Monday 17 June 2013

#2: Ask Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation for Money

The Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation has donated $331,911,548 as of 31st December 2011. It is the second largest corporate givers in America and is just behind the Sanofi Foundation for North America. The Novartis Patient Assistance Programs are designed to help patients experiencing financial despair with help with healthcare, most of the programs assist low income families and individuals who do not have healthcare insurance and need urgent or ongoing attention.

Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation is dedicated to giving access to medication to those that need it the most, assistance is mainly offered to families and individuals who are experiencing financial hardship and have no medical insurance coverage for their medicines.

To be eligible for Novartis Patient Assistance Program you must be a US resident, provide proof of income within program guidelines, and not have private or public prescription coverage. The Foundation also offers a listing of PAF sponsored products and how you can enroll for the medicine. There is excellent resources on getting help through Patient Assistance Now.

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers a single place where you can get information on over 475 patient assistance program. If you're on a really low income and you need help with medical expenses then you can contact the Foundation for money and prescriptions. I have included the contact details for the Novartis Assistance Program below.

Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation

P.O. Box 66556
St. Louis
MO 63166-6556

Telephone: (800) 277-2254

Patient Assistance Foundation Enrollment

Patient Assistance for Medicare

Please leave a comment below if you're planning on asking the Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation for money, if you've already received help from the foundation please share your experiences to help others.


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