Tuesday 28 January 2014

I Need Money Right Now (10/25) - Volunteer for Medical Testing

From time to time I get mail from my readers asking me if there are ways to make money quickly. After receiving a handful requests I decided to start a series of blog posts titled I Need Money Right Now where I look at realistic ways to make money quickly. All these suggestions are completely legitimate and you will be able to make money if you put your mind to it. For all those readers who like reading about millionaires giving money away rest assured that these posts will continue on this blog. Feel free to share the content of this post with other people who might find it useful. Also please leave a comment as it's always nice to hear from readers.

The 10th installment to the series titled I Need Money Right Now looks making money by taking part in medical studies. If you're relatively healthy and can spare a few hours per week you could make a lot of money. There are upsides and downsides to these clinical tests for money which will be discussed further on. 

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I Need Money Right Now - Volunteer for Medical Testing

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Universities and Pharmaceutical companies need volunteers so they can test the effectiveness of new medicines. These medicines are approved once they've been thoroughly tested. The demand for volunteers is incredibly high however volunteers are hard to come by. Universities and Pharmaceuticals now offer handsome compensation plans to attract test subjects for their drugs. The compensation package usually consists of a full medical, food and comfortable room, you also get a monetary compensation depending on how long you need to remain in the test area. Some drugs are being tested for $50 to $100 per day.

The National Institute of Health has over 300 studies that need test subjects, nearly all these clinical research projects have compensation plans and free medical. The best way to earn money is by signing up for as many of these Clinical Trials as possible. If you can sign up for two trails per week and each one pays $100 each you could make $800 per month which would supplement your income very nicely.

The test subjects must be healthy although sometimes unhealthy test subjects are required for specialist medication. Generally speaking the healthier you are the better chance you have of getting yourself accepted into more programs. If you're not in shape this could be the perfect opportunity to lose some weight and make some money at the same time.

This is not a get rich scheme, this is a legitimate way to supplement your income and it all depends on how much time you spend finding clinical trials. I would advise readers to build up slowly just to see how the body reacts. One of the downsides of being a clinical tester is you might have an adverse reaction to the drug. You need to be very careful when you consider the pros and cons of going forward.

So why not give medical testing a go? You have very little to lose apart from time although there is a small chance things could go wrong. The upside is you could earn up to $1000 per month and contribute towards the advancement of medicine.

Did you enjoy this post? be sure to check out the other posts in the I Need Money Right Now series where I look at supplementing income quickly with legitimate methods. Feel free to share the content with anyone who might find it useful and be sure to leave a comment as it's always a joy to hear from readers. 


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