have that much to help her. I love her so much I will love to help her in any kind of way to see her happy. We all love our mothers because mother is the one who makes difference in every house hold. My second one is if you can help us to visit them again since my children are still don’t know that much their grandparent because we were there for a short time. Especially my son who is Asperger and think he will go back to Kuwait in summer 2014. I would love to hear from you and make my dream come true.
    This is my email: hibaqmusa@Gmail.com
    Mrs. Nura

  96. I noticed A lot of people have been posting on here but I have yet to see where someone has done a good deed and helped another person. it seems like if you don't have a non profit Organization then you most likely will not receive any help from these people no matter how sincere your story is. You would have a better chance in applying for a loan or playing the lottery. These people have millions of dollars and wouldn't give you a penny of it Why? because they can care less about you or what you are going through plus the money they have made has caused them to forget about God's word ( Help thy Neighbor ) I bet half of these Millionaires don't even know about this site. I hate to kill your dreams of thinking these people will give you some of their money but I would rather tell you the truth then to see so many people waste their time which cant be repaid

  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. I am a 19 year old full time student, and single mother to an amazing 1 year old boy, Due to the lack of a babysitter I am unable to get a job. Life without a job is stressful, paying bills and buying baby necessities seems almost impossible each month. Everything is tight, with little help from a family member we've been barely getting by. College is getting more and more difficult as I continue to stay in school, it is not easy coming up with money to pay a babysitter nor is it easy to find transportation. If you feel you can help me in any way please contact me at lea7753@gmail.com

  99. Hi my name is Dannielle I need 1,000 dollar's just to pay her bail money she in jail because her ex boyfriend girlfriend said she haven't been paying child support but there was a court order that she had to so I am in desperate help if anyone reads this I really would hope.I could get the money before the 18 of this month

    1. My email is banksdannielle@gmail.com I forgot to mention it in the post

  100. Hi I am a single mother of one child (girl) seeking assistance. I don't seek much to make a start in life. My plan is if given money I can clear my loan off. Start a business which i intend to use as a profitable tool to form a charity group. The thing is I would like to help others and if I open my own business and start to make profit I can use money out of the profit to finance the needs of others and still stabilize my life and that of my daughter who father left me at 2 months pregnant. I am strong and very determined to be successful in my dreams and goals. I believe their are good people in the world hence my plea to you. If i have convinced you partially, hearing my whole story will fully make you want to assist me my story isn't the worst but i always say why i am strong is there is someone laying in ICU and they don't know if they will make it out but i was given life and I want to make use of it help my self, help others and be a role model to my two year old daughter. If you would like to chat with me email me a sensifari@yahoo.com.

  101. Hello, I am a single mom of four kids one boy and three girls. My granddad past away and left my kids and I the home he was paying mortgage for. I just lost my job and i am not getting any unemployment because I did not make enough money. I am not asking you to give me the money, but if you could catch up the mortgage payment, help with my utilities, and car payment that will be great. I am currently going to college but i am about to lose my car and home and my kids and I would be on the street, I am in great need of help please call me at 843-389-0487 or 843-550-0568 You can email me at crystaldr2009@gmail.com, please help

  102. Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a single mother of 2 children(1 at home..9yrs old) and I have been struggling since 2009 when I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer I did 6 mos of chemo after having a full hysterectomy and football sized tumor removal. I then had 3 heart surgeries the same year. I was on disability, but they recently took me off of it October was my last payment and then I had a hernia surgery and liver biopsy on Oct 24th then 1 week later I was diagnosed with a rare hepatitis in which there is no treatment for or cure (it's called NASH) I live in a 1973 mobile home with no furnace or central air and my roof is leaking in 5 places social security disability told me they realize I have restrictions, but they feel I can work a less demanding job?!Before my sickness I was a self-employed hair stylist, which I cannot return to easily because I have femoral temporal nerve entrapment in one leg and Fibromyalgia, along with a stress fracture In my left foot. My daughter and I looked at a mobile home that would be like a dream come true for us, but I cannot get a loan because my credit is ruined from bills I could not pay while being on disability I was also going to school for nursing when I got sick and have $25,000 in student loans and no degree because I could not finish. I am currently trying to find a job that I can do with no luck so far. My daughter , who is 9yrs. old is an aspiring actress who has had acting and singing lessons, and my son is a U.S. Marine, 20 years old. any help would be appreciated my address is 1146 Ginger Root Drive Fenton, Mo. 63026
    The home we would love to have is $20,000

  103. hi Good Samaritan, I'am a single father of 2 daughter living in South Africa,
    I facing a financial crisis since my small company closed due to many debts
    I'am asking to you with hope that you will be touched by my situation that it only organization like the one running by you can be my helper. The hardship I bearing is so painful that I do know which word to use to explain you all my pain especially rising 2 kids without a mother'
    please come to rescue us financially so that I may be able to put a smile on my kids lips again. you may email me at : jose27lengi@gmail.com thank you

  104. I need emergency Help to Pay by bills that are 4 months behind. I need $10,000 to be current. I also need a car to take me to medical appointments and daughter to work.


    If you are able to help me (Thanks!!).

    Theresa Thornton

  105. I am a 51-year old single mother. I have raised my son on my own for the past 18 years. He is my pride and joy. I have worked hard to raise him to be responsible and hard-working. Unfortunately, I am now up to my eyeballs in debt and feel like I am suffocating. I am pleading for someone to help me, in any way possible, out of this debt. My church was providing some assistance, but they too are struggling financially --- and I would like to pay them back in addition to my unsecured debt. I am currently seeking a second job... and unfortunately, the house I have paid on for the past 16 years, has no equity. My credit score is 'decent' - high 600s - but with the amount of unsecured debt I have -- no one is willing to lend me money. I am pleading for someone to give me a second chance.... a second life so I can face each day without fear and anxiety. I am trying to sell anything I have that may be of value, but I'm finding out that I have little of real value. I have worked so hard my whole life... and am turning to God now more than ever, to help me through this time. I only hope I can survive. I have always been a fighter... but I don't know how much more I can handle on my own. I have two living family members - my brother and mother - but they are working class with nothing 'extra' to spare. I pray to God that there is some caring and generous individual who is willing to help me. Please...I am so scared. My email address is: mouse43837@rcn.com. Thank you for listening.

  106. I am a 21-year old man. I work a lot to keep my family but everything is so expensive here in my country. My 14-year old little sister is sick, she has an anorexia. My little brother is going to school but has no money at all. And my mum gets older and can't even work. So I have to pay all the bills: appartment rent, medicaments, energy, food, clothing - But it's too much for me because I earn not enough money to pay all the bills.. :(
    Our dad left the family for another woman and he doesn't want to pay for his children and wife. I'm so confused... Please help me with a little donation if you can. I swear that I'd do the same if I'd have enough money.. Thankyou very much.

  107. Melvin (Shorty) is a wonderful man who tries his best to help others as much as possible. His now ex-wife left him about 2 years ago and made the divorce a rough one. It stressed him out something fierce, especially when he discovered that she had been taking several hundred dollars from the account before leaving. In July 2012, he turned 50. Less than 2 weeks after his birthday, he had a stroke. The local hospital rushed him to Saint Luke’s in Kansas City to run test and try to locate the cause of the stroke. During the tests, they found a lump on his neck. A specialist was called in and confirmed that it was cancer. Before they could do any treatment, he had a biopsy to try to locate the source, which they never found. During the biopsy, they removed his tonsils just to be on the safe side. Next his teeth had to be removed because of a degenerative disease in his gums (his mom also has it). The radiation would have caused his bone to soften and more problems if a tooth needed pulled. Within a month and a half, he had a stroke, cancer, tonsils out, and teeth removed. He began treatment, 45 rounds of radiation and 3 rounds of chemo. Half way in, he became really ill. He was placed in the hospital and was told he had C-Diff (a horrible intestinal disease that comes with a smell of death and the same smell as a taste in the mouth). They decided to put in a stomach feeding tube while he was in the hospital. The day after the feeding tube was put in, he had a massive clot go through heart and into his lungs. This almost killed him. He was told that his only option was to try an experimental drug to dissolve the clot, but was told that he would probably still die. He agreed to the drug and pulled through. After all this, he required around the clock care. His sister in law offer to take care of him for a couple weeks, during which time she stole almost $1000 from him. My family and I moved him in with us to care for him. All his stuff was moved out of his house and it was put up for rent, to try to generate an income during this. When his stuff was moved, a lot of it was taken by his family, so he lost a lot of his posessions that he needed for his work. He’s a rancher. His truck was even messed up by someone who said they were his friend, but they are not getting it fixed or anything. He finally completed his treatments and January 2013 he was told he was cancer free. Since then, his health has been getting better and better. He’s even back to work. But his finances are consistently getting worse. He had taken a $30,000 loan before he got sick to help pay for stuff from his divorce and some other bills. Paying this bill alone every month takes about half of his check.
    He has helped so many people and asked nothing in return. He won’t even ask for help, so I am asking for him. $30,000-40,000 would help get him out of this hole and get him back on his feet. Please, Pleases, Please help?
    I can answer questions at leash_21@yahoo.com

  108. we need some help getting back on our feet, our suv is going dont know how much longer it will last sometimes i get sceard when i have my 5 year old son in the car .i work night its hard for me at times to leave them but have to work their dad has some health issues of his own ihave to give him his shots at night before going to work at 10 pm he wakes me up to check his blood sugar level .lost all hope in theworld

  109. I need help to pay bills I am behind 5 months as of November 20,2013. I need $12,500 to be current.
    I also need a car to go to medicals appointments and daughter to work.

