Michael Bloomberg Contact Details

Michael Bloomberg Contact Details

One of the reasons why people ask Michael Bloomberg for money is because he's one generous philanthropist. Michael Bloomberg is ranked number 13 in the top 50 American Philanthropist list created by Business Week and has an estimated net worth of $34.5 billion which he made as the founder of the financial channel Bloomberg. Michael Bloomberg has also pledged to give away more than half of his wealth to charity. 

The Michael Bloomberg Foundation, one of the largest charitable organizations in the world,  has given away over 2.5 billion dollars to healthcarescholarshipculture and social cohesion and reform. If you live in New York where Michael Bloomberg is Mayor and are experiencing financial hardship or financial collapse and need help with cashneed cash for medical bills then you can contact the Michael Bloomberg Foundation for help. You will be able to find all the charitable organizations the foundation supports and then contact these charities for help.  

How to Contact Michael Bloomberg for Money 

Some of the most notable philanthropic work conducted by the Foundation include investment in campaigns to reduce global tobacco use as well as projects to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. In New York the mayor makes a significant contributions towards projects and initiatives to improve economic outcomes for young Hispanic and Black Women and Men.  

If you do want to contact Michael Bloomberg for money then you can do so by writing to him or using the contacts page on his website. 
Michael Bloomberg Foundation Contact Details 

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg 
City Hall 
NW York, NY 10007 
Phone: 311-NEW-YORK or (212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

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