Thursday 3 July 2014

I Need More Money (Part 4) I'm Desperate Please Help!

This post is Part 4 of the 20 Part mini series on how to earn more money. I always get emails from the great readers of Millionaires Giving Money Blog asking questions such as - I Need More Money Please Help, and What's a Quick Way to Make Money? To give me readers what they want I decided to create 20 short and sweet posts for people who need to earn more money. All of these quick money making ideas are completely legal and legitimate and success ultimately depends on how much time you spend earning more money. So without further ado here is IDEA 4 of 20.

IDEA 4: Selling Professional Video Tutorials - Earn 10,000 Dollars Per Month

Whenever I need to earn more money I consider selling professional video tutorials on a subject area which is in demand. People are willing to pay for video knowledge and if you're an expert in a specific area you could monetize your knowledge by using video tutorials. You can produce your video tutorials in the comfort of your own home and then sell them online.  

So where to begin? first of all start by doing your research. Find out where the most demand is and find out which videos are being downloaded the most. There are hundreds of helpful posts on the internet revealing top money making subjects to base your videos on. Once you've found the area which has potential for profits it's time to become an expert in that subject. It may take time however it will be worth the effort. At the very least you'll learn something new and no one can take that away from you.

Once you've learnt the subject and become an expert its time to produce some videos. Make the videos as helpful as possible and deliver the presentation in a professional manner. Once edited and completed consider selling on Clickbank, E-Junkie, SwiftCD or Amazon CreateSpace. You can also publish the videos online and then monetize using Google Adsense. 

Whenever we need to make more money we turn to producing video tutorials online and then publishing them on YouTube. This is definitely a quick money making idea which works and there is potential to sell enough videos to easily make 10,000 dollars per month. Seriously check it out today. If you want to see the full mini series click on the label I Need More Money Below. 

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