Wednesday 22 January 2014

I Need Money Right Now (5/25) – Return Purchases Within 28 Days

This entry is part of a 25 post series called I Need Money Right Now. The series is for low income individuals and households looking to supplement their income. Be sure to bookmark this post as I will add more until I reach 25 posts. These ideas are viable ways to generate quick money; if you’re experiencing hardship you can use some of these ideas to find cash fast.

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One point which I mention on all my posts is Government Assistance. If you’re experiencing financial hardship then the first point of contact should be the Government. What you will find is that they have assistance programs for unemployed, military people, elderly and disabled. They can help if you don’t have any food or a place to stay.

I Need Money Right Now – Return Purchases

If you have a sudden need for money one of the quickest ways to raise cash is by returning items that you’ve bought recently. Items can be returned within 28 days for a full refund. Look at all the items you’ve bought in the last 28 days and ask yourself whether you need all these items. If it’s essential items such as food then obviously it must stay however if it’s items of clothing, technology or any other non essential household items you should consider returning it.

If you’ve lost the receipt or taken the tag off you can still return the item. If the store refuses to give you a refund take a bank statement showing the purchase, this will be enough proof to get a full refund. In the unlikely event that you’re not offered a refund you should appeal to the manager’s sense of wellbeing and let them know that you’re experiencing hardship and you need the money urgently, make statements such as I desperately need money and I need financial help right now, this will compel the store to refund the items.

If you’ve purchased your items on credit cards it’s a good idea to return them. Although you won’t get cash injection by returning these items you bought on credit, at least you won’t have to repay the credit card at a later date.

Returning items is a great way to supplement your income. I recall several years ago when my Fridge broke down, I was determined not to go into debt so I returned some of the items I had bought that month. I returned all the clothes, gadgets and non essential items and was able to raise $150 which covered the costs of a small fridge freezer.

Going forward your priority should be to form an emergency fund which you can use when you need money urgently. If you can contribute $100 per month to this fund you’ll have $1200 per year which you can use to avoid getting into debt. You could also look for other ways to supplement your income so you have more money coming in.

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