Monday 17 June 2013

#1: Ask Sanofi Foundation for Money

The aim of the Sanofi Foundation for North America is to reduce the healthcare inequalities in the U.S. by offering free prescription drugs to patients who do not have health insurance, the foundations also supports partners, charities, and non profit organizations that are aligned with the Sanofi Mission.

The Foundation also supports Diabetes Education, Patient Education and offers programs that safeguard patients. One successful program includes the Diabetes Camps that was set up in North America to help patients understand how to live with Diabetes without sacrificing quality of life. In 2012, the Sanofi Foundation supports education for over 80 camps and has donated over $2.5 million in insulin products.

The Sanofi Foundation also takes active steps to educate youngsters, patients and general public about prevalent diseases, symptoms, the treatments and how to prevent them. The Foundation promotes healthy living by educating patients, some of the programs on offer include ImmYounity, One the Line, Dribble to Stop Diabetes, S.T.A.N.D.

If you're experiencing financial hardship, are on a very low income or are struggling with meeting your medical expenses then you could turn to Sanofi Patient Assistance Program for help, there is no guarantee that you'll get any help, however it's worth a try if you've got nowhere else to turn to. Here is the address and contact details of the Sanofi Patient Assistance Program.

Sanofi Patient Assistance Program
55 Corporate Drive
NJ 08807

Telephone: (800) 981-2491

Educational Grants from Sanofi

Charitable Giving from Sanofi

Leave a comment below if you're going to contact the Foundation for help, if you've already contacted the Foundation and received help then please share your experiences to help others.

Thank You


  1. I am in an extremely desperate situation as I am unemployed, no savings unable to pay the mortgage and the house is on the sale. All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Only $2000. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to anybody who is willing to help me in this.

    Thank you so much
    May Buddha bless you

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  3. I study Theology in the Institute of Systematic Theology in the Department of Biblical Theology in Wroclaw ( http://www.pwt.wroc.pl/ ). I am a student. I've been unemployed for the last 10 Years (in years 2007, 2010, 2011 I worked as a catechist in Primary School in Walbrzych). I'm experiencing financial hardship.
    Phone: +48 79 664 40 49
    E-mail: NiemasG@gmail.com

  4. hi i am asingle mother with two small children after many years of drug abuse and prison i am finally clean now for 4 years. iam renting asmall flat without any job because of my record please help me iam so desperate

  5. First of all thank you for reading my email. I am a GOD fearing person.To be short, my husband used to be a businessman. We used to be the happiest families with 5 children. My elder two daughters finished their studies but 3 others are still studying .Since last three years our business did not run well and my husband is in great debts and very difficult to support the family and children education and right now he is in great depression. My husband is desperately in need of some money to pay back the debts and give education to our children. My husband owes about US$ 850000 (interest is increasing every day) to Bank and private lenders. Initially, he took some loans from Bank and private lenders to do some business and build our house but for last three years his business didn't run well and in great debts. Bank Authority and private lenders are pressing him to pay back the loan with interest and threaten to take him to Court. It is really devastating! Your small donation of US$ 850000 will uplift us and bring back the happiness in our family. Right now my family is in great tension and great trouble. Our family is also a very religious persons and love to do charity works. When we were financially sound we used to do charity works. We will continue to do so if GOD HELP us ! Please kindly help us. Please contact us at email - twang349@gmail.com

  6. My name is Betty Bradshaw I hope you can help me and my family. We are about to lose our home on 8/6/13 we owe 3000 on our house .Everything was going well when my husband lost his job and I am the only one working if you can help me with this amount I will be able to save the house and hopefully my husband will find a job real soon if you would like to speak with us my name is betty brads haw and my husband is randy brads haw .We do have 2 sons that are disabled really hope you can help us. If you need to talk to me or Randy you can contact us at 623-931-1577 or email me at Bbettyphn@aol.com
    Thank you
    Betty and Randy Brads haw
    5803 W Vogel Ave
    Glendale AZ 85302

  7. Hi! I’m Catherine Nwosu, A Nigerian. Recently, I lost my teaching job here in Nigeria and since then I’ve been seeking for means to survive financially. I later put in for a training program to start a business; I’ve been through with the training which costs me some money but I need $5000 to start off but if that amount is somehow too much for you to assist me, you can PLEASE assist with the most minimal amount ($2,500) which is the most minimum rate to start from the scratch. Coupled with this, my younger sister who stays with hasn’t paid for her university fee for three(3) sessions<#300,000 i.e $2000>, but I believe that if I could start up my business, I can assist her from the predicament and that is why it’s of more advantage to me to get $5000. I have sought other ways for assistance since the job was lost, all to no avail; PLEASE ASSIST ME AND MY GOOD GOD WILL BLESS YOU IN JESUS’ NAME (Amen). The money can be sent through WESTERN UNION; These are my contacts: CATHERINE NWOSU FAVOUR, Email: kattysam52@yahoo.com, Mobile: +2347039335772

    I am looking forward to hearing from you; THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS' NAME (Amen).

