Monday 4 August 2014

Best Short Term Loans UK: Review 2 of 16: QuickQuid Payday Loans

This post is Part 2 of the 16 Part Mini Series which reviews the best short term loans in the United Kingdom. I receive a high volume of emails from the readers of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog enquiring about the most reliable pay day companies around. After responding to a handful of these emails I was inspired to review the 16 best payday loans in the United Kingdom. Before you take out a short term loan it is important to understand the consequences of missing a payment. 

In the unfortunate event you miss a payment your loan might be automatically extended and you will be liable to pay more interest and charges. Late payments will also have an impact on your credit score and will be reflected in your credit file. Failure to pay off the loan will result in repossession action being taken. So without further ado here is review number 2 of the best short term loans in the UK.

Review 2: Best Short Term Loan UK – QuickQuid.co.uk

QuickQuid is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is one of the fastest pay day loan companies in the UK. QuickQuid.co.uk send cash direct to your bank account within 10 minutes of approval and have helped over 500,000 UK citizens to bridge the gap between paydays.          

QuickQuid.co.uk offer cash advances and pay day loans to all customers in the United Kingdom. You can apply for a pay day loan 24 hours per day 7 days per week and get cash sent within 10 minutes of approval. QuickQuid boasts no hidden fees and round the clock customer service. 

You can talk to a QuickQuid.co.uk representative by phone, chat and email. QuickQuid.co.uk is one of the most trusted pay day loan companies in the UK where 87% of customers surveyed stated they would recommend the service to friends and family.

QuickQuid.co.uk is a responsible lender and always run full consumer credit checks before they lend out any money. The pay day loan service offered will state how much your loan will cost and how long you have to make the payment. There are no hidden charges and you will not pay more than you should. You can also change your mind within 24 hours at no extra cost.

Example of QuickQuid.co.uk Payday Loans

QuickQuid.co.uk has an APR representative of 1,999% and you can borrow anything between £100 and £1000 over a maximum term of 3 months.  If you borrow £100 over 31 days you will repay £129.50 in total. At the time of writing this review you can use the promotional code MONEY30 to save 30% on your initial interest rate on your first pay day loan.

The APR representative is 1,999% and is worked out as follows. When you borrow £200 over 31 day period at a rate of £47% Per Annum you will repay £183.49 which includes a £5.50 transfer fee.

Short Term Loans in the UK

QuickQuid is one of the best short term loan companies in the UK who really believe in responsible lending. QuickQuid also send money within 10 minutes after approval and you can change your mind within 24 hours without paying any fees or charges other than the transmission fee. 

QuickQuid is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and prides itself on responsible lending by checking the credit for every customer. QuickQuid regularly offer promotional codes to save anything between 10% and 50% on interest charges. In my opinion QuickQuid is one of the best short term loan companies in the UK and are worth considering to bridge the gap between paydays.

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