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Need to Make Money - 26 Money Making Ideas to Generate $10,000 Per Year

Need to Make Money

  • Learn 26 Ways People Can Supplement Their Money
  • If you are on a low-income this post must be bookmarked
  • Make More Money - Boost Income - Pay Debt - Save for Future

If you need to make money be sure to read this definitive guide. Families and individuals who live on a low income should always look for ways to supplement their income. All too often low-income families apply for loans and credit cards to make ends meet. If you are committed then there are many ways to make money online and offline. Whenever I need to make money now I use some of the money making ideas outlined below.

Use Your Time Effectively if You NEED to Make Money

You don’t need money to make money and you can certainly trade your time for recurring passive income. This is where you invest your time and effort into creating assets which pay a recurring income. When you have enough assets you can supplement your income considerably. Below are some of the strategies I use when I need to make money ASAP.

Most of the suggestions are ideas to make money from home. The 26 sites listed below could earn you up to $10,000 per year depending on how much time you invest. These legitimate and unusual ways to make money have helped to boost my income so if I can do it anyone else can do it too. So without further ado here are 10 ways to make money so you can supplement your income. Also be sure to check out the following posts which give ideas on how to make money quickly and legally.

Earn Up to $10,000 Dollars Per Year If You Need to Make Money

1: Write for Revenue Sharing Website

Whenever I need to make money online I turn to revenue sharing websites. Anyone who is passionate about a subject can write online and generate at least $100 per month, this is very useful if you need to make money quickly. Imagine what you could do with an extra $100 being deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis. Most of the money I need now comes from writing online and generating passive income. You can write and make money from home or wherever you want, making a living writing will eventually lead to financial independence as well as location independence.

The key to writing content for passive income is quality. The greater the quality and depth of your article the more traffic it will generate. You can monetize your content with affiliate links or you could use search engine advertising such as Google Adsense, Yahoo! Ads and Bing Ads. You don’t have to stop at $100 and the more content you write the more money you can generate.

1: Hubpages:- Get paid by monetizing content using Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. You can write about anything you're passionate about and use creative tools to make the content engaging.

2: Blogging: You can blog to make money. Set up a WordPress site and then add content. If you're really passionate about your niche you could make up to 1000 dollars per month just by adding ads and monetizing your content. You could make even more money by selling products and generating a mailing list. 

3: Infobarrel - Offers revenue share of up to 90% depending on how active you are. You can also enter competitions to receive $100 Amazon Vouchers every month.

4: Seekyt - Shares 70% of the revenue generated. You can earn up to 99% of the revenue by writing quality in depth article which receives likes and comments.

2: Make Money Now From Savings

When I need to make money online I look for online savings account which offer high returns. Savings rates have been poor since the credit crisis of 2008. Cash is losing value due to inflation and the low returns that banks are offering. The days of making quick money using bank account interest are long gone. Instead of investing all of your hard earned savings in bank accounts where inflation erodes any interest return you might want to consider peer to peer lending. If you need to make money and are sick and tired of low rates check out peer to peer lending. P2P lending involves lending money to other people who have good credit. You can expect to make anything between 4% and 12% using P2P lending. 

Current I have invested my money in Funding Circle which earns 5.8% and The House Crowd which earns 6.5%. The key to lending money according to the blog Daily Finance is risk management. Always understand the business you are aiding and make sure they have gone through a comprehensive credit check to determine their creditworthiness. All of my money is invested in A-Credit Rated business and individuals. Here is a list of all the P2P lending companies you can invest your money with.

5: Funding Circle - Look for A Rated businesses to lend to where loans have director security and asset security.

6: The House Crowd - Earn up to 6% lending money for short periods of time. Diversify your portfolio by getting access UK.

7: Lending Club - Lend to people with high credit scores 

8: Prosper - Lend to people and receive anything between 5% and 10 % depending on how much risk you are prepared to take.

9: Ratesetter - Receive a fixed amount every month for a period of 1, 2 and 5 years. Ratesetter has a provision fund which is generated using the profits the company makes. The provision fund is used to repay any outstanding loans.

3: Make Money by Selling Insurance on Stocks

Another way I supplement my income is by selling insurance or put insurance on large blue chip companies on the New York stock exchange. I find all the support and resistance areas and sell at those strike prices. The scope of this method is beyond this article but most of what I learned when I need to make money from the stock market are listed on the blogs below. I use OptionsXpress.com to place all my trades. Whenever I need a hobby that makes money I trade options conservatively on the stock market.

10: Fully Informed - Learn how to sell options and make anything between $100 and $10,000 per month

11: OptionsXPress - Buy and sell put options and call options

4: I Need To Make Money ASAP

Another way of making money from home is by trying new products from businesses. When I need to make money ASAP without going into my savings account I do the following to generate income quickly. Using these ways to make cash in a day I can generate anything between $100 and $200. You get paid after you reach a certain threshold but you start to generate money immediately.

Try Products Which Pay Cash

13: Get Compensated for Tasks at InboxDollars.com - Sign Up NOW and get $5 for Free

Cash Back Sites

17: Swagbucks - Receive Cash Back for Spending

18: MyPoints - Receive Cash Back for Spending on Daily Household Items

19: Ebates - Shop Online and Receive Cash Back

Stoozing with Credit Cards

20: Citi Simplicity Card 0% for 24 Months - Transfer to high profit bank account

5: I Need to Make Money from Home

If you want creative ideas to make money from home then there are lots of things that you can try. When I need to make money right now I try some of these money making ideas in addition to the ones listed above. You can make anything between $100 and $500 depending on how much time and effort you put in.

23: Return Recent Purchases – If you’ve bought any items recently then try returning them before 28 days. The reason why you need money immediately is because of overspending so returning some of the impulse purchases will help you make ends meet.

24: Sell Old Purchases – If you have older impulse purchases then try selling these items on places like eBay and Gumtree.com. Most of these sites have free listing days so use them to get rid of all the useless clutter in your home so you can raise your bank account balance.

25: Mow Your Neighbours Lawn – If you have elderly or disabled neighbours offer them services such as mowing lawn, cleaning, or decorating. Agree on a price and try to negotiate a contract where you get paid monthly for a recurring service rather than a one off payment.

26: Babysitting & House Sitting – Try babysitting, pet sitting or even house sitting for parents, pet owners and holiday goers. You can earn anything between $15 and £50 per hour and even more for house sitting which means relocating for a period of time.

Need to Make Money Now

Anyone who puts their mind to it can make money fast and earn money from home. If making money at home sounds appealing give some of the ideas listed above a try and see how much you can make. The more experienced and confident you become the more money you will be able to generate. There is no reason why you can't eventually earn $10,000 per month using some of the ideas listed above. The money making ideas listed above are all legitimate and unusual ways of making money. Depending on the option you choose you could start to make money ASAP or build a passive income stream which keeps on growing as you put more effort in. If you need to make money I would urge you to take action. I wish you all the best.

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