Tuesday 21 January 2014

I Need Money Right Now (4/25) - De Clutter & Sell on Craigslist

This is the fourth entry to the 25 part blog post series titled I Need Money Right Now. This series is designed to help low income households and individuals raise money quickly. If you’re experiencing hardship or need to supplement your income these ideas have been tried and tested and many individuals are making a living from these very ideas. Be sure to bookmark this page as I will be adding more posts until I finish the 25 part series.

If you know anyone who’s experiencing hardship then please forward these posts to them. You should also feel free to add a comment if you found this information useful as it’s always a joy to hear from readers.

Before you begin implementing some of these ideas you should see if you’re eligible for any financial help from the Government. By visiting the USA.Gov website you’ll be able to find resources on Food Stamps, help with rent and mortgage as well as military financial 

I Need Money Right Now

If you’re desperate for money then try to de-clutter. If your home is full of clutter it might be time to remove some of the items that’s weighing you down. When individuals and households start to de-clutter they get a feeling of wellbeing and clarity. If you’ve got more items than you need a great place to sell them and raise money is on your local Craigslist website. There is no charge for using this service as it only acts as a place to connect buyers with sellers.

Sell Your Clutter on Craigslist

Get money right now by selling items locally. You can sell anything that’s legal on Craigslist to local people. You won’t have to concern yourself with shipping or returns. All you have to do is take a picture of the item you want to sell and then write an accurate description and finish the advertisement off with a reasonable price.

Sell Unwanted Household Items to Raise Money Fast

Need money right now? Sell unwanted items on Craigslist. You can sell household goods, sofas, beds, bicycles, blenders, toasters and anything else that has a demand. The reason why these items sell so well is because we now live in a world where people are seeing the need to save money, consequently there are over 30 million people who use the service to bag a bargain.   

Make More Money on Craigslist

You could turn this exercise into a part time job where you find bargains to sell on craigslist. After de-cluttering and selling your items what you will find is that there is particularly high demand for certain items. Suppose there is a high demand for toasters at $5. If you can visit your local consignment shops and buy these items for a $1 and then repair and renew them to give it a new lease of life you can stand to make a 500% profit. If you can repeat this process with more items you could make a nice side income.

If you have a nose for a good deal and you’re able to sell items on Craigslist there is no reason why you can’t make over $500 per month. It is possible if you put your mind to it.

De Clutter and Free Your Mind

Many low income households and individuals will have more items than they need. If you can sell all of the excess items you’ll feel lighter and have more space around the house. Your de-clutter exercise will give you a sense of clarity and direction. The money you raise could go towards paying off your debt and bills so you could make a fresh start.

If you found the information on this post helpful please share it with other people who might benefit from it. As always leave a comment because it’s always a joy to hear from my readers.

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