    I have a emergency and have no money to buy food
    and necessitates for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Thank you in advance for everything !!



  110. Hi. I'm 52 years old. My life is very tragic. 5 years ago my 21 year old son died. Everything was destroyed. The wife of a disabled pensioner. We do not have housing. I do not work. I am in poverty. I still have the ability to save yourself and your family.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Sincerely Lali Vardosanidze from Georgia

    Email. lali.vardo@gmail.com

  111. Hi, I'm Peggy! I have Multiple Sclerosis and have immediate needs. I have been trying to get SSI but would rather work. my legally blind adult son, Patrick, moved back in to help me out, then lost his job of 5 years. he recently found a part time job but it will be too late to catch up on our utility bills and rent, so I will probably be losing my apartment. I have been offered a part time job, but we no longer have a car and don't even have money for the bus or to renew my ID so I can legally work. Pat walks 3 miles to his new job(he had birth defects and has asthma so it is difficult for him). So, yah were in a bind and a half! However, my main concern is his future, Pats a very gifted musician, he can play even classical by ear, and has had to put his life to the side to play caregiver for me. His dream is to be a conductor , I wish I had an orchestra in my back pocket that would be awesome to give him that and see him thrive! then there's reality and a legacy of hardship. I would really like to be able to have a home based business, that would suit my health, social and monetary needs, as well, help move us forward. If my life was more stable and secure he would feel better about getting to live his, and be freed of a premature burden. I am somewhat artistic, love helping people and very determined so there has to be a way for things to change! I welcome any suggestions on these matters, Thank you, Peggy Schutz at pegstories@gmail,com

  112. my apologies, two emails its pegswriting@gmail or pegstories@yahoo.com how embarrassing I tend to get nervous when I have to admit I need help!

  113. I am sending this request out of utter desperation. There are no other options left to me and I have heard of people finding help on line.

    Before my current job I had been laid off from a good job for almost 6 months and everything had fell dangerously behind. But with my new job I was able to make deals to keep our utilities from being turned off and keep us from being kicked from our home.

    But in September my son was born and I had to take time off to be with his mother at the hospital and then a week off to assist her while she recovered. This put us further behind again. Since then my hours at work have gotten fewer and fewer due to the lack of work. I have not had a 40 hour week in about a month and a half. And now I am at risk of losing my job, again.

    My fiancée fell into a bad case of postpartum depression and began doing things that would cost us money that we didn't have and even caused the neighbors to call Children Protective Services. She now has to go to counseling. She IS a good mother. She never did anything to our son. But threatened to harm herself. She is doing much better. But the damage is done.

    Things are once again so far behind that we are about to lose everything. The rent is 3 months behind and the electric is over 2 months as well as the water.

    If we lose everything then she could go back to her parents which is what they want because they refuse to work for a living and see their children as meal tickets. They play mind games with my fiancée and try to get her to move back with them and tear our family apart so that they can get her to apply for welfare that they would take from her. They know of her present mental state and try to use that. They have already convinced her sister and brother to move back so that they won't have to work. I am desperately trying to find a way to keep my son from that environment or from being used. I have no where to go so I would be homeless because I do not get along with her family due to their use and treatment of my fiancée and their home is now so full. Some of the family sleep on the floor since they have only 2 bedrooms. And I have no family who can take me in.

    This Christmas will be the second one that I have spent with my fiancée. But it will be the first spent with our son as a family. And I am desperately trying to keep our family together. We are not going to be able to do a proper Christmas due to the financial problems. But we are content just being together.

    I should get a good income tax return but the bill collectors will never wait until then to let me get caught up.

    I am not looking for financial assistance for help in acquiring material things for Christmas. We can't afford a Thanksgiving either. But we are ok with that. We just need help in keeping our home so that we can be together as a family.

    My bank account had been closed because of a long negative balance due to trying to keep electricity on. That has been a few months ago. I do have a PayPal account that is active and can accept payments. My account email address for PayPal is shadowhawk1st@yahoo.com

    I would so very much appreciate any and all assistance if offered.

    If anyone needs to contact me then please email me at shadowhawk1st@yahoo.com. I will be happy to give any further information if needed for those who might care to help or could offer constructive advice. I'm reluctant to add more personal information in this plea because I do not know if I am getting this out properly to the right source. This is the first time I have done this due to the extreme nature.

    In closing I would like to thank anyone in advance who might be willing to help.

  114. Hello I just got into a car accident, and the money that I had saved up to take my family to Disneyland had to use on buying a car.I am asking for help so I can take my family to Disneyland. I have a six year old son and four year old daughter and I'm engaged. I just don't want to disappoint them, I'm willing to work for it . I can sing and play drums, I'm good at cleaning. I'm hoping that someone can help

  115. 4/Dec/2013

    Tamil Nadu

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  116. Hello we are the Meeks family. I am writing today because we are in desperate need of a miracle. My fiance' and I just had our beautiful little girl Zoe in August. He has two other children, 6 and 8. The 6 year old has autism and developmental problems. They were originally living with their mother as she had full custody. Well recently she got into trouble with the law in Colorado it was all over the news. She is facing 12 years prison time minimum. So the children were taken from her and brought back to us in Florida. Well My fiance' and I are currently about to be homeless. We do not have the money to get a house big enough for us to take the kids and legally we have to. If we do not find a place in a matter of a couple weeks, we loose the kids to the state. I doubt anyone will help us, no one ever does, but Oh Lord if you knew how badly we need it. These children deserve a home with family. Especially after all the traumatic things they had to go through. Whoever reads this, please copy and paste it and pass our story on. PLEASE. I don't know what more I can do. We have literally tried and called every option we have found. I do beleive in God and I wish and hope and have faith that he will help guide us down the path to happiness, we just kinda may need a jumpstart to get there. Please help us to end these innocent children from suffering.

    Our emails are as follows:
    and our paypal account is as follows:

    I really hope our story reaches out to someone, and fast.
    And please remember, if it doesn't touch your heart, pass it on!!!!
    Thank-you and may you have a blessed and lovely day!
    ~The Meeks Family.

  117. Hello,
    Simply, I am in deep student loan financial debt. I have tried multiple times to negotiate a manageable and mutually acceptable monthly payment with Sallie Mae to no avail. Their was no consideration of a lower interest rate because I have run out of forebearance and without being totally impoverished no financial deferment any longer.

    Is there someone willing to at minimum pay down some of my principle so that I can better position myself to negotiate a lower monthly payment? Interest rate is 8.5%. Principle payments can be sent directly to Sallie Mae. Here is my account number: 9806997282

    Balance is $88,475.67. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I am currently $3,000 behind and fastly approaching default status.

    Lisa Woods

  118. Hello happy holidays educated disabled const worker 911 responder in zaroga claim seeks 25 k being evicted dec 11 owe back money then i must move holdover coop boars pls help me sharyl36@gmail.com god bless u i have proof of eviction and disability permanent ty

  119. I need help, I currently have several medical problems that are preventing me from working. I have always been a provider for my family and am unable to do so at this time. I am not sure where the enxt meal is comming from. I have not lost everything yet I still have a roof over my head and a car. The car I purchased when i was working and i had no issues paying for it. I am now behind on the payments and not sure where next months rent is comming from. If I could get the moeny to pay off the car and even pay off the rest of my bills and buy a small home for my self and my family. I am asking if someone out there could help me with 150,000. I know that is a huge amount and I am sorry to ask. I am desperate to fix my life for my family. That would payy all my debt and give me the ability to buy a small home for us to live. please if you could help please contact me right away:


  120. I want to start a new life at the age of 51! Here's my fund me site :http://www.gofundme.com/5mnoks‏

    Any donation is welcome!

