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How to Get Money Fast - 32 Ways to Eventually Generate $10,000 Per Month

How to Get Money Fast

  • Learn 32 Actionable Ways to Get Money Fast
  • Learn How to Use Clinical Trials to Get Money Fast
  • Learn Ways to Use Credit Cards to Generate Income Fast
  • Learn How to Use Peer-to-Peer Lending to Get Fast Money

I always receive emails from my readers asking how to get money fast legitimately. The bottom line is you can make a significant second or even first income if you turn your attention to making money fast. There are so many legal ways to get money quickly and its better to use legitimate strategies for long term wealth generation. These methods outlined here are completely legitimate ways to generating cash. You can eventually generate $10,000 per month if you really put your mind to it. (Seriously)

How to Get Money Fast (What Can I Do?)

These methods outlined below may be unusual ways to make money however there are individuals making thousands of dollars following these exact methods. This might sound contradictory however the key to getting fast money is patience and knowing the difference between legal and illegal ways to generate cash, always stick to legal WAYS!. All the ideas listed on this mammoth post are legal! you are not breaking the law! You can generate anything between $1000 and $10,000 per month if you really put your mind to it. So if you're asking questions such as how can I get money fast then go through this entire list and find ideas you really believe in where you are prepared to put the time and effort.

Also if you're looking to supplement your income quickly check out the following incredibly popular posts below which share strategies and ideas to make money quickly. I have used these ideas to increases my income and wealth and multiply my passive income stream. Check them out now!

(1 of 6) How to Get Money Fast Now

Free money from Cash Back Sites

How do I get money fast was a question I asked myself a while back and it led me to cash back sites. At first cash back sites didn't seem appealing however over the years I have made significant amounts of money just using this strategy. This is one way I get money fast. Every item I purchase for myself, my family or my home is done through cash back sites. Every time I spend money I receive anything between 1% and 10%. This might seem miniscule at first however over a period of 12 months the amount of cash back starts to grow. You can earn anything between $500 and $1000 just by making a slight adjustment to your shopping habits. Here is the list of all my favourite cash back sites.

1: Swagbucks – Using Swagbucks you can start spending immediately on your favourite products and service and get cash back. Swagbucks has an excellent track record of making payments on time.

2: MyPoints – If you purchase a lot of household products then MyPoints is ideal. You can earn anything between 1% and 10% which aggregates nicely over 12 months.

3: Ebates – You can find virtually any item you want to buy through eBates.com. The cash back is very high and payment is made on time.

Make $10 per Day Survey Sites 

Another way of getting money fast is by filling out surveys. Businesses understand the importance of consumer research through segmentation and are willing to pay people for their opinion. If you’ve got time to spare then join a few survey sites and fill out surveys on a daily basis to generate income. You can get paid anything between $1 and $10 for each survey completed. As you become more reliable and active you will get better paying surveys. After 30 days of active participation you can make $10 per day just filling out surveys, that’s $300 per month.

4: Cashcrate – Cashcrate.com offers money for trying out new offers. Payments are reliable and prompt.

5: Surveysavvy – Surveysavvy.com pay opinionated people to share their views on products and surveys. You can be brutally honest here and get paid for letting off steam.

6: TreasureTrooper – Treasure Trooper is a fun way of making money by filling out surveys, again it is reliable and has a prompt payment method.

7: GetPaid – Another survey site which has a reliable payment service.

(2 of 6) How to Get Money Fast with Medical Research

Another way to get money fast is by donating blood, plasma and eggs to patients. You can also donate your time to medical research and receive a handsome compensation for your efforts. Medical researchers can pay anything between $50 and $4000 for a trail of their drugs so this is definitely one of the lucrative ways to get fast money.

You can donate blood and plasma to blood banks who then sell it on to clinics. You can get anything between $30 and $50 per donation and as long as you’re fit and healthy you can carry on donating. If you can donate twice a week and receive compensation of $50 per donation you could earn $4800 per year. Here is a list of the best blood banks to get money fast. You can also donate your eggs, hair and take part in clinical trials to generate extra cash. This is a great way to get money quickly.

8: Blood Banker – Find a collection of blood clinics which pay cash for your plasma donations

9: Give Plasma Canada – You can also donate plasma in Canada and be compensated for your time

10: Egg Donor America – Receive $4000 to $10,000 per donation

11: Buy & Sell Hair – Receive anything between $100 and $300 for 10 inches of hair

12: Hair Work – Allows you to advertise your hair and set your own price

13: ClinicalTrials.Gov – Government website listing all credible clinical trials which pay anything between $100 and $10,000

(3 of 6) How to Get Money Fast Online

You can also get money online by creating quality content that serves a need. Top bloggers can make anything between $1000 and $100,000 per month. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income has made $84,000 in one month and is the 18th top blogger in the world. You can also monetize your content using Google Adsense, affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates. If you’re opinionated and want to share your knowledge with other people then blogging could make you a lot of money. The money I need now all comes from blogging online offering readers information that they demand. Here is a list of all the best resources to get you started if you are interested in blogging. knowing how to get money from a blog can change your life. I run a number of blogs online. Unlike this Millionaires Giving Money blog which generates miniscule income I have a number of blogs which are high income generators. By running several blogs which offer useful relevant content I have managed to make a substantial income online.  