  8. My name is Kristina Mitrovic, I live in a small town in Serbia called
    Jagodina, and I am 19 years old. I am reaching out to you in a moment of
    desperation, and I can see nothing that can get me and my family out
    of that, other than this.
    My father is 52 years old, and works in a factory for a monthly salary of around $350 (30.000 Serbian dinars). My mother is 47 years old and unemployed (but
    searching for a job every day for the last 2 years). My sister is 23 years old and in college. Our family is in a massive amount of ever-growing debt, without any indication that it will ever start to decrease. The financial situation in Serbia is
    terrible, with a lot of people unemployed or working for minimal wage,
    and the only hope of leading a normal life here is having a college
    degree. I have just entered a university to study programming, so I
    don't remain in the vicious circle that my family is trapped in.
    Nearly all of my father's salary goes to our flat lease. We owe more
    than $1300 (1000 euros) for heating and electricity. Since 2008, we've
    been living solely off of cash loans from banks and our friends, to
    whom we owe more than 5000 euros ($6600). We can't raise more loans
    from banks, because we're already paying off 5 of them (the biggest
    one is for the flat with just under $30.000 left, and three more cash
    loans, a 1000 euros each). We can't borrow money from our friends
    either, because we already owe to all of them.
    My parents are in an immensely difficult psychical condition, they
    can't see a way out of this situation, and I can already see the
    stress on their faces, eating them inside. And now it will be even
    harder for them because they have to support my studies too, because
    without a college degree there is no hope for a normal life here. I am
    very embarrassed to ask this, but I need financial help. The amount of 30.000 euros ($39.600) would definitely help us stand on our feet,
    reach a positive zero, and avoid the repo men from the heating and
    electricity companies coming to take all of our belongings. I know
    this is too much to ask, and honestly it seems impossible to me, but
    this is the last thing that I, with my 19 years of age, can try to do
    to save my family.
    Thank you very much if you took the time to read my story. If you even considered donating, but are unable to, I am still so grateful for your kind-heartedness. If you have donated, there are no words that can describe my gratefulness and I wish you and your family all the best things this world can offer. Thank you!


    My indiegogo campaign: http://igg.me/p/519042/x/4661690

  9. Hi. I am a divorved mother of three and grandmother of two. I am currently in a nursing home diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, in constant pain, in a wheelchair, etc. I would like $12,000 to undergo stem cell treatment for a better quality of life. If you are able to help my email address is bdawnita@gmail.com. Thank you

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  11. My name is Ronald Kimber and I have a wife and a 13 year old son.This is the first time I had to do this but I love my family. I work part time I make $200 a week. The money only pays the bills. My wife went to welfare last month and they told her I make to much to get food stamps,no food for us. We will lose the house this year, I don't eat, we don't alot of food, I do this because I love my family. I'm asking for your help so I can buy them something for christmas. I hope this letter finds you.

    Thank You
    Ronald Kimber

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  13. 1 milion $ i need just that ! csopca@yahoo.com RO71BTRL00404201U58102xx

  14. I have a rare pathology (
    Primary Ciliary Dyskines)

    ....to the job have tried to expel me.... can help me with 15.000 euro?

  15. Dear Angels of Mercy,
    I will be concise because I'm sure you have many more important things to attend to.
    On January 7th my house / our home will be up for auction at the Warner Robins / Houston County Court House in Warner Robins, Georgia. It may already be too late for us. If we get evicted from our home, it will be the most devastating and demoralizing thing to ever happen to us and I literally don't know where we'll go. Everything I've worked for will be lost because I can't imagine where we'll put all our belongings we've acquired over the years.
    My two boys I fear for the most. They will be crushed and their world will unravel. Their school, their friends and safe familiar neighborhood will be a fleeting memory. Please Help. We live modestly. I am a good man with no criminal record of any kind. No substance abuse, no gambling nor vices. We are good people; friendly, caring, charitable citizens but, two years ago I became unemployed. I have tried extremely hard to find a good steady job like I had before but still it all falls short. I've worked all of my life without ever needing public assistance. I always had a descent job. I had a 22 year carrier in the USAFR. I/we do not deserve to be subjected to hopelessness and despair. The economy has destroyed my credit. I spent all my savings over the last two years trying to stay afloat. I want to work. I want to have hope but my mind is consumed with the fear of homelessness. I'm not suicidal but it does cross my mind. My self esteem and self confidence have been beaten down from this unnecessary and unfair sequence of events. I have nowhere to turn nor anyone to turn to. Please, help me keep our home. I've been humbled. The lack of money is the root of all misery. I need a second chance to make it all right.
    Your foundation is really my last hope. I've often thought what I'd do if I'd won the lottery and I truly always come to the conclusion that I'd definitely give most of it away. I envy you. You can bring such quick relief to pain, loss and suffering with just the stroke of your pen. That must feel good. I wish I could do it. If I'm being crass, forgive me. Right now I'm not my old self.
    I just can't lose this house. It would surely be the end of us. Please someone, please anyone give me a second chance to make it all right again. Maybe you could just buy my house and let me start paying you. At 61 years of age I will receive a pension from the USAFR; anything . . . anything . . . .please.
    Matthew E Smith
    niacin777@gmail.com (478) 953-6920