  121. Please help A Family In Need.. We are the Talley Family, We consist of Katie my wife, Myself (Wayne), and our 3 children Angel 5, Kierra 4, and Wayne J.r.1. We are also about to welcome a new addition Laila Due January 26,2014. Please Help Us We are in need of Transportation and a Home. Our 3 children have been taken away from us as of May 20th 2013 and since then we've lost our home and car. This year has been extremely tough for us and our children, they want to be with their mommy and daddy and sister and brother. We have been trying very hard to get them back but without transportation its been nearly impossible being that I cant get to work and by me not being able to get to work I haven't been able to get us a home. And on top of that my wife is Due in just 7 weeks and D.S.S is threating to take our new baby coming because we don't have a live-able home to bring her to. Please Help Us, We Just want Our Family Back Together. We Are Good People and Loving Parents who have really Fallen On Tough Times. Please Help us It Would Be the Best Gift We Could ever Receive To Have Our Babies Back Safe and Sound With Us and For Me To Have A Way To Provide For Them Financialy and A Safe Home For Them to Be In While I am Working. Please Help Lord Knows We are In Need Of Some Serious Assistance, Please If there Is Anything You Can Do To Help Us and In return If You Need For Us to Do Something For You We Definetly Will, No Questions Asked. Please Help Reunite A Family... God Bless Everyone....Sincerely The Talley Family

  122. Hello, I am a disabled father of 6 of which 3 of my children still live at home with my wife and I. We have fell upon some really rough times lately and it is all my fault. I lost my job as a peace officer some 15 years ago due to a blood clotting disorder called Antiphospolipid Syndrome. It almost took my life on two separate occasions. My lungs are filled with scar tissues due to all of the Pulmonary Embolisms that I have had and I have heart problems from this disease as well. My wife and I have dreamed of owning the house that we currently rent to own but I went back to work from disability and got extremely ill so we lost all of our income and now we are going to lose our place to live and our only car is having major issues as well. If anyone can help I don't know how or when but I would be willing to pay you back. We have paid the house down to owing 160,000 and I know that our dream of keeping it is lost but we need money for food, fix the car, and pending moving expenses if and when we can find a place that will work with our financial problems. This is not to mention that we cannot provide a Christmas for our kids and we were told it was too late to get help with that. Thanks in advance for your help and / or prayers. I can be reached at grace_rains_down@yahoo.com

  123. Please send me $3.9 million for myself, my wife of 5 years and the national average 1.9 children per family (just one daughter / my stepdaughter so far) in payment for not telling you my sob story. I believe I am worth it. I believe I deserve it for enduring the human condition for this long without killing myself. I believe any less may not be enough to ensure the survival of my posterity in the current economic climate. My wife and daughter deserve it as much as anyone else in the world does. I will pledge to keep the capital in tact, we will live off some of the interest it accumulates, and I will enjoy giving the rest of it away to people who deserve it, for the rest of my life. I will also enjoy having power over the middle and lower classes and watching people who don't deserve the money want it and wonder how I got it, should I not be able to keep it a complete and utter secret. This is the life I want. Please give it to me now, right now. Please, I reckon this may well be my last chance at being a worthwhile person. Really I'm just useless and hopeless to everyone around me right now. In return I promise never to tell you my whole sob story. If there are any other conditions you want to attach I do keep an open mind. Yours truly, 36yo Aussie male of Scottish/Irish descent married to 42yo South Korean woman with 13yo daughter, both of whom I adore. suff2say@gmail.com

  124. me and my husband are struggling to pay bills my son kodey he is 11 has a chance to go to washington dc for his school trip it will cost 1200.00 it breaks my heart that i an struggling to pay bills just wish he was able to go if there any way you can help me i would appreciate so much to contact me rubylc33@aol.com or 5582 sipsey rd empire al 35063

  125. My name is Amanda Mallory, My husband is waiting for a new Heart on a Transplant list with Tampa General Hospital. He is unable to work and just got approved for disability, I make 11$ an hour working at a local hospital and medical bills,insurance and going back and forth to Tamp is so much. We are trying to raise money for the uncovered costs of the transplant, 8 weeks stay in Tampa while I will be out of work on FMLA to care for my husband. My insurance covers 80% and the average transplant is 700,000$ . I have nightmares of us being homeless after this Transplant, I will be so happy to have my husband for years to come though, I dont even want to think of the alternative of a heart not coming in time. He is at 15% ejection fraction now and on medicine 24/7 through an IV to keep his heart pumping . I just dont know how we will do this financially, but given a choice between life and death ..You choose Life !!
    please Help us if you can
    Amanda and Fred Mallory (email is - Mandy362u@hotmail.com

  126. Any one who can help me, im 30 years old growing man, im looking for work where i can make decent about of money to feed my parents and my family. I have been looking for jobs, but every job i get interviewed isnt paying enough. Im 2nd year medical student, who is studying for USMLE STEP 1, but im unable to study for this exam because i need to pay bills for my parents and for my self. My dad is 65 years old and he is working 7 days a week 70 hr per week. I cant see him working everyday to pay off the debit. I cant explain everything here, but im willing to explain everything if any one wants to help me. Our debit is $45000 and im willing to pay off after i finish my school and become a doctor. Please Please Please help me...
    Help my old father who is working very very very hard to provide a bread to his family...I cant even count on my younger brothers. Please help..

  127. https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/h4m3/help-me-and-my-family
    please i hope this gets someones attention.. im 21 trying to do the best i can.. if you want to help me a i will be grateful for anything. please if you can not donate please share this link and pleas pray for me and my family and the funds to meet my goal thank you so much

  128. Millionaires and Billionaires, please give me $500,000 so I can pay off my debts and buy my parents a home. I am so weak right now since I owe so much in debts. With your help, I will be strong again and I will be smarter with money management next time. Please email me at: 5hundredthousanddollars@gmail.com

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  130. I'm Charles from Houston Tx. I am 32 years old and also a single father of an 12 year old daughter. I worked offshore for 7 years doing catering work for oil companies and made great money by doing so. My life changed 3 years ago when the courts granted me full custody of my daughter. The good thing is I got her, but the bad part was I had no idea just how much work it is to take care of a kid by yourself. I worked 4 weeks offshore and my daughter stayed with my mom while I was offshore and I stayed 2weeks at home with my daughter. I knew I would soon have to leave my job and be a full time parent and not leave all the work on my mom. I made a plan to save up money to buy us a home and she was so!! happy about it as I also was happy to give my baby a nice home to live in, that was my dream. I saved up 5,000$ to put down on my home. I left my job and enrolled in school and got an apartment for me and my daughter because the home process was a nightmare. I paid my apartment rent and car note up for 3 months with the money i saved while looking for a job and attending community college to get my g.e.d. and enroll for Nuclear medical technology. Three months went by fast and I still didn't have a job, So with tears in my eyes I told my daughter we have to leave because dad was broke, and like me being broke her heart broke as well. I did my best to save our apartment by asking the church for help but with no job there was nothing they could do for me. That morning while getting ready to take my daughter to school I opened the door and the apartment people were putting new locks on the door and as I looked at the parking lot I noticed my car was gone. I called the police to report it stolen only to find out a mechanic that I owed money to, had put my car up as collateral to a third party that he owed money to, I never signed anything with this guy.. so I missed my last payment with him and not with the third party he had a deal with. My car has been in storage for 3weeks now and its up to 4,000$ right now and 35$ a day for fees, I only owed this mechanic 150$ bucks but the storage place charged me 3,000$ on the day they took it 3weeks ago.The police didn't want to help us get the car back and I have no money for a lawyer to fight the mechanic. Me and my daughter moved in with my sister, her husband, and 3 kids. I feel I have lost my dream of showing my daughter that I could be the perfect father. All I'm asking for is 4,000$ to get help with getting my car from the storage place with in 30days before they sale it. That car was me and my daughters life line. I would like my car back so that I may continue my job search, and stay in school. As for as a home, I will stay at my sisters house until I am able to work and move out again but the eviction might make that hard to do .My pride as a man and single father is all i have and i teach my daughter never to beg from anyone, but today I must do what I always told her never to do, and with tears in my eyes as I write this i feel Embarrassed as a father but I have no choice....Thank you and god bless you Contact @c.ranson27@yahoo.com or call 832 967 0046

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  132. I am not looking for a free hand out, just a second chance to fix my mistakes. I have made some poor decisions using credit cards, careless budgets and amassed big student loan debt, all resulting in high interest payments, poor credit and endless payments. I am fortunate that my wife and I have secure jobs, we have two healthy children and we are healthy. We are grateful for all we have, but we are living paycheck to paycheck and long for a second chance to make things right and reach our greatest potential. If we could get a loan, an interest free loan, to pay off our debts, we would save THOUSANDS of dollars, and be free of stress and quilt and truly be able to "grow". We would make arrangements to pay back every dollar of the loan. We would sign a legal contract or do whatever you the lender would desire, to pay back this second chance loan. SO in a nut shell that is my story, honest and sincere. I appreciate your consideration. My email is jeremiahjames1966@gmail.com

  133. No one offered me help .. I am very sorry for that. I post only swindlers. The loan offer me and asked me for money in advance. Christmas will be here soon. Help those who really need people to help.
    God has given you the power and means of helping the needy.
    HELPING MAKE and needy. It'll bring you happiness.

