Tuesday 18 June 2013

Celebrities That Give Free Money #4: Ask Herb Alpert for Financial Assistance

According to Forbes Philanthropy Magazine the second most generous celebrity to help people is musician Herb Alpert. The musical genuis donated $9,104,829 to the Herb Alpert Foundation which supports compassion, well being and the Arts. The musician lags just behind actress Jami Gertz who donated $10,569,002 to the Ressler Gertz Family Foundation.

The Herb Alpert Foundation promotes a world where all the young people are given opportunities to allow them to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. The foundation offers help to young people so that they can discover and develop their unique creative special talents. The Foundation also helps to prepare the young to live enriched diverse lives without prejudice, to nurture a capacity for empathy and compassion based on mutual respect.

The Herb Alpert Foundation offers funding for the following areas, Arts of Education, Jazz, Support to Professionals, Compassion and Well-being. You can find a full list of all the Grantees that the Herb Alpert Foundation has founded here.

Grants from the Herp Alpert Foundation are by invitation only, the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, the best way to ask the foundation for money is to write and inquire about all the 501(c)(3) that they fund and then contact them direct for help.

If you're an exceptional young person who needs help and direction in life then you can contact the Foundation for money, if you're a student in the arts of Education then there's a chance that you might get help towards a scholarship or might be pointed in the right direction, there is no guarantee that you'll get help however it's worth a try if you've got nowhere else to turn to. 

I have included the contact details for the Herb Alpert Foundation below, the best way to contact them is to write a hardship letter explaining your situation and then inquire about the 501(c)(3) that they fund which can help you.

Herb Alpert Family Foundation

1414 6th Street
Santa Monica
California 90401-2510

I have included a map below, if you're planning on asking the non profit organization for money then please leave a comment below, if you've already contacted the foundation please feel free to share your experiences to help others.

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  1. I am in an extremely desperate situation as I am unemployed, no savings unable to pay the mortgage and the house is on the sale. All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Only $2000. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to anybody who is willing to help me in this.

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  3. Hi my name is Wendy Tennant I have been disabled since 1998 for three years I raised my two daughters’ with little to no help from my ex husband. This is the same man that tried to kill me in 1995. Then I meet the man of my dreams and everything was going great until I started to remember what I buried for years. Being molested by my sister from the age of 3 until 11. I told my parents about it a number of time’s to make it stop and all I was told was that she would never do this to me. So I started thinking it was okay until I left at the age of 17 (1983). I moved in with my ex and that was when the abuse from him started until he almost killed me in 1995. From 1995 until 2001 I was raising my girls on my own this is when I meet the man of my dreams. He stepped in as dad for the girls and treats them like his own. We put them thru college and are still paying. Because we had little to no help from him. I just slowly start to shut down because in my past My family would say your not worth it and you mess everything up, because everyone in my family didn’t care I did care what happen to me. This is one of the reasons why we are in money problems because I just didn’t care, what happened to me. For years I just dealt with it until I couldn’t any more. I really care what happened now but it my be to late and now I am under doctors care. I suffer from PTSD and severe depression. I know with their help I am worth it. They also helped me thru the death of my Mom 12-13-12. But now we are going to lose our house if $16,500 isn’t paid by June 28 o our house will go out to auction on Aug 15th. for back taxes. I have let my family down and now if we lose the house I don’t know how my mental health is going to take it. Any amount would help out. PLEASE can you help. mamawendy26@yahoo.com Thank you for your time, Wendy

  4. I'm not asking for a million bucks just some money to get to my Holy Convocation

    I would appreciate it
    God will bless you 100 fold
    In jesus name Amen!

  5. Please Help me..
    I am girish kumar pg from kerala state, country india. i am in an very desperate situation as I am unemployed, as my mother she had gone through a surgery for ca tongue, i ve spended the whole amount which i ve saved for her, my father is no more, now am looking after my mother without going for any job. i had taken some amount on interest from money lenders, for the same, which am not able pay them back right now, and am need of 11 lakhs of indian rupee urgently, All I need is $2000 as a loan so that I can use my knowledge in Forex trading to build my financial freedom. I want this as a loan and ready to pay back with interest. Please try to help as this can change my horrible destiny and I will be forever grateful to u in helping me in this situation.

