Monday 17 June 2013

#4: Ask the Wal-Mart Family Foundation for Money

The Wal-Mart Family Foundation is the forth most generous corporate givers in the USA, according to FoundationCenter.Org they have donated $175,680,474 as of 01/31/2011, to help people all over the world. For the fiscal year ending 2013 Wal-Mart giving exceeded $1 billion for the first time. The aim of the Wal-Mart Family Foundation is to give people access to a better life one community at a time. The Organization provides thousands of grants to organizations that share the mission.

The Foundation offers Hunger Relief & Healthy Eating Programs, Sustainability, Women's Economic Empowerment, Career Opportunities and Special Interests to overcome natural disasters. In 2010 the Foundation launched the Fighting Hunger Together and has pledged a $2 billion cash in kind commitment through 2015 to fight hunger in America.

You can apply for a local, state or national grant. The Foundation supports organizations of all sizes and helps individuals through their stores. The National Giving Program awards $250,000 to non profit organizations that actively shares the Wal-Mart Mission, the State Giving Program offers $25,000 to $250,000 to organizations that operate on a state and regional level. The local Giving Programs award $250 to $2500 through Wal-Mart stores, Sam's Club to help everyday people who are experiencing hunger.

If you're experiencing hardship and need help with food and money then you could contact this Charitable Foundation for help. The contact details are below.

Wal-Mart Stores Foundation

702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716-8611

Telephone: (479) 273-4000

Hunger Relief Programs

Local Giving Programs

If you want to contact the Wal-Mart Foundation then please leave a comment below, if you've already received help from the Foundation then please share your experiences to help others.


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  6. I am a GOD fearing person and very sincerely narrating my story.To be short, my husband used to be a businessman. We used to be the happiest families with 5 children. My elder two daughters finished their studies but 3 others are still studying .Since last three years our business did not run well and my husband is in great debts and very difficult to support the family and children education and right now he is in great depression. My husband is desperately in need of some money to pay back the debts and give education to our children. My husband owes about US$ 850000 (interest is increasing every day) to Bank and private lenders. Initially, he took some loans from Bank and private lenders to do some business and build our house but for last three years his business didn't run well and in great debts. Bank Authority and private lenders are pressing him to pay back the loan with interest and threaten to take him to Court. It is really devastating! Your small donation of US$ 850000 will uplift us and bring back the happiness in our family. Right now my family is in great tension and great trouble. Our family is also a very religious persons and love to do charity works. When we were financially sound we used to do charity works. We will continue to do so if GOD HELP us ! Please kindly help us. Please contact us at email - twang349@gmail.com

  7. Hi Sir / Ma! I’m Catherine Nwosu, A Nigerian. Recently, I lost my teaching job here in Nigeria and since then I’ve been seeking for means to survive financially. I later put on for a training program to start a business; I’ve been through with the training which costs me some money but I need $5000 to start off but if that amount is somehow too much for you to assist me, you can PLEASE assist with the most minimal amount ($2,500) which is the most minimum rate to start from the scratch. Coupled with this, my younger sister who stays with me hasn’t paid for her university fee for three(3) sessions<#300,000 i.e $2000>, but I believe that if I could start up my business, I can assist her from the predicament and that is why it’s of more advantage to me to get $5000. I have sought other ways for assistance since the job was lost, all to no avail; PLEASESIR / MA, ASSIST ME AND MY GOOD GOD WILL BLESS YOU IN JESUS’ NAME (Amen). The money can be sent through WESTERN UNION; These are my contacts: CATHERINE NWOSU FAVOUR, Email: kattysam52@yahoo.com, Mobile: +2347039335772

    I am looking forward to hearing from you; THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS' NAME (Amen).