    Hi. I'm 52 years old. My life is very tragic. 5 years ago my 21 year old son died. Everything was destroyed. The wife of a disabled pensioner. We do not have housing. I do not work. I am in poverty. I still have the ability to save yourself and your family.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Sincerely Lali Vardosanidze from Georgia

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  134. Samantha Costa16 December 2013 20:50
    My name is Samantha and I live in Massachusetts and I came from a wealthy family an always was a good person who worked hard well my family passed away 6 mounths ago in a car crash I lost my mom my dad an my little brother I ended up getting into some trouble cause I broke down didn't care about any thing I have no one no money no home I sleep in shelters at friends if I'm lucky eat maybe 4x a week if I'm lucky I have to steal from stores to eat sum times I'm asking for one miracle one person out their who can set me up in life an I am a person of my word I will repay if I can sum day I have a wish that sum one could buy me a cheap home so I don't ever have to worrie again about being on the streets and maybe give me enough money to start my own animal business and a car to get their I'm 27 no job will hire me I ask an look for resource help all the time no one can do much for me with my record bad now I can't get a job or even looking homely no one wants me around I lost every thing when I lost my family I'm asking from the bottom of my heart can some one please help me I have a cell phone from the state with a certain amount of min a mounth you can reach me on that 1-774-992-3756 or send me a email at scoata13@gmail.com if u new me u would say I was a good person with a heart of gold as people tell me that all the time is their any one out their who could possibly help me please GOD I trust in you saved life an ill be successfull give me a chance at life an if not than take me is how I feel please some one help

  135. Hi, my name is Joy and I am not sure if anyone here can help me or not but I am in here for a need. I am looking for some help of at least $5000 to give my daughter at least a small decent wedding. I am a single parent who raised 5 kids and have 14 grandkids with another one on the way. I went from making $60000 in Illinois and moved to Missouri only making $39000 a year. I suffer from poor credit and that is why I can't obtain a personal loan of my own. My daughter doesn't have a father around who can help and neither does the groom. I just want them to have something to cherish and their wedding date should be something to cherish. They both work at fast food establishments part-time and just had a little girl October 29th and are struggling bad. I know a wedding for $5000 is not much but at this point it would be a dream for them and a blessing to the family. I have never had to do anything of this nature but this is where I am in my life and I am desperate. If there is anything you can do I would appreciate it and if there is nothing you can do, then I understand that as well and ask that God continues to bless you. You can contact me via email (which I check at least 4 times a day) at joydfd@yahoo.com. If you email me then I will have no problem giving you my contact information so that we can discuss this situation. They want to get married on her birthday which is Sunday, June 8, 2014. It is my dream to pull this off for them and if you can help me in anyway, please I will be so greatful.

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  137. I have a story that you might want to look into.....Very inspirational and I want to share it with others.......Can you please take a look at it tell me what you think?

    Would it make a good news story?

    This project is called "a boat named the overcome".

    This project is to create a fishing charter service that is designed to take disabled anglers out deep sea fishing.

    The design of the boat is very extensive, as is the equipment needed in order to service disabled anglers in their pursuit of enjoyment and relaxation through their difficulties.

    We have been working on this project for 2 years to date.
    We have obtained the support and services of volunteer mechanics, engineers, friends, storage yard where the boat presently resides.

    This project will service mainly disabled anglers with disabilities ranging from amputee to stroke and brain injuries. Specialized fishing gear, chairs, and other specialized designs will be used to assist disabled persons in deep sea fishing and diving.

    This project was the inspiration of Mike Dolbow. Here is his short story:

    On August 24 2010 I had a heart attack and a stroke.
    I lost my career my life everything. I was in a wheel chair for about 2 years.
    I was a teacher and taught electronics manufacturing.
    Most of that was lost. I went on SSI and have been living on disability now.

    I was working 3 jobs trying to get ahead when it hit me.
    Now all most 3 years later I have fought back. I am out of the wheel chair, I am 172 lbs and healthy now.

    I traded the only thing I had left of my life, my RV for a 1977 30' Century sports fishing boat.

    I have also joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary, taken training and have since worked on boats and charter services to gain the knowledge in order to run such an operation.

    My plan is to get off SSI and become a charter fishing company that caters to disabled persons, mainly disabled young soldiers coming home with debilitating injuries.

    It sounds impossible but so far we have the boat and the new motors and we have been modifying the deck for wheel chair access and other needed designs to assist disabled anglers in deep sea fishing.

    I am out of money though and I am looking for sponsors to help me get this project and services off of the ground. We made this video to show how serious we are.


    We also had our local news paper do an article on us:


    I was told that I was never to hunt, fish or even walk.

    I got my second chance and I want to dedicate my life to helping others enjoy what I was told would be impossible for me to do ever again.

    The boat will be based out of Oceanside California near San Diego.

    In this area we have a very large demographic of young soldiers coming home from Iraq, Afghanistan and other places of war, severally injured and in most cases amputee victims.

    We want to service these young men and women and give them back the excitement of youth and fun through this service.

    Once funded we will work with the amputee section of our disabled anglers by specially designing fishing gear to enhance their abilities to fish. This is done by design of items such as electric fishing poles, added mechanical devices ect....

    We also, once funded, will be placing HD camera all over the boat to film and give others hope through media.

    The boat will also be dedicated through media, physical location and signage, boater safety and education.

    Your help will get this dream off of the ground and it will help bring a service to these young men and women and give them back some sort of enjoyment and fun.

    Thank you very sincerely for your time and interest into this matter

    We have a funding site here:


    But all we ask is that you pass this story around so we can get as much exposure as possible in order to find that right person who would want to see a project like this get off of the ground.....

    Mike Dolbow

  138. I would like help rebuilding my home that was destroyed by fire December 16 2011. the insurance was not enough and the bills are piling up. Please help

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  140. STUDENT looking for SUPPORT because the governments got it all mixed up!
    Never would I have thought it would have gotten to this point, however I am in a situation where I am in need of financial support. LET ME PUT IT OUT THERE FIRST! I am not looking for anyone to GIVE me money at all! I am simply looking for a co-signer for a bank loan or an actual loan to which I would pay back. I do not want to make this a sob story at all so I am going to try and make this as short as possible pointing out the important aspects of my situation.
    • I am an only child from a single parent home which has made financial support from my parents more difficult. As a result my studies have been financed by OSAP (an Ontario program that provides financial assistance to students in need).
    • In early 2013 I finished my undergrad in the Honours Political Science at a highly reputable university in Canada. I was able to complete this program with the support from OSAP, leaving me with an outstanding debt of $40,000.00.
    • From the age of 13 I have always maintained a steady part-time job and during my 3rd year in University I balanced full time employment and full time studies.
    • I am now enrolled in a full time post graduate program at another reputable school in Ontario, while working for a reputable automobile company.
    • Because I am working full time, it appears to the financial assistance programs that I make too much money (THIS IS NOT THE CASE @ all). I make approximately $1200.00 a month. Sounds decent right? However after trying to pay off the debt built up from previous years of study and my living expenses I am just able to get by.
    • I was able to pay the first semester of the program I am in off money with whatever money I was able to save. The second semester of this program I have had to put on my credit card.
    • I have future goals of getting my MBA. However this is all dependent upon financing, which is why I am writing this.
    • I am only looking for a co-signer. I have no one to turn to. I have tried my best to get financing on my own but I have had no luck.
    I am not trying to give a sob story, it is just the reality of my situation at the moment. I do not think anyone should give me money as I am a strong believer that one should to get it on their own. However in order for me to get it on my own, I need an education. AND ITS SO DARN EXPENSIVE! Regardless though, I will be successful, I know it. I started from the bottom and I’m going to the top. I just need to catch a break! Someone to invest in me! I am willing to show my transcripts, letter of references, employer information and any other information required.
    Yours Truly,
    Student looking for Help


  141. Today at 12:44 PM

    Hi, my name is Tina im a artist and retired cook my husband is med-retired.

