Monday 27 January 2014

I Need Money Right Now (9/25) - Amazon Mechanical Turk Program

Even though this blog is about asking rich people for money I still get emails from readers asking me if there's any other way of making money quickly. Because of this I started a series of blog post titled I Want Money Right Now. In these posts I look at different ways to supplement income. The money making suggestions here are completely legitimate and you can make money as long as you put your mind to it. Feel free to share the content on the social media channels or with people who you think might find the posts useful, also feel free to add a comment as it's always a joy to hear from readers.

This post is the 9th installment to the series and looks at making money using Amazon's Mechanical Turk Program. This program allows businesses and employers to post jobs on the Turk Program. Members of the Amazon Turk program cam then accept these jobs. The worker is paid once the job is concluded to a satisfactory standard.

Before you start looking for assignments on the Amazon Turk Program it's worth checking to see if you're entitled to any financial help from the Government. You should visit the USA.Gov website to see if you're entitled to benefits such as mortgage assistance programs, rental assistance programs, and military financial assistance. You'll be surprised to know that the Government offers advice on debt management and debt consolidation for people on low income.

I Need Money Right Now - Amazons Mechanical Turk Program

Signing up for Amazons Mechanical Turk Program is relatively straightforward, you will not need any qualification and you'll be able to build experience and reputation once you've completed assignments. The Amazon Mechanical Turk Program is designed for businesses who want to outsource all of the mundane tasks which cannot be done easily using machines. There are hundreds of jobs posted every day and the payout ranged from free to $10. Once you've completed the job the money is credited to your Amazon account where you can withdraw the funds once it reaches $10.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you've got lots of spare time on your hands and want to supplement your income then this is the way to go. If you're in a job which requires you to sit around all day then you could do this on your employers time. If you're able to complete two $10 jobs every day then you could make $600 per month quite easily. These mundane jobs are very time consuming and it takes time to build experience and reputation. Once you've established yourself on Amazon Turks Mechanical program you will start to get accepted for higher paid jobs.

Credit: Gregory Han Via Flickr
Amazons Mechanical Turk Program is fantastic if you want to supplement your income without any real skill or qualifications. If you do have a skill then you're better off freelancing on sites such as ODesk.com and Elance.com. Going forward you should sign up to all these programs and state all your skills, experience, and knowledge and then look for assignments. At first it will take time to familiarize yourself with all the processes and procedures. Once you've got several assignments under your belt you should feel confident, you'll also notice a steady flow of assignments coming your way. 

If you're desperate for money and you're doing all that you can and still have spare time available then these sites are the ticket. Rather than worrying about your financial circumstances it's better to take action and do something about it. By signing up to these programs there is a chance that you could earn $1000 per month eventually if you really put your mind do it. Just imagine what a difference $1000 could make.

Feel free to share this post with other people who might benefit from the content. Feel free to leave a comment as it's always nice to hear from readers. 

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