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. rinku restin,
    My name is Ranjith Sukumaran a poor, desperate Indian struggling for survival. I am a self employed civil engineer, but i have no money, no bank deposit, no house, no land, no kind relatives. I have been working hard, but nothing can be saved yet. i am neither a spend thrift nor addicted to any bad habits. But fate up to this day is against me. If you could help me, i could walk back from the brink of a suicide.
    I am a married man and my wife's name is Sunitha. Both of us were in love from childhood. At the beginning of her twenties she was forced by her parents to marry a man. At that time i was studying and I couldn’t help her, she was not strong enough to oppose her parents and she put her neck to cruel fist of a strange man. He was a 24hour drunkard and drug addict. Teasing her for anything was his hobby. Her marriage was on 6th September 2002, at that time she was nineteen. After that, both of us did not meet each other for the long eight years. I thought she was doing a good family life and i never tried to contact or meet her thereafter. But in 2010 on a ceremony I saw her destructed. She was so tried as if she had no food for many days. Her complexion was too terrible for me to suffer, when I recollected my past beautiful Sunitha. I asked her for her number and talked a lot. I felt no other women can bear that much hardships and still alive. On the October 2012 I brought her from her cursed house and got married. She is now staying at a ladies hostel. Living together in a home still remains as a dream to us. Our families are against us, and we are being hunted by many social, economical and financial matters. We (Sunitha) filed a divorce petition against her past husband (from whom I escaped her) and is under the consideration of court. I am a civil engineer and I am doing small building contract works. I had an assistant. Now he is not with me. Last year he flew away by giving me a liability of $4000. I sold my two old bikes and a laptop and also I borrowed another $2000 to repay my liabilities and continue with my works. I repaid more than 40% of my debits. As I am self employed I haven’t any fixed salary, my monthly income is fluctuating sometimes good and sometimes bad. If i have an office of my own thing would be different, but it requires some money which I can’t afford to presently. My Sunitha had no big education. She was a country girl. I send her to basic computer courses to take part in my life making. Finding a job for her is not easy. Thus i tried for many online jobs. All of them were fraud and I lost some money in that way too. We have no money no bank balance, no land, and no supporting people. Making a life is very hard to us. Recently I tried to setup an affiliate account on cj.com and tried to make an affiliate web site. But money stood as a problem there also. I don't want to be rich, but I should live happily, I want to make my Sunitha happy, she doesn’t know what is happiness. If a $3000 is get, I can clear my remaining debits and start make use of my small income to our family making and solving legal issues. I have two bank accounts and Sunitha has one, but there isn’t a single penny in them, still we are living with expectations. We are praying in front of all gods. A church told us Christ will help you. Can we meet Christ in you?


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  16. dear sir , My name is vishal and i live in India . i need money help from you for my dream travel and little help for my child . i need some $7000 for my travel and give some money help for my child . because he is a just 4 years old and he is a diabetic child . i need to help them and really need some money help . i hope you will accept my request . because i did not demand for my proper expenses , i just need help from you for my child and his health .

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. dear walmart it would help a lot of people by giving funds and food and stuff to the local drop in centers they count on comp. giving . at this time of year it's really hard in new England . with winter and the holidays .poor people and needy people have it the hardest .we have homeless just like any where else.the shelter needs funds too. so if you would give to drop in center & the warming shelter in bellows falls vermont. thank you

  19. I'm in need of funds to better my life I've been homeless just lately I have gotten a place and I'm trying to get on my feet. 5,000.00 to better my life .please can you help ! phil lowell gen del. bellows falls vermont 05101 thank you.

