Thursday 1 May 2014

Need Help Paying Bills

As the price of goods and service continue to rise faster than wages low income families are being hit hard. I receive a lot of emails and comments from low income families and individuals who need help paying bills. These low income families and individuals have more choice than they think. By combining help from government, help from the private sector and help from charities low income individuals and families can cover the cost of their living expenses. I have compiled a list which offers 20 ways to find help if you need help paying bills. Try every one of these items on the list to see if you can save or make money.

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1: Unemployment Benefits from Government

If you don’t have a job and need help paying the bills you might be eligible for unemployment benefits from the government. Depending on which state you reside in you could get anything between $200 and $350 per week in allowances. If you’ve been made redundant or have lost your job through no fault of your own you can claim the benefits which could help paying the bills. Being eligible for benefits is great when you need help paying the bills, however, you should not become reliant on this payment. You should try your utmost to find another job as soon as possible so you can free up the taxpayers money.

2: Rental Assistance from the Government

If you live in a high rent location you could get help from the government through the department for housing and urban development. There are three programs on offer. The first program subsidises landlords so they can pass the benefits onto renters. The second program is where low income families apply for government homes which have low rents. The final program offers vouchers to low income households allowing them to rent wherever they wish to. You should visit the USA.Gov website and check out all the resources from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

3: Energy Assistance from the Government

If you need help paying energy bills then the LIHEAP program might be able to help you. The LIHEAP program offers subsidies during the summer and winter to help with heating and cooling the home. These payments are for low income households who need help with their energy bills. The weatherization programs also help to insulate the home so you can lower your overall household bills. You should visit the USA.Gov website to find more information on LIHEAP weatherization programs in your state.

4: Food Stamps from the Government

If you need help with your grocery bills you could apply for the Food Stamp program from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP. SNAP offer food stamps to low income households who are close to the federal poverty line. These food stamps allow you to buy all kinds of grocery from prominent food stores. Your grocery bill is a large part of your monthly expense and these food stamps could come in very handy. Remember to always reduce your grocery bills to avoid over reliance on Food Stamps.

5: Free Mobile from the Government

If you need help with your phone bill the government has an initiative which offers free mobile phones to low income households. This program is available through Safe Link Wireless who supply the phone and contribute towards the cost of the contract. You won’t get anything fancy like a Samsung Galaxy or an Apple iPhone. This program will help in you need help with your phone bill.

6: Free Vehicles for Low Income Families

There are a number of charities which offer help to low income families who need free cars. These charities take in old cars in exchange for tax deductions and then give the vehicle to low income households. These charities also offer free repairs and gas. If you’re on a very low income and need help with car bills then check out the following posts.

7: Budgeting Effectively to Slash Bills

Sometimes budgeting effectively could slash your bills in half. If you need help with bills then it’s likely your expense is increasing ahead of your income. Look at ways to reduce all of your expense. Find cheaper food. Find a cheaper energy provider. Buy used clothes and furniture. Discipline your spending. By cutting your costs you wont feel as though you’re constantly need help with bills.

8: Reduce Your Debts

If credit card payments and loan repayments are eating away at your income this could be the reason why you need help with bills. Try to consolidate all your debt so that you have one monthly manageable payment. Try to lower your payments by finding a zero percent credit card. If you’re credit score is low your only option might be to call the creditors and explain that your experiencing financial difficulties. These creditors are obliged to stop interest if you can no longer afford it. Contact a credit counselling company which offers free debt management plans so you make one low payment each month. Any surplus money should go towards paying your bills. Any money left over should be used to pay off your debt.

9: Cancel All Superfluous Services

If you need help with bills try to cancel the services which are not essential. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Cancel expensive cable. Cancel NETFLIX. Once you cancel all the superfluous services you should have a chunk of money left over each month which could go towards the essential bills. There’s no point in having expensive monthly subscriptions when you need help with paying essential bills.

10: Create a Emergency Fund

When you need help with bills and emergency fund really helps. An emergency fund is an amount of money which has been set aside to help during emergency and financial crisis. When you need have money left over at the end of a month divert all of it towards an emergency fund. Once you’ve accumulated a few thousand dollars you’ll feel secure in your financial position. When you need help with bills you can use the emergency fund to pay them off.

11: Ask Charities for Help

If you’ve been refused help by the government you could turn to the charities in your communities. Churches, synagogues and Masjids all have collections during their prayer times. These collections are used to service the religious organisation. Any excess money is held in a discretionary fund which is used to help people. As these organisations are non profits they must pass all their money to worthy causes after expense. If you need help with bills you could approach these religious organisations and ask for help.

12: Ask Corporations for Help

Most large multination corporations give away 1% of their profits to help people in their local community. You should contact all of the large corporations in your area and then ask them for help. Explain that you need help with bills and then find ways they could help. Sometimes they might offer products or services for free which would free up money so you can use it towards your essential bills.

13: Move to a Cheaper Location

If you’re travel and rent/mortgage bills are high you should consider moving to a location which is closer to where you work. You should also find a property or apartment which is suitable for your income. Just moving will reduce your travel bill and your rental/mortgage expense. These funds could be diverted towards the bills you need help with. You could free up enough money to start your emergency fund.

14: Reducing Car Payments

If you need help with car payment bills then you probably can’t afford to keep the car. Sell the car and pay off the loan. Try to get a free vehicle by finding charities that give away free vehicles. You could even cycle to work to save money and get fit at the same time.

15: Ask for a Pay Rise

If you’re struggling to pay your bills and you believe you make a vital contribution at work then you need to ask for a pay rise. No one will want to increase your salary or wages unless you ask. Formulate a case where you are doing more that what is required. Show your boss how much more you are contributing compared to other people and ask for a pay rise. If what you say is true you could get anything between 5 and 20% pay rise. You might even be promoted. The new money could go towards paying off your bills.

16: Start a Side Business

If you are passionate or obsessed about something find ways to monetise that passion or obsession. There are bloggers on the internet who earn over $50,000 per month just talking about subjects they feel passionate about. Try to create an online business or a blog and then monetize using Google, Yahoo or Bing. You should receive passive residual income on a monthly basis. If you need help with bills you can use the passive income generated from your business or blog to pay the bills.

17: Rent a Room Out

If you have an extra room you should rent it out to tenants or as storage space. An extra room could generate between $200 and $500 per month which could be used if you need help with bills. Most people underutilise their space so it’s important to rent out space which you don’t use.

18: Move in With Parents

You could consider moving in with parents or sharing a household with other people. When you share space, cost of services and grocery bills your expenses are often cut in half. You can use the surplus income to pay off

19: Educate Yourself

If you simply can’t sustain your bills using your existing income you need to find a better job. While you work try to go on a course to further educate yourself. The more education and hands on experience you have the better prospects you generate. Once your educated look for jobs which you need to sustain your current lifestyle.

20: Move to a Cheaper Country

If you need help with bills try something outlandish like moving to a country where the cost of living is 1/10th of what it is in the USA. Generating income on the internet and then moving to a place like Vietnam would slash your costs dramatically. You could live like a King for $500.

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