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I Need Money Now - 7 Practical Ways to Make Money

Did you know that according to a 2011 US Census a family of 4 in the US earns less than $23,021? In 2011, nearly 46.2 million Americans were living in poverty? There are lots of spam filled posts on the internet with titles such as I need money now for free and I need free money today. There is no such thing as free money; instead there are financial assistance packages, grants, bursaries and help from the government. 

If you or your family are experiencing poverty or you just want to top up your income this post will give you practical and actionable tips and ideas to make money on the side. Remember, this is not a spam post and is intended to help as many people as possible with ideas and inspiration.

1: I Need Money Now From Government Programs

If you’re making statements such as I need money right now for free the chances are you’re experiencing some sort of poverty or hardship. The US Government has a variety of programs which help Americans who are on a low income. You can get help with foods via Food Stamp through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. You can get help with rent via the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD). You can get help with energy bills via the Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program. 

Visit the USA.Gov website today to see all the benefits you might be eligible for. You might now get money direct however you will be able to make savings through all the subsidized programs.

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2: Need Money Now for Free for Unemployed People

Many people who are unemployed make statements such as I Need money now for free. There is no such thing as a free lunch however the US Government does offer Unemployment Benefits for people who have been made redundant or have lost their job through no fault of their own. According to Bloomberg you could get an average weekly benefit of $203.61 in you live in Alabama and $415 in Wyoming. If you don’t have a job go visit the USA.Gov website immediately and file a claim. Then use all your energy and resources to find another job as it’s never pleasant remain on benefits indefinitely.

Benefit Checker: Find Out How Much Unemployment Benefits You Can Get 

3: Need Free Money Today By Taking Out a Interest Free Loan 

If you’re desperate and need free money today then you need to see if you can borrow money interest free. You will have to pay this money back and it is free for a period from interest accrual. Try asking friends and family first for a interest free loan. You could create a formal contract and use collateral as security just to make the contract more appealing. If you’re family refuse to offer you credit then go apply for interest free credit cards. Some interest free credit cards offer 24 months interest free credit. You can borrow the money for a period of 24 months and just pay back the principal amount.

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4: Need Free Money from Grants

There are hundreds of grants available to people who want to climb out of poverty in the US. There are scholarship grants, grants for contributions and even grants for assisting research. This is not strictly free money however these grants have the power to lift people out of poverty forever. Foundation such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have regular grant opportunities for grant seekers and is definitely worth visiting.

Bonus: Grants from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

5: I Need Free Money Today - Pawn Shop, Pay Day Loans & Peer to Peer Lending

When I need free money today I take valuables to a pawn store. Pawn stores work by giving you a cash advance and then you make regular or lump sum payments to pay off the principal. If you can’t pay off the money the pawn store get to keep your valuables. I make sure I pay off the balance before the interest period kicks in and always make sure I can afford the repayments as the last thing I want is to lose the valuables. Alternatively you could try pay day loans which on occasions wire the money same day or Peer to Peer lending.

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6: I Need Money Today for Free – Ask Celebrities & Millionaires

There are many celebrities such as Oprah, Ellen, and Millionaires such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and George Soros who all give their money away. Warren Buffett has pledged to give away 98% of his wealth through the Giving Pledge while George Soros and Bill Gates have pledged to give away more than half of their wealth. Celebrities like Oprah have helped their fans with free cars and homes while Ellen has given away scholarship opportunities to deserved person. While you may not get the money today building a long term relationship with these influential people will definitely help you rise out of poverty.

Bonus: Ask Oprah, Ellen, Warren Buffett & Bill Gates

7: I Need Free Money Right Now By Donating

If you need free money right now you should consider donating blood, plasma, eggs, sperm and even hair. Clinics pay handsomely for these items and if you’re fit and healthy you could make it regular thereby creating several income streams. Find a local sperm donor, blood donor clinic and inquire about their compensation plan. Normally you get between $30 and $100 for your time and resources. This is a great way to increase income if you need money right now, it might not be free but it is worth considering.

Bonus Material: Donate Blood Plasma Sperm Egg Hair

I Need Money Now

When you need money now you need to give yourself as many options as possible. Always start with government programs and make sure you get what you’re entitled to. Look for more ways to lift yourself out of poverty through subsidization plans such as Food Stamps, Energy Assistance and Rental Assistance. Find innovation ways to raise money by borrowing from friends and family and using interest free credit cards. Try leaving risky payday loans and pawn shops as a last resort and always look for innovative ways to make money by giving blood. If you need money right now you need to be resourceful and find as many ways as you can to develop income streams. Good Luck and God Bless.

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