  20. Hello i m Maria from Cyprus.I m using my neighbor 's wifi.my mother has cancer and she cant go to work.I worked at gym and they fired me for crisis. My father left us for other woman and i dont know where is he.We need food medicines and pay the bills.i want see my mother happy for christmas.pls help us.
    All money i need is only £600
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  21. When I saw everyone else on here asking for help I felt so bad for them that I stopped feeling bad for myself.. I have been feeling so alone and lost in my mess that I had no thought that anyone could be going through the same as me. I now see that there is so many of us in the same boat. I lost my job four days before Thanksgiving, I was a cook for a hotel. I hurt my back at home could not go to the doctor because my ins at work had not kicked in yet, only had two weeks to go. I was laid up for about a week. I was still in a lot of pain but needed to get back to work, no matter the pain. Well they were not having that. They Said I have to be able to pick up my 40 pounds. Well I did sign the paper work saying I could, when I first started there it was in my paper work. I can not even pick up 20 pounds right now as it is. I broke my back 13 years ago fell about three stories. But after a year of hell I got back upon my feet, but the back will always be a pain in my life. Well so much for that job. I have gone out and been online every day trying to find a job. I am use to waitress work in nice places but noting so far. I even went to subway, hamburger places and still nothing yet, I would love to work in anyone of these places I am so not a picky person. I applied for food stamps and they said yes I can get it. Well that was three weeks ago and still no card in the mail. I applied for a free phone that was also three weeks ago. I hated to do it but one has to eat and I had to get a phone because of jobs and I knew mine would be cut off. Well that happened today. I am thinking my cable and online will go next. Had to spend $75 of my jan- 1st rent to buy food for a month. I do not think I will ever eat beans, eggs, and rice again once I get back to my life, I mean I would, but after eating it for almost a month I would rather not for awhile. I am single 53 and alone so xmas really was pretty sad for me. All my kids are over seas right now, so the last thing they needed was a messed up xmas knowing mom was going through this, you know. I even emailed a church today asking them to pray for me because maybe just me doing it alone was not enough. But we are all so many so I am going to add all of you out there in my prayers, and I am going to pray really loud!!!!! And if you do not hear back from me on here it's because of getting cut off line. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful and will pay it forward once I am on my feet. Thank you Susie McGee in SA. TX. Email susieq78240@yahoo.com And this is my 80 year old mothers # 210-695-3767. We are not close but I think she would take the call as long as she does not have to help. Sad but true. I am going as fast as I can online where ever I can. Good luck everyone in need, and God bless us all.....

  22. Dear Angels of Mercy,
    I will be concise because I'm sure you have many more important things to attend to.
    On January 7th my house / our home will be up for auction at the Warner Robins / Houston County Court House in Warner Robins, Georgia. It may already be too late for us. If we get evicted from our home, it will be the most devastating and demoralizing thing to ever happen to us and I literally don't know where we'll go. Everything I've worked for will be lost because I can't imagine where we'll put all our belongings we've acquired over the years.
    My two boys I fear for the most. They will be crushed and their world will unravel. Their school, their friends and safe familiar neighborhood will be a fleeting memory. Please Help. We live modestly. I am a good man with no criminal record of any kind. No substance abuse, no gambling nor vices. We are good people; friendly, caring, charitable citizens but, two years ago I became unemployed. I have tried extremely hard to find a good steady job like I had before but still it all falls short. I've worked all of my life without ever needing public assistance. I always had a descent job. I had a 22 year carrier in the USAFR. I/we do not deserve to be subjected to hopelessness and despair. The economy has destroyed my credit. I spent all my savings over the last two years trying to stay afloat. I want to work. I want to have hope but my mind is consumed with the fear of homelessness. I'm not suicidal but it does cross my mind. My self esteem and self confidence have been beaten down from this unnecessary and unfair sequence of events. I have nowhere to turn nor anyone to turn to. Please, help me keep our home. I've been humbled. The lack of money is the root of all misery. I need a second chance to make it all right.
    Your foundation is really my last hope. I've often thought what I'd do if I'd won the lottery and I truly always come to the conclusion that I'd definitely give most of it away. I envy you. You can bring such quick relief to pain, loss and suffering with just the stroke of your pen. That must feel good. I wish I could do it. If I'm being crass, forgive me. Right now I'm not my old self.
    I just can't lose this house. It would surely be the end of us. Please someone, please anyone give me a second chance to make it all right again. Maybe you could just buy my house and let me start paying you. At 61 years of age I will receive a pension from the USAFR; anything . . . anything . . . .please.
    Matthew E Smith
    niacin777@gmail.com (478) 953-6920