14: So You Want to Be a Professional blogger? – Excellent post from Victor Pride of Bold & Determined giving a genuine account of how to become a pro blogger

15: Affiliate Marketing Strategy – A must read from Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income which earns over $80,000 per month

16: How to Make Money With Adsense – Excellent post from 2CreateaWebsite.com on how to create a site and monetize using Google Adsense

(4 of 6) How to Make Money Fast with Money

You can learn how to get money fast by using money. If you have savings then you’re probably annoyed with the paltry savings rate offered by banks. There are two ways you can make money with money. The strategies along with the resources are listed below.
Stoozing Credit Cards to Generate Free Money

Learning how to get extra money fast from credit cards can earn you anything between $100 and $1000 per year depending on your credit history and credit score. Stoozing involves finding credit cards which offer zero percent credit for a period of time. The money is transferred from your credit card to your bank account for a small fee. The savings account rate should exceed the fee amount so you can make a profit. Here is a list of all the credit cards with zero percent as well as all the resources.

17: Stoozing Forum – Find all the zero percent credit cards and all the latest strategies on the Stoozing Forum

17: Citi Simplicity Card 0% for 24 Months – 24 Months Interest free with low transfer charges

18: Chase Slate Card 0% for 19 Months – You can use this card for purchases and then save all your income and pay the balance off after 19 months

Peer to Peer Lending To Get More Money Fast

Peer to Peer lending sites offer investors to lend their money to other people. You can lend according to credit score. I have nearly $30,000 invested in peer to peer lending sites such as Funding Circle, Trust Buddy and Ratesetter.com. I always invest in A rated businesses and people who have high credit score. Most of these P2P lending sites have a provisional fund for defaults which means the money is relatively safe. I am earning 9% on my savings!

20: Funding Circle – You can invest in businesses which have excellent credit scores. You can secure your investment with director guarantee and asset guarantee.

21: Trust Buddy – You can earn anything between 12% and 15% lending money to pay day loan borrowers. Trust Buddy is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and has a rigorous credit checking facility to ensure credit defaults are low.

22: Lending Club – You can lend to borrowers according to credit score. You can earn anything between 5% and 12%

23: Prosper - Lend to people and receive anything between 5% and 10 % depending on how much risk you are prepared to take.

24: Ratesetter – Fix you money for 6 months, 1, 3, and 5 years. Ratesetter.com has a provisional fund for defaults. So far Ratesetter.com has honoured all their investors.

(5 of 6) How Can I Make Fast Cash Now

Another of my favourite ways to get money is writing on revenue sharing websites. Using these sites I am able to earn anything between $1000 and $2000 per month depending on the seasonal content. I write quality articles which help people. I use search engine optimisation and keyword research to find profitable keywords to write about. This is definitely worth considering if you’re passionate about a subject and enjoy writing about something you enjoy.

25: Squidoo – Create amazing content using all the excellent widgets Squidoo offers. You can write masterful posts that look beautiful and then monetize using Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. There are writers on Squidoo earning up to $12,000 per month. Update:03/24/2015 - Squidoo has now been taken over by Hubpages.com but you can still write quality posts for money!

26: Xomba – Xomba has a high click through rate and now only allows high end quality content. Xomba has been penalised by Google however they seem to have overcome the penalty and earnings are rising. Top earners have generated $2000 per month.

27: Infobarrel – Infobarrel offers 90% ad share as long as you write 6 articles which are 1000 words in length where 2 posts get featured in the front page. Top earners have earned $2800 per month using this revenue sharing website.

28: Seekyt – You can earn up to 99% of the ad share depending on contribution, sharing, commenting and activity. Seekyt has an amazing administrator named Tyler who is always willing to help writers earn more money.

(6 of 6) How Do I Get Money Fast on the Stock Market?

Another way to get money fast is by understanding the stock market. The stock market as of writing this post is at an all time high. Most investors are expecting a correction. If you look at the history of the stock market over the last 100 years you will notice peaks and troughs. At the moment the stock market is peaking which means it’s not worth risking money.

Soon the stock market should correct and that is when I am planning on investing money for the long term in high quality stocks which pay increasing dividends. Warren Buffet always says ‘be greedy when everyone is fearful and be fearful when everyone is greedy’, this basically means buy when the stock market has crashed and watch your investments grow. I have included some excellent resources on how to get fast money from the stock market.

29: Fully Informed – Excellent blog about making money selling put options on high quality stocks. You can expect to make anything above 12% per annum conservatively.

30: Dividend Aristocrat Stocks – List of stocks which have a 25 year dividend increasing history. These stocks will pay you more dividends every year.

How to Get Money Fast by Becoming a Freelancer

Another great way to supplement your income is by freelancing your skills and expertise. The internet makes it much easier to advertise your services for hire. If you have expertise in IT, Search Engine Optimization, Law, Electronics, plumbing etc, you could advertise your services on sites like Up Work and Just Answers. If you an expert in a popular field such as website design you could easily make $10,000 dollars per month designing complete websites for eager clients.

31: Up Work - Get paid for freelance work if you're an expert

32: Just Answers - Get paid for answering questions to an expert level 

How to Get Money Fast

Follow these strategies listed above get fast cash now. Using the strategies and resources outlined above you can earn anything between $1000 and $10,000 per month. The more effort you put in the more money you can generate. All these ideas are completely legitimate and you can use them online at home. Try to conquer one idea at a time and slowly build up a passive income stream which can help you get money fast. If you’ve enjoyed this post then please share it with other people using the Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and Twitter. If you’ve got any questions on how to get money fast, please do not hesitate to contact me. Good Luck.



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