Wednesday 19 June 2013

Rich People That Give Away Money

If you're looking for rich people that give away money then you can find them quite easily on the internet. If you're looking for financial assistance from these rich people then it's better to contact the charitable foundation which they are aligned to. In this guide we look at the process involved in asking rich people for financial assistance in 2013, I will also share some charitable foundations and corporate charitable foundations that you can contact for money. I always explain to people experiencing hardship that there's no guarantee that you'll receive help, these requests for money take time so you need to persevere and be patient.

Finding Rich People That Give Away Money

This blog is dedicated to connecting people experiencing hardship with rich people who want to help. The site will eventually have all the contact details of the most popular millionaires, billionaires, philanthropists, celebrities and corporate philanthropy departments that want to help people in need all over the world. You can find the contact details of rich people on the links below. Take your time to read through the profiles of these wealthy people and then choose a handful so you can contact them for money

#1: Ask Millionaires for Money
#2: Ask Celebrities for Money
#3: Ask Corporate Foundations for free Money
#4: The Giving Pledge
#5: Forbes Philanthropy Giving List
#6: Business Week Philanthropy List

Once you've found a handful of rich people that can help you need to find the contact details of the charitable foundation that they run or are aligned to, I have listed the top ten charitable foundations that help people who are experiencing some of the hardships that are mentioned above.

#1: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
#2: Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation
#3: Ted Turner Foundation
#4: Larry Ellison Foundation
#5: Eli Broad Foundation
#6: George Kiaser Family Foundation
#7: Jeff Skoll Foundation
#8: Conrad Hilton Foundation
#9: Rockefeller Foundation
#10: John Burton Foundation

You can also look at corporate foundation run by large companies that might be able to help you. Corporations such as Microsoft, Merck, Pfizer all have their own corporate philanthropy department so it's an options worth pursuing. I have listed five of the largest corporate philanthropy departments below in terms of donation.

#1: Sanofi Patient Assistance Program
#2: Novartis Patient Assistance Program
#3: Bank of America Charitable Foundation
#4: Wal-Mart Stores Family Foundation
#5: JPMorgan Chase Charitable Foundation 
The best way to contact these charitable foundations is by sending them a hardship letter. The letter should contain information on your hardship, how you got into poverty and despair and how you plan to improve the quality of your life, you can finish the letter by describing the difference a donation would make, I have included a sample hardship letter below.

#1: Sample Hardship Letter to Send to Rich People

If you're planning on asking millionaires, billionaires, philanthropists for money then please leave a comment below. If you've already contacted one of these charitable foundations for help then please share your experiences with others.


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