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I Need 1000 Pounds Right Now - I'm Desperate I Will Do Anything

I Need 1000 Pounds Right NOW

I Need 1000 Pounds Right Now is a frequently asked question on The Millionaires Giving Money Blog. In this post I’m going to reveal how to make 1000 Sterling Pounds in a short space of time. I have personally used some of these ideas to make money quickly and all of the money making strategies are legal and within the law. 

If you need to raise money fast then you should embrace these ideas even if they seem outside your comfort zone. The more you stretch the limits of your comfort zone the more money you are likely to make. 

All these ideas can be applied in any countries where people search the following:

  • I Need 1000 Dollars Right Now - For US Readers
  • I Need 1000 Francs Right Now - For French Readers
  • I Need 1000 Deutsche-mark Right NOW - For German Readers
  • I Need 1000 Rupees Right NOW - For Indian Readers
  • I Need 1000 Lira Right NOW - For Italian Readers
  • I Need 1000 Euros Right NOW - For Euro Readers

All of the ideas given below can be adapted for each country with a little tweaking. The main thing is you need to persevere and motivate yourself towards success. It can be done because there are people out there doing it right now!

I Need Money

Before I reveal some of the ideas I have used to make 1000 pounds quickly I wanted to touch on attitude and approach. You are more likely to make 1000 pounds quickly if you have a positive attitude and approach everything with an open mind. 

In the past I have been negative on occasions and this is the time when I made the least money. Having a positive can do attitude will give you best opportunities to make money. Seriously try being positive and watch the money roll in. 

IDEA 1: Get a Second Job and Make a Grand

If I need 1000 pounds right now I would consider getting myself another job quickly. I have worked two jobs at the same time and it can be done. If you work a normal job between the hours of 9 and 5 you could get an additional job in the evening and weekend.

I have raised 1000 pounds working casually within two weeks in retail by doing all the hours they offered me. It is possible and if you need money quickly some of these workplaces might even be willing to give you a cash advance on your wages. 

IDEA 2: Offer Consultation for £1K 

If you have a skill which is in demand then you should consider offering consultation. You can offer you skills on sites such as eLance and ODESK as well as Fiverr. If you don’t have skills consider developing one that pays large sums of money. 

At the moment Search Engine Optimisation SEO is in demand and competent accredited SEO consultants can charge up to 300 pounds per hour. Even if you charge 100 pounds per hour doing 10 hours work could net you 1000 pounds easily. If you become an expert you can charge much more!

IDEA 3: Ask Friends and Family for a 1000 Pound Loan

This might not sound appealing however if you’re running out of ideas its worth considering. To keep the transaction professional you should consider a loan agreement with your friend of family.

Consider offering collateral just in case you default on your loan and offer an APR rate which is higher than the bank savings rate but lower than personal loan rates. In the past I have borrowed money from my brothers and sisters by offering my car as collateral and then creating a loan for 5%. 

I love my car so they knew I would pay and everyone was happy.

IDEA 4: Give Blood for a Grand 

When I need 1000 pounds right now I consider giving blood. There are a number of approved clinics in the United Kingdom especially in London which are running low on blood and plasma. Clinics offer anything between £50 and £100 depending on the blood type rarity. 

If you need 1000 pounds quickly you could give blood a few times a week at different clinics and then make one grand quickly. 

There is nothing stopping you from doing this on an ongoing basis so as long as your strong and healthy and have the capacity to replenish lost blood quickly you could make a small fortune over time. 

This is a great way to make money quickly!

IDEA 5: Take Part in Clinical Trials for £1000 

I love taking part in clinical trials. Not only am I helping the world by accelerating the rate at which medicine is developed, I’m also making a tidy profit on the side. 

I have taken part in many clinical trials and have raised substantial amounts of money. Quintiles.co.uk is a great place to get started. You should register and then look for clinical trials that match your characteristics.

Depending on how much time you spend in the hospital you could earn anything between 500 pounds to 10 grand. I know people who do this on a part time basis, these people are organized and make more money in clinical trials than they do at their day job. 

Most of these people save the money they make in clinical trials and use their salary to get by.

IDEA 6: Take out a 1000 Pound Pay Day Loan 

Not one of my best ideas however needs must. The days of unscrupulous unregulated payday loans are behind us and new laws and legislations in the UK and making short term loans less ambiguous and transparent. If you do need 1000 pounds fast then consider taking out a short term loan. You can find the best payday loans in the UK by checking comparison sites.

Some of the companies worth mentioning include Sunny.co.uk, QuickQuid.com and Wonga.com. All these payday loan companies have competitive rates and reasonable fees and charges. 

Before you even consider taking out a payday loan you need to fill out an income and expenses form to see how much disposable income you have at the end of the month. If you have enough income to cover the loan repayments you can consider taking out the cash advance.

IDEA 7: Rent Out Spare Rooms and Spare Spaces to make £1000 

A great way to earn extra money is by optimising the space in your home. Consider ways to free up one room and then rent this room out to a lodger. This might involve sleeping in the reception or garage however if you can do the space up nicely it should not be a problem. 

I know a single person who has a 3 bedroom house and lives in the garage. This landlord rents out all 5 of his room which include the reception and make 2000 pounds per month in rental income. I could DEFINITELY tolerate living in the Garage if I was generating 1000 pounds in rental income.

IDEA 8: Optimise Your Expense to Raise 1000 Pounds 

In the past when I needed 1000 pounds quickly I found extreme ways to cut my expenses so I could extract an extra 1000 pounds from my income. I cut cable, subscriptions, gas, and electric consumption and drastically cut my grocery bills. 

I was living on baked beans and bread with candles and a blanket for warmth. I did this for a month and was able to raise 1000 pounds just by not spending. While I agree that this is an extreme way to make money it is worth considering especially if your net worth is in negative territory.

IDEA 9: Use the Internet to Make 1000 Pounds 

It is entirely possible to make 1000 pounds on the internet. The more IT, Technical and Search Engine competent you are the quicker you can make money. Consider writing or blogging for money. You can create a Wordpress.com blog along with web hosting and then add quality content every day until your target.  

There are bloggers like Pat Flynn who make over 40,000 dollars per month so it is possible. You can also join revenue sharing websites such as Infobarrel.com, Squidoo.com, Xomba.com and Seekyt.com and start writing immediately for a share of the income. The more active you are online the more money you will be able to make. 

IDEA 10: Use Interest Free Credit Cards to Make 1000 Pounds 

Credit cards are now relaxing their lending policy and getting customers through the door by offering zero percent interest credit cards. This means that you can borrow money interest free for a certain amount of time. When I need 1000 pounds quickly I apply for a zero percent interest rate credit card.

Normally these credit cards offer an interest free period of 6 to 18 months, some even offer 24 month interest free credit. To take advantage of these cards you should extract one grand from your wages salary and then use the credit card to fund your monthly expenses. You can then pay this money back over the interest free period so you don’t pay a penny for borrowing the money.

I Need 1000 Pounds Right Now 

These 10 ideas to make a grand quickly are completely legal and can be done. There is nothing stopping you from making more money after you’ve hit your target of one grand. You could even combine the target to make even more money in a month on an ongoing basis. 

For me I personally have a job, I use my spare time to generate money online. I also offer consulting services and take part in clinical trials as well as giving blood whenever I can.  
By being active and by having a positive attitude I have made more than 1000 pounds by embracing these ideas and strategy. If you need 1000 pounds right now try some of these ideas out. 

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