  23. Hello
    I'm a 28 years old Palestinian Christian from Bethlehem. I have a masters degree with no decent job. I would like to ask you kindly for some money. Any amount would help me to start and build my own business
    My bank account is: 742318/570 (Arab Bank/ Bethlehem) , email: sansur.biotech@live.com. Please send me an email before doing any actions. I appreciate any help and any donations. I am even open to hear any suggestions / Businesses / Ideas .. Please don't forget me :)

  24. my name is mahaboob ali , i want to get a job as soon as possible but my financial conditions are very tuf even to go and get a rent room, i wanted to do a course so that i will be in a job but the cost is very high its $1500 so i want from you to please help me make career and i stand on my own . one day i to help others and do something for the needy . its tuf time for my family but i ask you a favour of my lifetime , my career . hope you do the needfull. jaaved_ali1@yahoo.com

  25. Hardship due to severe spine injury on my job 2009

    To Whom it may concern:My name is Randy Rhine. I had a severe injury that left me disabled not able to return back to work. We are behind in all of our bills.This is hard for me to ask,We need support immediately.God Bless,Thank You'll

    Give Share Follow Read more

    by Anonymous
    Anniston, AL, United States
    Anonymous is asking for your help with Hardship due to severe spine injury on my job 2009.

  26. My name is Ronald Rhine, I am almost feeling a bit of neglection from help so really people please please help us, It would be so kind, thank and appreciate. Thank........thank you all Thank

  27. Hi I'm 54 years old, I had a g heart attack in 2013,I really need help with transportation, I am suppose to get body scans to make sure all my cancer is gone and I need to get to shands hospital in Jacksonville, fl. To start my heart therapy 3 times a wk, I can't do this although all my Dr.s are at shands Jacksonville, because I don't have transportation or anyone to help me get there, please if you could please help me, so I wont get worse or die. U really need help god bless, Barbara johnson

  28. My name is Tobey McCarley a 36yr old single male who is currently unemployed with out a ride and are ready to just give up on life. Seems like I can't get on top no matter how much I try. I have been renting to own 3.5 acres for the past 5 years. I would love nothing more than to be able to pay off, but as of now I'm at real risk of losing this place. My electricity is off and I am behind on rent payments, and to tell you the truth if I lose this place I don't think I've got it in me to start over. I would rather take the easy way out as they say. I just want to be happy and be able to enjoy life a little bit, and if I had 5,000 to 10,000 I could pay off my land and get some kind of transportation so I can get a much needed job and a reason for living again. So please dig deep into your hearts and your wallets to help a wonderful young man regain his life back. Then maybe I could get my son back where he belongs,home with his daddy.GOD BLESS AND GOD SPEED

  29. Hello, I am honored to be e-mailing you and I would be even more honored if you replied to me or even helped out my request. Right now I am in school, medical and bill debt and I am willing to do anything for any amount of money you are willing to give me, I'm not the type of person to ask people for money but I am in a time of need.
    You and I know you could make many people rich and I want you to know if I were ever rich I would give most of my earnings to my community and really help out the world and make it a difference. I would immediately pay everything for my cousins cancer medication bills and all. Please help me out. Help me make the people around me wealthy. Thank you for your time if you have gotten this far. Thank you so much.

    Adrian Sotelo
    8286639 is my account number

  30. Have any of these requests been answered ? Were they for real or just lazy con artists? Have any millionaires or billionaires actually helped the real hardship cases? If they did help I am interested and need help. carlajones58@gmail.com

  31. If this site is real and people are actually receiving assistance I am very much in need. Please contact me at carlajones58@gmail.com and I'll explain my need and proof of my hardship. Thank You

  32. Good day I'm Loftus from India. i have heavy loss including I have sold my house to pay back all my debt. Kindly help me financially so i can solve my problem franklyjohnnyfernandes@gmail.com



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