    We live in Puerto Rico been here about 8 yrs our son Zach lives with us he is unable to find work here so he has made it his job to be our(mom and dad) nurse maid he really needs a job,lol We want to move back to the states near our daughter and grandson we miss them so, and so Zach can find work. Our family has talked of opening a store front Coffee Rolls and Art, as I love making cinnamon rolls and I want to sell my art.The hard part is the move it will take at least $5000 for this move. We are on a fixed income its been difficult to save when trying to make ends meet .We would appreciate any help at all.

    Here is some of my art , http://youfinallyfoundart.weebly.com/index.html

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  142. E-mail: lifeafterorganfailure@gmail.com
    My Story: www.lifeafterorganfailure.weebly.com

    My name is Brandy. In April of 2013, I went into Multiple Organ Failure. I had to choose to lose the child I was carrying, or not being around for my two daughters. Once I returned home, I found I had lost my job. Since this time, I've only had luck finding part time jobs, which has helped keep a roof over our heads, but not by much. Christmas has been a pretty thin one. I would like to ask for a little help with my utilities if at all possible. I don't have a specific amount to ask for, water runs around $100, and electric runs around $150. Also, my family does not have a vehicle anymore, if anyone would be able to help remedy this as well, it would be greatly appreciate it. Anything would help tremendously. Thank you.

  143. hello my name is Ali ( i will give my complete name when i find someone trust him )
    i live in Algeria i am not looking for money but i need someone to pay for my study in USA or Canada or New Zealand .
    i am in big trouble and my life in risk because i am gay and to be gay is a crime here in my country . and may family want me to get married very soon . i can not say no and i could not say i am gay . but if the know about that i will go to the jail or get killed by my family or someone else so i need someone to help me get out from here but the only easy way is to ask for study visa .
    i am 33 years old now and i do not have much time .
    i work as a secretary man in office state here in Algeria i just get this job since few days from now and the pay is not enough to help me to ask for any kind of visa i just get about 160 dollars in the month .
    and if i do not find the way to get out from this hell i will kill my self because its better than this life .
    i am not a hustler or a bad boy want to get easy money .
    i just want to be myself and be happy and live .
    and i promise i will Proved every thing i said in this letter and after i get help from you and be fine i will return your money i swear .
    by the way i have many friends from USA that they know my story and my situation and they can proved that .
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    my email / aalianos@yahoo.com

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  145. Hello I am 20 years old and from the small island Bermuda. I have never really done this or even thought about doing this but I figured to put my last bit of fight out there. I am trying to reach out for some financial help I am struggling and getting really tired. I've been supporting myself since I was eight years old. And throughout the years I have had some help from family but not compared to what I've done for myself or even them. I am living on my own right now and its a struggling I wake up with no money to my name and no real way to support myself. I am living off of our financial assistance right now but it is stable. It seems like because I am the youngest person on it they could give to hells about me they have already cut me off once before. So nowI wake up everyday wondering when it will happen again. This Christmas like every other was really hard but I must say this was the worst. I had no food no money and no clothes or shoes. I have very little and the little that i do have I cant even wash. This is bye-far the pitts and I am honestly trying to hang in there and be strong but because I am so young it gets overwhelming. I really want to go to school and take up nursing and every time I go its hard because I have all my financial problems at home bothering me. I am not trying to ask for much just a little bit of help so that I can finally get up on my feet and be a successful person and be something in my life. That something that I have fought so hard for all these years I don't want to much just a stable home for once that I can call my own and not have to worry about where Im laying my head tonight. And also a career that I am happy with and could succeed with. I am begging from the bottom of my heart for your help there is so much I can tell you that I have been through or that I'm going through. I just really need this support please!

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  147. Dear Sirs,
    I have a rare pathology....to the job have tried to expel me.... can help me with 15.000 euro?

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  149. Dear sir, Good Morning to you and wish you a very happy and beautiful new year 2014. Sir, I hail from nadia district of West Bengal, India. I need money from you as donation. I am involved in social service and I stand by the side of poor needy people of my society. You can see one of my attempts of social service in facebook under my name AKHIL CHANDRA DAS. I need huge amount (ATLEAST 30 LAKHS of rupees) to do social services. Please donate money in my bank account. The particulars of bank is: Name of account holder: AKHIL CHANDRA DAS & SARMILA DAS, Account No. 31763609898, Name of the bank: SBI (State bank of India), Name of the branch: CHAKDAH, District: Nadia, IFSC Code: SBIN0004744, MICR Code:700002564. Please help me. Thanks. God bless you !

  150. Hello. You are my only hope as of now. I'm a college student and I'm afraid if i can't get $10000 by this February, I will have to stop studying. I've been looking for part time jobs but I am too young they said. You see, my family's income became unstable when my brothers and sisters left. Since then, I'm struggling to earn money for my studies. Actually, I lied to my family that I got a scholarship in the university,it's because they are planning to sell our car (my father's only treasure he said) if I didn't since we are really broke. I'm the family's only hope so I need to finish my studies, they said. Please I don't want to disappoint them. Thank you very much, please reply

  151. I am a single mother of two young children. Months ago I was going to school to become a nurse. I was in school full time and working full time so my mother moved in with me to help me with my children and demanded that she be able to help me with my rent and bills so that I didnt as she said work myself to death and so that I could see my children more than three hours a week. One day I had errands to run so I left the house like any other day. To my nightmare of reality I came home to find my mother dead in my bed. She had suffered a major heart attack. Since that time I have been soley responsible for her funeral costs because we have no other family it was just the four of us. I have since had to drop out of school, I lost my job and now my children and i are facing eviction. I am 15000 dollars in debt with no way out. Ive contacted every neighborhood and government agency and they all say the same things either I dont qualify or they do not have funding at the time. Please Im begging someone to help my children and I so we do not end up in the streets.

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  153. Dear Celebrities,

    we are Paolo Beltrami and Manuela Patrizi a couple from Italy and we ask for Philanthropic Help.
    Below is the link to our blog where you can read our story.

    Best Regards
    Manuela & Paolo

  154. My partner and I are going to be homeless in a matter of days. Please help us.

  155. Good Day:

    I'm writing to see about obtaining donations towards medical bills. We have set up a fund raising site at rally.org for a friend who needs help with medical issues. She needs surgery to replace both knees, she has had 5 surguries over the past 4 years on both legs, at this point she is in need to knee replacements in both knees. She is unable to go to work, and wants to be able to get back on her feet and be able to go back to work.

    She does not have the money she needs to have the surgery, and has some past medical bills to pay as well. We have set up a page on rally.org. below is the link. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Margie Kendall

  156. hello friend , I need your help , I am a healthy person with good health and a mean education but I had a vision where I could see a cloud last week came out a finger wrote three symbologies a similar m the sign of the scorpion one pyramid with the tail of a sting and a Nazi symbol also appeared seven moons formed from left to right first saw the moon rise 7 star but could not see the other 5 and the last moon turned black like a black hole and a voice was saying that serious birth in the city of scorpions also saw as the sky darkened and saw in the sky like a virgin universe where amounted behind her and showed me that I had to look at another time , I saw a star fall to earth and it recorded a skull , I saw up a ship toward a sound like when nothing is heard and saw out shadows began to eliminate people and the voice I thought this looking at the City of scorpions and there I had more visions Help me need to investigate what is happening if this is caused by illness or suddenly have these revelations need money to go on trips and unvestigar that 's what happens with my head if this is real or just a product of your imagination and you have money to spare could you help me a lot if I know that this is my msn is alejandrosoberano@hotmail.com and you can deposit me to the paypal account please help me this is crazy help me with deposits of 100 to 200 dollars a week to see how the start to discover all these images in my head.

