Sunday 12 January 2014

Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs for People Experiencing Hardship

This blog is devoted to finding millionaires, billionaires and celebrities who give money to people experiencing financial hardship. However, recently I got an email from a reader who explained that it takes too long to receive financial help and whether there's any other way to raise money quickly to replace household items. If you're experiencing hardship and need to replace a household item then buy now pay later catalogs are very convenient.

Why Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later catalogs can give you up to 12 months to defer your payments, this means that if you buy a product now in January 2014 your next payment will be due in January 2015. Another great feature about buy now pay later catalogs is they offer interest free periods of up to 12 months which means you only pay back what you used. BNPL also offer introductory offer which give up to 20% off on your first order. Replacing items using buy now pay later catalogs is much cheaper than using payday loans which charge an APR of between 1000% and 4000%.

BNPL Sites with Relaxed Credit

There are a number of buy now pay later sites in the US which offer instant approval for buy now pay later credit these catalog sites include Fingethut.com, Montgomery Ward, Seventh Avenue, Midnight Velvet, Amazon Store card and much more. You need to register with all these catalogs and see which ones you're approved for. There are about 20 mainstream catalog sites which offer Buy Now Pay Later instant credit approval so you have a good change of being approved. These credit catalog sites have relaxed credit which means you could be approved instantly.

Once you're approved you need to find a catalog which offers the highest introductory discounts. The highest discount that I could find was 20% however these offers change from time to time. You should also choose the appliance that you need and after taking into account any discount that's available you should order the product on 12 months buy now pay later with 12 months deferred payment period. You should also check for any warranty or guarantee the product has and opt for appliances with the longest period.

Using buy now pay later means that you can have your item now and pay for it 12 months later. If you've spent $500 on the item then you should save $42 per month so you can pay off your credit balance. People get into trouble when they buy items and then forget to save money to pay it off. To use BNPL you must be disciplined otherwise you will get into trouble and have a mountain of debt to pay off.

I will be updating this guide so be sure to bookmark it. I will find all the buy now pay later catalog sites which offer items on 12 months interest free credit so you don't have to go to expensive payday loan companies or use credit cards when household items breakdown. The best way to avoid breakdown problems is to save money in an emergency fund so you can use it whenever you need to replace anything.

List of Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues with Cheap Credit

Fingerhut Credit Account
Montgomery Ward $20 Account for Buy Now Pay Later
Midnight Velvet Credit Account
Seventh Avenue Buy Now Pay Later

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