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  7. Dear Mr. Albert,

    I am writing you this letter because I need your help as I have lost my job at a company because the company let me go in 2012.Unemployment benefits have expired so now I can’t support myself and don't want to lose everything. I have been trying to get a job for about a year now but it’s hopeless. Since I lost my job I have been going through a lot. I'm so desperate that I'm running out of items to sell. I understand if you cannot help me as you get a lot of letters asking for help but if you can we will be so greatful. Thank you for your time,
    Jeff McCarter 864-237-5280 110 Village Park Dr.Apt.57 Simpsonville S.C. 29681

  8. please i need serious help , i James Anang please about $500 to pay my debt please help me find a place in your heart and help me
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  9. My name is Shem and I kindly request funds so I access education which for the past 10 years I have not been able to. I aspire to study Bachelor of Business Information technology and the tuition fees required is $2000 which I can't afford now. Also you may visit my blog http://shemhope.wordpress.com where I have shared my dream and also to know me well.
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  11. hello my name is Ali ( i will give my complete name when i find someone trust him )
    i live in Algeria i am not looking for money but i need someone to pay for my study in USA or Canada or New Zealand .
    i am in big trouble and my life in risk because i am gay and to be gay is a crime here in my country . and may family want me to get married very soon . i can not say no and i could not say i am gay . but if the know about that i will go to the jail or get killed by my family or someone else so i need someone to help me get out from here but the only easy way is to ask for study visa .
    i am 33 years old now and i do not have much time .
    i work as a secretary man in office state here in Algeria i just get this job since few days from now and the pay is not enough to help me to ask for any kind of visa i just get about 160 dollars in the month .
    and if i do not find the way to get out from this hell i will kill my self because its better than this life .
    i am not a hustler or a bad boy want to get easy money .
    i just want to be myself and be happy and live .
    and i promise i will Proved every thing i said in this letter and after i get help from you and be fine i will return your money i swear .
    by the way i have many friends from USA that they know my story and my situation and they can proved that .
    thanks so much for reading my email .
    my email / aalianos@yahoo.com

  12. Dear Angels of Mercy,
    I will be concise because I'm sure you have many more important things to attend to.
    On January 7th my house / our home will be up for auction at the Warner Robins / Houston County Court House in Warner Robins, Georgia. It may already be too late for us. If we get evicted from our home, it will be the most devastating and demoralizing thing to ever happen to us and I literally don't know where we'll go. Everything I've worked for will be lost because I can't imagine where we'll put all our belongings we've acquired over the years.
    My two boys I fear for the most. They will be crushed and their world will unravel. Their school, their friends and safe familiar neighborhood will be a fleeting memory. Please Help. We live modestly. I am a good man with no criminal record of any kind. No substance abuse, no gambling nor vices. We are good people; friendly, caring, charitable citizens but, two years ago I became unemployed. I have tried extremely hard to find a good steady job like I had before but still it all falls short. I've worked all of my life without ever needing public assistance. I always had a descent job. I had a 22 year carrier in the USAFR. I/we do not deserve to be subjected to hopelessness and despair. The economy has destroyed my credit. I spent all my savings over the last two years trying to stay afloat. I want to work. I want to have hope but my mind is consumed with the fear of homelessness. I'm not suicidal but it does cross my mind. My self esteem and self confidence have been beaten down from this unnecessary and unfair sequence of events. I have nowhere to turn nor anyone to turn to. Please, help me keep our home. I've been humbled. The lack of money is the root of all misery. I need a second chance to make it all right.
    Your foundation is really my last hope. I've often thought what I'd do if I'd won the lottery and I truly always come to the conclusion that I'd definitely give most of it away. I envy you. You can bring such quick relief to pain, loss and suffering with just the stroke of your pen. That must feel good. I wish I could do it. If I'm being crass, forgive me. Right now I'm not my old self.
    I just can't lose this house. It would surely be the end of us. Please someone, please anyone give me a second chance to make it all right again. Maybe you could just buy my house and let me start paying you. At 61 years of age I will receive a pension from the USAFR; anything . . . anything . . . .please.
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