Tuesday 21 January 2014

I Need Money Right Now (3/25)

I need money right now is a 25 part blog post series looking at ways to find money very quickly. These posts are designed to give ideas to low income individuals and households if they need to supplement their income quickly. Be sure to bookmark this post as I will be adding more until we reach 25 posts.

As always feel free to share the content of this post with others who might benefit from it. If you know anyone who’s experiencing hardship these ideas might really make a difference. Also feel free to add a comment below if you’ve benefited from the ideas mentioned here, it’s always nice to hear from the readers.

Before you consider giving these ideas a go it’s important to see what financial help you might be eligible for from the Government. If you visit the USA.Gov site you will find resources on military financial assistance, mortgage assistance programs and even advice on debt consolidation. Make sure you get what you are entitled to.

I Need Money Right Now

You might be surprised by how much money people leave lying around. Whether it’s at home or at work people do leave spare change lying around. If you can check the most common places people leave change you could make a nice side income to supplement your expenses. This post is all about finding money which people leave lying around, the first step is to look at all the places you might leave money and then use this knowledge to hunt for money elsewhere.

Under You Sofa

If you’re desperately in need of money then check under the sofa. Most people leave their spare change in their front or back pockets; this is why when people sit on the sofa money starts to roll out. Some individuals might not notice this while others won’t be bothered to retrieve it. If you have a lot of people coming in and out of your home its worth checking what lies beneath. Remove all the cushions from the sofa and look between the cracks and crevices. Upon inspection you should find some spare change which can go towards supplementing your expenses.

Check in the Office

If you’re desperate for cash now check your office for loose change. If you work in an office you’ll notice that many people leave change lying around on their desk. This money usually finds its way into the drawers or on the floor. Check what change is lying on your desk by thoroughly going through the contents of your drawers. You should also look on the floor of your desk and any other adjacent desk. If you do find money then collect so you can supplement your income.   

Check Your Bedroom

If you’re desperate for money today find loose change in your bedroom. When we get changed in our bedroom anything in our pockets ends up on the floor or under the bed. The reasons why we don’t notice this is because were too busy getting changed to go to work. You should go through your entire bedroom to find loose change, you’ll be surprised at how much you can find especially if you leave loose change in your clothes. Look under the bed, look behind the mattress and beneath and inside the drawers.

Check Your Vehicle

Another great place to check for loose change is your vehicle. Whenever we buy items during a journey we quickly return to the car and leave the money on the dash. Sometimes this money is returned to the wallet, most of the time it ends up in the glove box or on the floor. Go to your vehicle now and check the draws, floors and seat thoroughly and you’re bound to find more loose change.

Check the Pantry

Another great place to find loose change is in the kitchen. Most people go straight for the kitchen when they come home. Anything in their hands are placed on the kitchen worktop including loose change. Most of the time the quarters are too small to notice which is why they end up in the kitchen drawer. If you can go through your entire kitchen and pantry you’re bound to find loose change. Make sure you look in every corner including any unusual places.

You won’t get rich finding loose change however it could make a lot of difference if you’re experiencing hardship. If you can find $10 to $20 this could go towards food or bills which might give you the breathing space you need to get yourself back on your feet.
If you enjoyed this post please feel free to leave a comment below as it’s always nice to hear from readers. Also feel free to share the content with other people who might benefit from it. Remember that this is a 25 part series so be sure to bookmark this post for more quick free money making ideas.



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