Tuesday 5 August 2014

Best Short Term Loans UK: Review 8 of 16: CashLady.com Payday Loans Broker

This Post is the 8th Part in the 16 Part Mini Series where I look at the 16 best short term loan companies. Some of the most frequent questions I receive on the Millionaires Giving Money blog are: What are the best short term loan company? and, What is the most reputable pay day loan companies in the UK? After responding to a handful of these messages I was inspired to review 16 of the best short term loan companies, pay day loan companies and pay day loan broker companies in the UK. In this post I review CashLady.com which is a pay day loan broker company dedicated to finding the best short term loan in the UK.

Important Notes: There are some important points to bear in mind before you take out a short term loan with regards to missed payments. If you miss a payment your loan may be extended automatically which means you might face more interest cost and late fee charges. If you miss payments this will be reflected in your credit history and your credit score will fall. Failure or refusal to pay off the loan might lead to collection agencies getting involved to recover the money. So now without further ado here is the 8th review for short term loan companies in the UK.

Review 8: Best Short Term Loans UK: CashLady.com

CashLady.com is a pay day loan broker company which means that they have several short term loan companies on their panel which they use to get the best deal for borrowers. You only need to fill out one simple application and then CashLady.com does all the hard work finding the best deal. CashLady.com has payday lenders and personal loan companies on their panel as well as financial organisations which offer lines of credit.

To apply you must be over 18 and be in permanent employment earning at least £500 per month. You must be a UK resident and you must hold a valid Bank Account with a debit card. CashLady.com is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Money Gap Group Limited.

Depending on your credit score and affordability criteria you can apply for Payday loans, personal loans with longer terms as well as guarantor loans. CashLady.com has a variety of lenders on its panel so there is a good chance you will be approved for a good deal.

Example of CashLady.com Short Term Loans

The typical representative APR on a Cash Lady Payday Loan is 2,670%. You can borrow anything between £80 and £300 and you have a maximum term of 6 months to repay the money. Cash Lady is an online Pay day loan broker company which means they will search their panel of lenders to find the best deal.

The representative APR which is 2,760 is worked out as follows. When you borrow £80 for 28 days you pay a fixed rate of 378% which means you will repay £103.20 in total.
Best Short Term Loans in the UK

Although Cash Lady might be an online broker of short term loans they are one of the best and most reputable pay day brokers in the United Kingdom. The advantage of using Cash Lady is they have a variety of lenders on their panel which means there is a greater chance of being approved with the best possible deal.

Cash Lady does not charge borrowers for using their service. Cash Lady apply on the borrowers behalf and then charge the lending company a fee for bring them business. CashLady.com is definitely worth considering as a short term loans company because you only need to submit one form and then you will be emailed proposals for the best loan once Cash Lady searches through the list of lenders. Borrowers with bad credit are welcome.

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