  157. hello, my name is kim, , reason is im single parent to my twins both 20 now, since losing tax credits last year I have found myself in debt borrowing to pay other bills, my debts are council tax arrears rent arrears which am currentkly on seeking possession, loans such as provident, and numerous payday loans, if someone could please help me out with 5000 pounds even as a loan that I could pay back at a reasonable amount I would be very grateful, my e mail is kimsy65@msn.com. thankyou x


  158. Dear Philanthropists,
    I am turning to you to request assistance because I am out of other options at this point and have nowhere else to turn. I am 54, single, and have been a single mom for the majority of my daughters’ lives (they are now 26 and 28). I have worked non-stop, sometimes at jobs where I was miserable but I was stuck because I couldn’t survive without constant income. My regular profession and what I love to do is hostessing/hospitality, but even at the best place in town I don’t make more than what I need to just get by and pay my monthly bills. I have no savings & when I have had emergencies (ie car repairs & pet costs for my cats) my children have helped out but they can only do so much. My ex-step-father got me to go back to college @ 14 years ago but I had to withdraw in my senior year due to finances and all I ended up with was a $20,000 debt (which I still have and haven’t been able to pay a penny on). To make everything worse, I’ve been renting the same condo for 11 years and my landlord just informed me that my home will be in foreclosure within the next half year….I have no idea what I am going to do. I have low income and pay low rent (I have lived in my home for 11 years with the same rental rate) and I have no funds to pay for moving costs and I can’t afford a higher rental rate – it’s already a monthly scrape.
    My main dilemma right now is my car: it was my oldest daughter’s and when she paid it off she bought a new one and gave me her old one (a 2000 Chevy Cavalier). 3 years ago it was in a hit-and-run and the whole driver’s side is crumpled and the front headlight is being held on by duct tape. The back right blinker isn’t working, the paint is fading and peeling and I have tried to spray paint it and that just made it look worse, the windows aren’t even power but I am embarrassed to open them anyway, the right rear bumper was hit by someone in the parking lot at the grocery store, the dashboard is falling off in chunks and it's being held together with duct tape, it is about to hit 100,000 miles (the odometer stopped working at 96,000 miles but I’m sure it’s well past the 100,000 mark), and the air conditioner stopped working a couple weeks ago….and I live in hot & humid South Florida L It is missing one hubcap due to a flat tire that was replaced with the wrong size by an amateur to save costs (and the original type I have on the 3 other wheels doesn't come in the incorrect size), and one side is covered with an orange-purple hue due to the sprinkler water that is used on the grass next to my designated parking spot and I can’t remove it. My insurance does not cover any of this and my family is not willing to assist me with costs and no one has a spare car to give/lend me. My main concern is that it will totally break down and I will have no way to get to work and then I will be in a really bad predicament. I stay home a lot and don’t go out unless I have to in order to save wear & tear on the car, plus I am embarrassed for anyone I know to see my mess of a car. There’s no way I can afford monthly payments and besides, my credit was ruined over 20 years ago thanks to my worthless ex. I’ve entered many car sweepstakes and all I’ve gotten out of that is a lot of spam mail, I’ve written to Oprah & Ellen DeGeneres and have gotten no response and I have emailed 15 foundations and over half have turned me down. I just need something economical, new, and reliable with low mileage, working A/C, and power windows so I can have peace of mind when I am driving – and sleeping…..I toss & turn over this L.
    I will be forever grateful if you can help me with my predicament: I am tired of struggling.

    CC –

  159. I am in need of help.. My story can be read at www.greekanesegirl.com.
    In short I am recently divorced and have for the first time in my life met someone I am truly in love with.
    I need help to put a roof over our head. I am not trying to get rich, I am trying to get a house.

  160. http://www.gofundme.com/453a1g

    I am an older, single dad, (will be 60 this year) raising my two daughters who are 9 and 6 years old. I had cancer surgery in (August 2013). There were complications from that and I had to have another surgery to correct it. I'm slowly healing, but it's taking a while. I'm in pain a lot, but I'm keeping up a good face for my girls. These health issues have caused unexpected expenses and I have gotten behind in just about everything. The money I get from disability was already barely enough to make ends meet. At this moment we are in danger of having our water and power cut off, as well as facing eviction. In addition, I have a medical bill that needs to be paid, but I'll have to worry about that later. Right now we just need to be secure in a living space. I tell my girls everything will be alright, and that God will help us. I started to tell them about our Forever House, where we won't have to move from. Please help us stay in our home. God bless you

    Herman, Mary and Grace's Dad

  161. I graduated September 16, 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in Education. I am currently substitute teaching in Broward County Public Schools. Substitute teaching does not pay a lot of money and the jobs are not daily. I would like to become a Certified Teacher in Elementary Education K-6 or Social Science 6-12. I would love to get assistance in paying for the certification tests, 200.00 each. All help is appreciated. I am studying hard so that I may pass the 2 tests the first time, because retesting costs 225.00 per test.

  162. im a single dad me and my son name joseph jr. hes 4 yrs. im liven in an appartment not so good. im in need to move out and get a new house. im not working.. please anything will help. email at jaypacsh@mail.com

  163. Request for money
    Respected Madam / Sir,

    Firstly I give you my small introduction .I am 43 Years old Salaried Person My income is very low my salary is this time is only 8,000/- (Indian Rupees )per month .I live In Ropar (Punjab)( India) Since last eight years. My life is going to be simple & good but from last three months I had in deep trouble. At 20.11.2013 I take decision that now I plan for small own Home for this purpose I made an agreement with Mr.Ranjit singh Who is owner of that house whom I decided to purchase it. This decision not good for me According this Agreement I give Two Lac.(Indian Rupees) on same day & want three months time to pay rest of money Eight Lac (Indian Rupees) whom I planned to borrow from bank. But that Person did not disclose that this house is in under redline(The Property Which Have No Legal Records In Registry Department). Bank refused to pay me any type of loan against this house due to under redline property. Now I am frustrated because my all saving is now going to be vanish.

    I request you Kindly help me for facing this great trouble .Kindly give me financial help to sort-out this problem.

    Gurvinder Singh

  164. I've helth problem and person near me have taken advantage of this weakness of mine to put debt in my name.....please help me....ciclamino0@yahoo.it

  165. I am not looking for a free hand out, just a second chance to fix my mistakes. I have made some poor decisions using credit cards, careless budgets and amassed big student loan debt, all resulting in high interest payments, poor credit and endless payments. I am fortunate that my wife and I have secure jobs, we have two healthy children and we are healthy. We are grateful for all we have, but we are living paycheck to paycheck. We long for a second chance to make things right and reach our greatest potential. If we could get a loan, an interest-free loan, to pay off our debts, we would save THOUSANDS of dollars, and be free of stress and quilt and truly be able to "grow". We would make arrangements to pay back every dollar of the loan. We would sign a legal contract or do whatever, you the lender, would desire, to pay back this second -chance loan. What is discouraging is I am worth way more money dead than alive. Not that I am contemplating anything rash, only making a statement that when I am gone my family will never have to worry about anything financially. But while I am alive we are struggling every day to make ends-meet. If someone with the financial ability would allow me take an interest-free loan, I could pay the loan off in full (covered if I die too), save THOUSANDS of dollars and many years of interest, thus building back my credit while establishing righteous budgeting habits, providing financial peace and security. So, in a nut shell that is my story, honest and sincere. I appreciate your consideration. My email is jeremiahjames1966@gmail.com

  166. Hello, My name is Amanda and we are raising money for two very special causes.
    The first is Stop Domestic Abuse..Help Ashley get her life back Also we are raising money for cub scout uniforms.
    If your are able to make a donation please due. Also please share with your friends and families so we can raise money for two very good causes

    Stop domestic abuse

    Get our cub scouts their uniform

  167. whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer believing ye shall receive"
    I truly have faith theres someone out there could help me by starting my life again. For the past 2 years my days have become sorrowful, my heart has become a deep ocean of tears and all paths of life. I have reached the verge of utter despair, my heart is numb within me. Please i entreat you to help me by giving me $250 000.
    I need help quickly. Do contact me at rufinajulian@yahoo.com.sg (Singapore)

    Thank You


  168. Hi,my name is dale Dietz and I am asking for money to help with my monthly living expenses and enough to finish school(I have two terms left).I was attending school and ran out of money and now I am about to be homeless.I have no income and no real hopes of finding work around here.My power is about to be shut off,my phone already has been. I have no way to pay my car insurance and around here you need a car to look for work.I am hoping there is someone who help with my bills and maybe help finance two terms of college.

