Monday 11 August 2014

Best Short Term Loans UK: Review 10 of 16: Paydaylady.co.uk

This post is the tenth installment in the 16 Part Review Series where I look at the best short term loans in the United Kingdom. One of the most frequently asked question on the Millionaires Giving Money Blog is what is the best short term loan? And, what is the most reputable payday loan company in Britain? After replying to a number of these emails I was inspired to write 16 reviews on the best short term loan companies in the UK so people who need to borrow short term finance can make informed decisions. In the tenth review I will be looking at Paydaylady.co.uk which offers short term pay day loans to get you tied over until pay day.

Important Information: Before you decide to take out a short term loan you need to consider the implication of not being able to make the payment on time. If you miss a payment there is change that the loan term will be extended for another cycle and you will be liable for all the interest charges and extension fees. Missing fees also lead to lower credit scores and default marks on your credit file. Finally if you refuse or cannot pay your short term loan debt collectors may be called in to recover as much of the money as possible.

Review 10: Best Short Term Loans UK: PayDayLady.co.uk

PayDayLady.co.uk is a payday loan broker. PayDayLady.co.uk has a panel of approved pay day loan companies that it uses to find customers the best deal. The panel of lenders are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority which means that they are approved by regulatory bodies and will treat customers fairly.

The PayDayLady.co.uk has a simple 3 step application process. The first step is you will out the easy to use application form which only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. You will need to provide your name, address, date of birth, employment status and details of your income and outgoings.

Once you’ve completed the online form your application will be passed onto the payday loan companies on the PayDayLady.co.uk approved panel and they will determine whether you are eligible for a loan.

PayDayLady.co.uk will then receive responses from the panel of pay day loan companies and make recommendations with regards to the most competitive loan. You then have to click on a link that takes you to the direct pay day loan company and finish the remaining application which will include details like your bank account and salary/wage date details. You could then have your money in your bank account within an hour depending on which short term Loan Company has approved you.

Trust is very important to PayDayLady.co.uk which is why the financial organisation is fully registered with the Office of Fair Trading. PayDayLady.co.uk also advocates responsible lending and will only lend money if the customer has the ability to pay it back without getting into financial despair.

Going through PayDayLady.co.uk does not cost you any extra money. Any fee or commission is picked up by the Direct Pay Day Loan Company which pays the broker for the business. The advantage of using pay day loan brokers is that they will do all the hard work to find you the most competitive short term loan company which means you don’t need to waste your valuable time. PayDayLady.co.uk has a registered office in Edgware United Kingdom.

Example of Pay Day Lady Short Term Loans

PayDayLady.co.uk has a representative APR of 1,734% and loans amounts of anything between £50 and £500 with a maximum term of 30 days. You must remember that this is a pay day loan broker which means it has a panel of approved pay day loan companies which they use to find you the best deal with the most reputable short term loan company. If you were to borrow £100 over 30 days you would repay £125 on the 31st day of the term.
The APR representative as mentioned earlier is 1,734% which is worked out as follows. When you borrow £200 over 28 days the fixed interest rate is 326% PA and you are required to repay a total of £150.

Is PayDayLady.co.uk the Best Short Term Loan Company in the UK?

PayDayLady.co.uk is a reputable broker of short term loans. The company is regulated via the Financial Conduct Authority and the Office of Fair Trading and practice responsible lending without bending any laws to get customers unaffordable loans. PayDayLady.co.uk has a pre-approved reputable lending panel which means that any recommendation will be with a lending company which will treat its customers fairly. The company also has a very competitive typical APR which makes it worth using. While the rate may not be as low as Sunny.co.uk or Quick Quid you do get the best competitive rate for your status. PayDayLady.co.uk is one of the best brokers around and will get you a competitive short term loan in the UK if you are eligible for one. After analysing all the information it is a fair assessment to say that PayDayLady.co.uk is one of the best short term loan broker companies in the UK.

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