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10 Ways to Contact Bill Gates for Help in 2017

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $77 billion. Bill Gates is also one generous individual currently pledged to give away more than half of all his wealth to help individuals all over the world. Bill Gates Money is available to help people in need. Most of the money will be distributed through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation which focuses on Global Health, Global Development, U.S. Programs and Global Policy and advocacy. Some of the programs that are available in the U.S. Include funding for college ready education, funding for postsecondary success and programs which help underprivileged people in Washington. If you want to contact Bill Gates for help I have 10 different ways you can contact him. All the contact details are accurate at the time of writing this post.

1: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

You can reach out to Bill Gates through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. While the message will not go directly to the billionaire you could ask the administrators to pass on the message politely. Here are the contact details. You will also be able to find Bill Gates Donations and the programs he supports on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Main Office
500 Fifth Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 709-3100

2: Contact Bill Gates by Email

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation also have an email address. You can address the email for the attention of Bill Gates and hope for the emailed to be forwarded to the billionaire. Again the chances of this happening are slim however there is an outside chance that the email could land in the billionaire’s inbox. Bill Gates Charity Donations and the program he supports should be researched before you contact him direct so you are aware of what kind of charities he supports.

3: Contact Bill Gates through Facebook

Another great way to get the billionaires attention is through Facebook. Bill Gates has over 10 million likes and countless friends. You can send the billionaire a friend request. Every time Bill posts a message on Facebook you should be the first to make a comment on it. It is common for Facebook posters to read the first few comments on their post to see how it was received. If you can be the first for a prolonged period of time you will get noticed and the billionaire might even reach out to you. You should make a comment on every Bill Gates Donation to show that you are serious about getting help with money

4: Contact Bill Gates through Twitter

This strategy is similar to the Facebook strategy. You need to find the Twitter page for Bill Gates and then become a follower. Every time the billionaire tweets something you need to make respond with a meaningful comment. If you can do this over a period of time the billionaire will start to notice you. This strategy has worked for many individuals which is why in the first few seconds of a tweet a response is posted. Knowing how to get donation from Bill Gates might be as easy as getting noticed via Tweets.

5: Contact Bill Gates via YouTube

The Gates Foundation has a YouTube channel showcasing all the great work the billionaire has done. You can subscribe to the channel and leave meaningful and long comments on the video posts. To really stand out you can create a video response which has a greater chance of being heard. If you can leave meaningful comments via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube you will start to get noticed.

6: Contact Bill Gates through the Giving Pledge

The Giving Pledge is a non profit organization where billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their wealth to their chosen charity. Bill Gates has pledged to give away over $36 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among other charities. You can visit the Giving Pledge site and scroll down to the contact us link. You can send a message addressed to Bill Gates. Again the chances of this email being forwarded to Bill are slim however there is an outside chance which is why I included it.

7: Bill Gates Personal Email Address

As Bill Gates owns Microsoft, Outlook and Hotmail there is a chance he could have an email with these extensions. You could try different permutations of his name to see if the email goes through. You could try B.Gates, Bill.Gates, BGates or BillGates with the hotmail, live and outlook extension. There is a good chance you could get through so make sure you send something meaningful to get a response.

8: Contact Bill Gates through Instagram.com

Bill Gates has 248 posts on Instagram.com. The billionaire currently has 814 followers and is following 4 people. Again you should use the same strategy as Facebook leaving meaningful comments on his pictures so the billionaire begins to notice you. Make sure you have the same credible name across all accounts which will show the billionaire who dedicated you are to reach out.

9: Leave Comment on This Post

From time to time Billionaires such as Bill Gates search themselves on line. If this post receives a high Google ranking there is a chance Bill Gates will read this post. If you are able to write the first few comments on the post there is a chance Bill Gates might see this and then write a response.

10: Bill Gates Speaking Engagement

You could keep tabs on the billionaire by finding where he’s giving his speech next. These engagements are followed by an opportunity to meet the man. If you can get into these prestigious events then there is a chance you could meet the billionaire and leave him a note or letter asking for help, money or even mentorship.

10 Ways to Contact Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a tremendously busy man where thousands of people reach out to him every day! It is impossible for the billionaire to respond to everyone of these people. If however you reach out to him on a continuous basis there is a good chance you’ll get noticed. Bill Gates does reach out to a few people so he can give his undivided attention. Therefore taking the time to build an online relationship might be the best way to get through to the billionaire.

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