  169. my name is ali, i have completed my secondary education, i discontinued my studies so i need help from the rich peoples my fees cost at least 200$ please help me my contact adress is email sadathmir05@gmail.com

  170. my name is mahaboob ali , need money to go for training after which i will be getting a job but i dont have money please help me the cost of the course is $1500 , its a tuf time but hoping for the best in future . please help me my mail id jaaved_ali1@yahoo.com

  171. I want to tell you the strangest thing about getting old?
    You become invisible.
    When you are young, you are something. You are beautiful, smart, strong, handsome, tall, threatening, and sexy.
    When you get old, that stops. Nobody gives you a second glance. You become just another old person in second hand clothes.
    You become invisible.
    My wife and I moved to this area to be closer to our daughter and our grandchildren. Because of our low social security, we were able to get into some low income housing. In the small town we live in, Parkersburg Iowa, the housing is nice and the neighbors are friendly. Five years ago this town suffered through a serious tornado which damaged most of the town. The government stepped in and now everything is just like new.
    However, we moved here after the storm, so we were not eligible for any help. At first we had a car and we were able to visit our daughter, who lives 150 mile away, and take care of normal things. I was able to drive my disabled wife to her doctor and we could get groceries with no problem.
    Now, we have no car. The engine gave out and we could not afford to have it fixed. We sold it for scrap in hopes of buying something else but that money has gone for other bills, like electric. Our bills have increased a great deal because of the cold winter we are having.
    Any appointments we had are cancelled, my wife cannot get to the doctor, The only store I can buy at is one that is priced 3 times higher than the one in town. We are 25 miles from any civilization.
    We do not like to ask for help but the situation we are in has forced me to do so.
    I am not asking for riches, there are many who are in similar situations, I am merely asking for a little help. Five or ten dollars, or whatever you can afford. We would like to raise enough to purchase another car so I can again get my wife to her doctor.
    If you cannot help, I will understand.
    But please, I am not invisible. I may be older than you but I still am a viable part of this world. Let me prove it to you.

  172. Hello Mel Gibson: Im so glad to know you guys in entertainment, help out your fans; it never dawned on me that this is so. My story is so like many: financial distress. I live in my parents house and it is in dire need of repair so I need a house. My car was totalled so I need another one. I want to pay off all debt, so I can get a fresh start this year. May I ask for a generous amount of 125,000 dollars? Included in this request, Im going to buy houses for income. Thank you and may you enjoy your family even better this year. With warm regards, Phyllis.10629@ymail.com

  173. Hi everybody, here's to a serious new year of prosperity. Call me Ann. Just like Jerry Martin in above blog, I haven't an automobile to get to my dr's appointment and I need tens of thousands of dollars to upgrade my house, pay off debts and buy a car. I do a coupla things in my community: give soda cans to a school that they use to fund their little projects and donate to a food drive. My situation is really quite serious and don't have anyone to turn to; I really need fast funding. Thank you exorbitantly! Email me at Memberequired@att.net. Enjoy good days!

  174. Sir,

    I am Sarathrag K R. I am from India. My father hospitalised in aswini hospital, trichur,kerala,India.. Due to heart attack,, need bypass surgery.. i am working .. but i hav some limitation to raise the fund.. already asked to lot of out freinds no way.. all r busy and tight.. i dont u can see this msg or not.. but....
    if possible please let me no


  175. My name is Felix 46 years old and having a critical economic situation, on April 05, 2013 have a surgery since that time to the present having couple surgeries and can really back to work my wife is the only person who is supporting this house but we can not make our mortgage payment and possibility of losing our house my medical bills are extremely high, car payments,house bills, and we have no more savings. I'm trying to get some help but can't get anything,never been in this situation is very difficult to me to ask for monetary help but now is my only solution, I know is people with good feelings out there and always helping others in this type of situations, all my life been helping other people without expecting to get something back and feel very good when I can help someone who needs and now is my time I need someone who can help me.

    Thank you very much
    God Bless you and Bless your Family
    Felix C Gonzalez
    (562) 833-5034
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  176. Trevor is fundraising for a Diabetic Alert Dog. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 5 years old. After 9 years with this disease he has begun to show signs of kidney disease.
    I have been doing a lot of research on Diabetic alert dogs and these dogs not only have the ability to help improve his blood sugars but also could save his life. They are trained to detect high and low blood sugars even before Trevors body is able to feel them. If the dog detects a low blood sugar while he is sleeping he will wake Trevor up if he doesn't wake up he will come get me, if that doesn't work they are able to push a 911 button. They are also trained to retrieve glucose meters and glucose tabs. Having a dog like this could dramatically change his life for the better. gofundme.com/70opwg

  177. Please help us get our House back !!!
    This is a long story,but I’ll do my best to keep it brief.
    My dad was diagnosed with paralysis since last 14 years and we did not have insurance cover. When my dad got sick we took out all our money saved, and spent it taking care of my dad and our household chores. We compromised on the level of healthcare because we live in a country where you have to be privileged to get the best healthcare. Today, situation is still worse with all our savings are gone and we struggling to survive.
    My family hasn’t ever been much out of lower middle class status.`Dad being paralytic and mom a homemaker,my brother and sister devoted their lives to studying, the weight was put on my shoulders that I needed to get the daily bread.
    I didn’t want to be in debt but the mantra was ‘Get a decent job and you’ll be sure to have a great life!’
    I wanted to be the one to make my parents proud so I took out whatever loans I needed to make ends meet. I had applied several times from various loan lenders who never gave me loan.
    I was in need of an urgent loan for my sisters wedding and i applied from various loan lenders who promised to help but they never gave me the loan. When everything was said and done, I opted for mortgage loan pawning my house, the amount recieved to be used for my sisters wedding expenditure. This clouded me by over $50k in debt.That’s where the actual debt started, but little by little, we were steadily paying it down with total expense reaching for about $1000 per month.
    For 10 months, I paid EMIs regularly, climbing deeper and deeper into debt. The worst part is, without health insurance, any time any of us get sick, it means more debt.
    After trying to find a job for several months, I looked for work, but couldn’t find a steady job with benefits, I was left to move back to odd jobs that came my way so that I could afford my loan repayments. When it became clear that there were no jobs to be had, I went freelance.
    A year and countless resumes later, I feel trapped. I work at a job that provides me bare minimum for household expense but nothing else leave alone to make loan repayments, bills and taxes. Feeling is so stressful leading me towards depression.
    I’m nearly 30 and I’m unsure and fearful of my future.
    I would love to cut up my loan,but it is a very slow process, and every time I make progress, something else happens to set us back. It’s always two steps forward, one step back or sometimes, one step forward, TWO steps back.
    I am in economic hardship deferment and cannot make payments,in debt, jobless, unable to work, and can’t pay my bills and taxes. I’d be on the streets with my people if not able to repay the loan and get our house back from the bank, except for the kindness of genorous people like you who would come forward and support my cause.
    I request all the caring and sensitive people to look towards helping me out with a solution in whichever means possible. I would be really grateful to all even if you spread the word of support for this cause.

    You already know that raising a house is one of the special joys of life. Unfortunately, this experience may be denied because of problems beyond self control. This is where you can help through a solution.
    In any case if you find my cause suitable for your valuable support, please don't hesitate to refer to maximum people you know, who would be kind enough to listen and understand the need and come forward with a helping hand.
    You contact me at nirvanamoksh@gmail.com or you can call / wasaap me at + 91-9890131699.
    Your help would fund a lifetime dream - I'll never forget that
    Thanks a lot for your attention and patience, it means a lot to me!!! I will be in touch with you soon.


    +91- 9890131699

  178. Desperate need of a car... I am a single Dad with custody of my son and we are now on State Assistance for Housing, Food Stamps, and Medicaid which is extremely helpful since I live with diabetes and some of its complications. I am an Air Force Veteran and know what it takes to keep striving to do the best I can to support my son and I. Everyone needs a little help now and then and this is the time I sure could use some help. I am blessed to have my amazing son, but it is hard to be looking up at the bottom and to be strong. Any help or suggestions you could offer on how I can get help with a car would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking for sympathy or something for nothing, I am just looking for assistance with a goal of paying it forward when I am able. I thank you in advance and look forward to talking with you.

