Tuesday 12 August 2014

Best Short Term Loans UK: Review 14 of 16: 100 Day Loans UK Pay Day Loans

This Post is the Fourteenth (14th) Part of the Popular 16 Part Series where I look at 16 of the best short term loan companies in the United Kingdom. I plan to also review 20 of the best short term loan companies in the USA soon so watch this space. Two of the most frequent questions asked by the Millionaires Giving Money Community in the UK is (1) What is the best short term loan company, and (2) What the most reputable payday companies in the UK? After replying to a handful of these emails I was inspired by create a 16 part review on the best short term loan companies in the UK. In this the 14th Part I look at 100 Day Loan Company.

Important Information: Short term loans should only be used during emergencies and you should be certain you can pay off the loan at the next payday. When you miss a payment you short term loan may be extended and you will be liable for further interest and charges. Your missed payments are also reflected on your credit file and your credit score will slowly fall. If you refuse to pay off the money debt collectors may be introduced to recover the money. It is very important to fill out a financial questionnaire to determine whether or not you can afford the short term loan.

Review 14: Best Short Term Loans UK: 100 Day Loans UK

100dayloans.co.uk is a licensed credit brokerage company which makes introductions between borrowers and lenders for short term loans which can last up to 100 days. 100dayloans.co.uk is not a direct pay day lender and has a panel of approved short term lenders which they use to find borrowers the best deal. 100dayloans.co.uk is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) however does have a credit license which means it must adhere to all the rules of treating customers fairly.

100dayloans.co.uk has a comprehensive network of lenders and takes a few minutes to apply for the 100 day loan. 100dayloans.co.uk has a very solid reputation according to their website where they explain they have helped thousands of borrowers get the short term cash they need. The lender also claims 100% acceptance and that all applications are reviewed by the lending partners.  100dayloans.co.uk use a Verisign encrypted technology which means that your personal financial information is kept guarded online.

Once you provide your details to 100dayloans.co.uk they pass the details onto their network of short term loan companies which then do their checks to determine whether you can afford the loan. Once the information is processed proposals are sent back to 100dayloans.co.uk and the most competitive loan is chosen and sent to you.

Once you’ve accepted the loan agreement you can go to the direct payday lenders website and fill out the remaining information and have the money transferred to your bank account. The amount of time it takes for the money to arrive may vary as 100dayloans.co.uk use a number of payday loan lenders who all have different turnaround times. There are no application fees, no fast funding fees, no monthly account charges, no collection fees or postal charges.

If you do miss a payment your loan may be extended and you could be charged anything between £15 and £20. Some payday lenders may charge this on a daily basis. 100 Day Loans lenders abide by the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 as well as any other regulatory measures of England and Wales.

Example of 100dayloans.co.uk Short Term Loans

100dayloans.co.uk has an APR representative of 1,734 and lends any amount between £50 and £1000 over a maximum term of 100 days. If you borrow £100 over 30 days you will need to repay £129.50 on the final day of the term which is usually after payday.

100dayloans.co.uk is a payday loan broker which searches their network of direct payday loan lenders to get you the best deal. You must also be aware that there may be a faster payment fee involved if you want the money in your bank account quickly.

100dayloans.co.uk has an APR representative of 1,734% and is worked out as follows. When you borrow £50 over 30 days at a rate of 359% p.a. Fixed you will repay £64.75 in total repayments.

Is 100dayloans.co.uk the Best Short Term Loan Company in the UK?

100dayloans.co.uk is convenient because you have 100 days to pay off the loan. 100dayloans.co.uk does all the hard work and searches it’s network of short term lending companies to get you the best deal. 100dayloans.co.uk is not regulated by the FCA however is part of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 so you will get protection as a borrower.

This lending company is more for borrowers who have bad credit and need an extended short term loan. 100 Day Loans is a reputable credit broker and has helped thousands of borrowers which short term loans.


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