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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Top Charitable Organizations in America for Low Income Families 2017

If you're looking for online financial assistance then knowing how to find and contact the top charitable organizations in America can be very rewarding, you might not get cash now however you might be rewarded in the near future. In 2017 there have been a record number of charitable organizations and foundations helping people and this trend is set to continue in 2018. If you're on a very low income or are classed as a needy family then there are hardship programs, scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships and internships that you can apply for to improve your quality of life and standard of living.

I have bookmarked below ten of the top charitable foundations in America today in terms of giving and asset size. These foundations have been helping people in American and all over the world. This list was compiled from the Foundation Center which is also worth visiting if you want to find foundations, grant makers, 990's and RFP's requests for proposals from philanthropy departments. 

Free Money for Low Income Households Experiencing Hardship

If you're thinking about contacting these foundations then please leave a comment below to share your experiences. Also please feel free to forward this guide to anyone who might benefit from the information, finally remember to leave a comment asking for help below, sometimes these guides go viral and end up being read by people who really want to help.

If you do want to ask for online financial assistance from these charitable organization then you need to have a genuine need, this might include help with medical treatment and bills, homelessness, poverty, disaster, crisis or financial despair. You might also be able to get cash now or in the near future if you want to further your education, there are thousands of foundations offering scholarships, fellowships, grants, and bursaries which can even be found using 990's are RFP's Requests for Proposals.

Top 100 American Foundations (61 to 70)

(1 to 10) (11 to 20) (21 to 30) (31 to 40) (41 to 50) (51 to 60)

61. The San Francisco Foundation

62. The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.

63. The Brown Foundation, Inc. 

64. Lumina Foundation

65. W. M. Keck Foundation 

66. Open Society Institute 

67. The Ahmanson Foundation

68. Shimon ben Joseph Foundation

69. Surdna Foundation, Inc.

70. Foundation For The Carolinas

The best way to contact these foundations is to visit them individually and then check what programs are available that can help you get cash now. You can either apply direct or send the charitable foundation a hardship letter or hardship email asking them for online financial assistance. One point to bear in mind is that there is no guarantee that you'll get money and these foundations can take a time to process your request for money, sometimes you might be able to get cash now but this is for rare exceptional circumstances.

If you are planning on asking these charitable foundations for money then please leave a comment below to share your experience so others can learn, also send this guide to anyone who might benefit from the information. Also, these guides are sometimes read by people who want to help so remember to leave a comment below asking for online financial hardship. Good Luck.

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  1. If you're experiencing hardship please leave a comment below. Remember to leave your name and contact details along with a short summary of your circumstances.

    If you want to help please contact these people direct.

  2. Site of donation page: http://www.gofundme.com/46sgeg
    We are a husband and wife who are blessed parents to our 10 year old son who has Aspergers. Last year my husband was unexpectedly laid off the day before Thanksgiving. We live in a very small town and job prospects are not in abundance. He has finally been offered a position and we are so thankful, however he will be paid monthly and we will not receive his first paycheck for some time. I work but my paycheck is gone to bills before it even hits the bank. Each month since he was laid off we fall further and further behind and even more so due to an unexpected medical event. We are now 2 months behind on rent, 4 months on our car payments, countless medical bills, and I have no idea how we are going to pay the electric bill this Friday. I know we can not make it until his first paycheck and have no family or friends who would themselves be able to help us. I was going to look into one of those cash advance loans(which I know will just put us further behind and in hole we may never get out of) when someone told me about this website. I feel very out of place asking strangers for donations but I do know we are good people and will pay it forward when we are passed this trial.
    Thank you for considering our family.
    - Adam, Kristin, and Beckham

  3. It is good to see the information about the top charitable organizations of America for the poor families, thanks for the valuable information.
    Joseph Levinson

  4. Mom of 9 kids needs home. Mom has had chronic illness. Had 2 major surgeries last year plus countless appointments, tests, procedures. Son started having epileptic seizures recently. Family Lost home in 2010 and now landlord is not renewing lease on rental. Cant qualify for mortgage because of collections on credit. Dad works but all the medical issues have caused much missed work. Need place to live in by september. No savings. No retirement money left to pull out. Electricity bill is getting higher. Getting behind on car payment.