  16. Good Day:

    I'm writing to see about obtaining donations towards medical bills. We have set up a fund raising site at rally.org for a friend who needs help with medical issues. She needs surgery to replace both knees, she has had 5 surguries over the past 4 years on both legs, at this point she is in need to knee replacements in both knees. She is unable to go to work, and wants to be able to get back on her feet and be able to go back to work.

    She does not have the money she needs to have the surgery, and has some past medical bills to pay as well. We have set up a page on rally.org. below is the link. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Margie Kendall

  17. Hello
    I'm a 28 years old Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem. I have a masters degree with no decent job. I would like to ask you kindly for some money. Any amount would help me to start and build my own business
    My bank account is: 742318/570 (Arab Bank/ Bethlehem) , email: sansur.biotech@live.com. Please send me an email before doing any actions. I appreciate any help and any donations. I am even open to hear any suggestions / Businesses / Ideas .. Please don't forget me :)

  18. To whom it may concern my name is Louise Kint I was married for 15/ years to a man of God n computer programmer well my husband passed away from sickle cell disease when he pass my life has been very hard there's no jobs out here I pray constantly and hold on to my faith I pray that God will send someone in my life that will help me out I am a person of faith with strong believer in God is anyone out there that will help a person having difficulty paying my bills a very poor family I'll pray that God will speak to someone so that they may reach out and give a person in need a hand any amount will be appreciated I do have proof of my husband death and I do have proof that I'm really in need please extend a helping hand I'm begging you if you're willing to help thank you in advance please contact me at @ 717-490-0050 ... I also have a PayPal, and that is ... Louisechurch3@aol.com

  19. please someone help me I am really in a bind I am about ready to be homeless I don't want to be homeless never been homeless and don't want to be I am a very open person with a great heart and love everyone I pray that God will speak to someone heart

  20. Hello my name is Patsy,

    I am a victim of the recession that they claim is over but I can't tell. When I lost my job in 2008 I managed to keep my head above water. Around 2010 still not being able to find a job, things started getting bad. In June of 2011 I took on taking care of my oldest granddaughter because of an unnecessary custody battle with a stranger (long story), I am still taking care of her. In 2012 I moved back to Florida in the hopes of finding a job but I didn't find one and I spent all of my money staying in a hotel and when it ran out I ended up in a shelter where I stayed for 9 1/2 months and was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and PTSD. I am still looking for a job and still can't find one. Not one close enough to work into picking up my granddaughter anyway; and I have no one to pick her up and watch her until I get home. I tried to get daycare and they told my that they don't have any daycare vouchers unless she is 5 or under. I have tried everything to try and get a car but I just can't afford it, I can't even afford furniture for my house we have a bed and that's all the furniture we have. I signed up for freecharitycars.org and I am still on the waiting list but it seem like it takes a long time, I see people who have been there for up to 4 years. I don't have a long list of friends, like I had when I had money; it's kind of hard. So if you read my story and can help and know anyone else that can help I would appreciate it, I am just looking for some help to get back on my feet. A car would help me do this, because I would have the transportation that I need to get to the jobs that am being offered and get back on time to pick up my granddaughter. So please help if you can, even if it's just $1.00 dollar every little bit counts. Thank you in advance.
    Thank you,
    Patsyann Wheeler.
    See my campaign @ http://www.gofundme.com/WheelsforTheWheelerFamily

    1. am
      involved with my small groups in social services and also help CURE HELPING HANDS , STAND BY THE SIDE OF POOR CHILD IN ALL LOCALITY ,WITH FOOD , EDUCATION , MONEY AND etc . plz help to kills poverty , because it kills all the country plzz You can see one of my attempts of social service in Facebook in the name of curehelping@gmail.com OR under my name CURE- HELPING HANDS GROUPS PL Z DONATE SOME amount to do social services. ,curehelpinghands@gmail.com Please DONATE SOME money in bank account. The particulars of bank is:

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  21. Dear Sir or Madam,my name is Syafruddin age 59 year,i have a wife and four children[age 13,15,17,19],i'm a teacher at elementary school income $230/month.I need your help,pease help me....help me money $15,000 - $ 35,000 for pay my debts and education my children.Please email me >roedy1919@gmail.com.Thank you so much.God Bless You.

  22. Ask for money on viral sites am
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    Name of account holder: A . KUMAR , Account no - 41110100002750 I
    Branch Code: Last six characters of IFSC Code represent Branch code.
    MICR Code: 834012008



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