  179. This is a cry out for help... I read all of these comments and I see all of these people needing help and I pray to GOD that he helps us all one way or another. My name is Rosie, I am 20 years old and I live in Illinois. Recently, about 2-3 months ago, these people, more like hackers, stole my identity. They have my Social Security number, my phone number, my address, my driver's license... EVERYTHING. Quite frankly there is not a day that passes that I feel safe in my own house. I would not wish this upon anybody. They opened countless credit cards on my name, loans, purchased cars, opened phone accounts... I am only 20 years old and I consider my life to be ruined. Because all of this I have to pay around $40,000 for everything that these people did to me. I have two jobs, looking for a third one, just so I can try to pay everything, but it all just seems impossible. I want to live a life of a normal 20 year old girl but I can't because I have to work every day for someone that ruined my life. I pray to GOD someone reads this and genuinely helps me out because I see no other way out of this mess... I am crying out for your help people..
    If someone feels generous enough to help me get through this..may GOD bless you and always be with you.

    My e-mail is rosiestoyanova@gmail.com

    If anyone is interested in helping me out please simply write to my e-mail so I can explain everything more in detail and I will respond as soon as I can.
    Thank you all and God bless you

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  180. Hello Sir,
    i am shashi, i live in joint family, i have 1 girl. she is 21months old, and my brother has 3 girls. they are 20 years, 18 years and 14 years old, my brother dont have work because he has physical problem. all responsibility of my family on me, 20 years girl ready marriage but i dont have money. i am not able to for money spend on mariage and education. pls help me sir...i dont understand what i do? pls help me


  182. I am a 57 year old women needing help I was placed on disability in 2010 for several health issues. In 2013 I suffered a stroke while visiting with my oldest son I lost my apartment and my furniture that I put in storage while in the hospital and rehab. Now I have another problem my mouth needs a lot of work done and I have Insurance but it does not cover all the work I get a monthly check which has to cover my living expense and even that is not enough. My teeth have to be pulled out and my gums have to be treated I have gum disease please I am asking you for the chance to make a difference in my life and give me something to smile about I would even pay you $30.00 dollars every month back just to have them fix it is embarassing to talk to people and I tried getting a loan from dental.care and they turned me down this is something I really need please someone I beg you to help me.


    1. Hi everyone here. What Christine Coleman said is very true though i may not know her. I experienced it first hand also. It was this organization called fidelity loan firm (f.l.f)that really helped me to pay my medical bills when i was in dare need of money because i am a widow. A friend of my also directed me to them. when i was about to do a major operation and i had no money at that time, they came to my rescue and in less than 48 hours, i got my loan. But to say the truth, i was nervous and scared at first because i have been scammed twice. But when i summoned up courage and follow their lending policies along with my friends advice, at the end i found myself smiling. If not for them, maybe i would have been dead by now. I have even taken another loan from them start my business after my recovery which i am also paying back now. My only advice now is that any body who is really in need of loan should contact them with their email via: santoloanfirm@live.com and get a loan from them. Thanks.(Olivia)

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  184. Hello thanks for looking at this. my name is Clayton E I am needing help.I have limited mobility,high blood pressure. had to stop driving truck.theres nothing in my area I need a place to live that dont have steps soon i will be in wheelchair. the best thing i could do is live in camper then i can move it to better area.I dont need nothing fancy just road worthy and a decent truck to pull it.I just need 10-15000 I know alot of people in bad finacal way and would like to help them too any more than i need i can help others.my email is gmanjohn287@gmail.com Thanks and bless you


  185. Hi everyone here. What Christine Coleman said is very true though i may not know her. I experienced it first hand also. It was this organization called fidelity loan firm (f.l.f)that really helped me to pay my medical bills when i was in dare need of money because i am a widow. A friend of my also directed me to them. when i was about to do a major operation and i had no money at that time, they came to my rescue and in less than 48 hours, i got my loan. But to say the truth, i was nervous and scared at first because i have been scammed twice. But when i summoned up courage and follow their lending policies along with my friends advice, at the end i found myself smiling. If not for them, maybe i would have been dead by now. I have even taken another loan from them start my business after my recovery which i am also paying back now. My only advice now is that any body who is really in need of loan should contact them with their email via: santoloanfirm@live.com and get a loan from them. Thanks.(Olivia)

  186. Hi! My name is Maria, I'm 28 and I come from Uruguay. I'm at the final stage of my BA (Economics) in Penn State University (USA). I already paid $25,000 (a HUGE effort for my retired parents). I found out that this year I still need to pay some $22,000 more (without including books, which can cost up to $300 each, technology fees, and diploma processing costs). I just received the first bill of the year, which is already $8,000. I need URGENT help! I count on you.
    I will be adding documentation and you can request my graduation pictures after I finish (or my diploma in case I cannot attend graduation).

    THANKS! I can't find the words to tell you how important this is to me!

    I have a regular job and it is a nice pay only for a living, i can´t afford tuition. Besides I also contribute a small monthly fee and pledge for Animales Sin Hogar Uruguay (Homeless Animals Uruguay).

    I will attach my tuition bills!

    Have a nice day and I hope you receive back 10 times what you are giving me! - See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/tuition-fundraiser/please-help-me-fund-my-tuition-costs-/125778#sthash.3If9owCf.dpuf

  187. Hello My name is Regina , I am 45 years old. I pride myself as being a very self independent female. Growing up in foster care, abused and rapped. I did not allow myself to use that as an excuse to not make it. I wanted to be a judge and I started out to pursue my dreams. I was young and had little guidance looking to be loved. Something I never experienced. I ended up in an abusive relationship with a drug dealer. After being beat and convicted of a felony I had enough I moved on upon my release. I finished school and obtained a good job. Having my daughter was the motivation to get me out of this life and be a good mom. I purchased a home, now I have two children and a good job and a home. I am happy. I decided to help other children who was in need. During my time of foster care. I came across a child that everyone had gave up on. By now my relationship was on the rocks and I felt a change was needed. So I adopted the little girl and moved to Memphis. I have had so many ups and downs but I still came out with two children graduating high school and now the struggle has begun. In October I was in a car accident at which time I found out I had a condition called Chari-malformation. The accident activated the symptoms. WIthin a few months I was unable to move any part of my body and had to have brain surgery. I pulled through with nerve damage and a loss of some site. SO now I am unable to work. The daughter that I adopted is Autistic and Bi-polar and MR. I just want to buy a home for us to be stable and put my children through collage. I can really use any type of help even if its a contact for a loan at a good rate.

    Thanks in advance


  188. First i would like to thank God for this great men and women who use their resources to assist mankind,may you live a long and healthy , glory,wealthy,happiness, prosperity life.

    Dear Sir, madam

    Thank you for reading my letter and I hope it finds you well. I have been following you for a long time and have seen all your philanthropic efforts and endeavors’ to help people in need.

    I am writing this letter so you can extend your helping hand to me.Unfortunately I have fallen on hard times and have exhausted all avenues to find financial assistance.
    My name is Mahesh s.p I am 30 year old gentleman I am suffering from chronic kidney failure I am taking Hemo dialysis treatment weekly 3 times from 22-2-2008. I am the only one son for my parents now I am planning for kidney Transplantation it costs 3.00.000 RS. at least small amount of 100,500,1000, 2000, 5000 RS PLEASE SEND SO THAT I CAN LEAVE FOR MORE WEEK BY TAKING DIALYSIS, PLEASE, I and my family people are not in a position to arrange that big amount please help me for god sake. I am enclosing all my medical records, photos, YouTube videos’ ETC and my residential address and bank details is

    E MAIL: maheshsp30@gmail.com

    mobile no : 9964771881





    S/o S Y Panduranga Rao
    Banashankari Extension.
    Arasikere 573103 (Taluk).
    Hassan Dist.
    Karnataka State
    ( INDIA ) country.

    Bank name: SYNDICATE BANK.
    Account NO: 14022200075587
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    Branch name: Banavara branch,
    Arasikere Taluk.
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    I really believe that with your help I can get myself out of disease, poverty and into prosperity, I am willing to go on your show to show people how a helping hand can really change people lives.I really look forward to hearing from you & thank you for your time.

    Regards MAHESH S.P

  189. ANTI-BULLYING DONATIONS NEEDED: My name is Tom Coverly. I am a professional comedian, Illusionist & motivational speaker. In the past 5 years, I have spoke to over 1 million students in 40 states and several countries. Our goal is to reach even more students, but we need your help! There are many needs for our school assembly program. We want to take things up a notch because we believe that bullying, suicide and cutting are out of control and we need to reach this generation. If Vegas, The Emmy's etc can have professional shows and events just for the sake of fun, why not provide a one of a kind professional show that reaches youth with a message that will change their life forever.

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