Friday 11 July 2014

I Need More Money (Part 19) - Quick Money Making Systems

This Post is Part 19 of the 20 Part Mini Series on how to earn more money. I always receive emails from the great readers of the Millionaires Giving Money Blog. The two most frequent questions asked are (1) I Need More Money What Can I Do, and (2) What is a Quick Way to Make Money?. After responding to as many emails as I possible could I was inspired to think of and share 20 ideas to make large amounts of money. All these ideas are legal and legitimate and depending on how much time, effort and thinking you use you can make anything between $100 and $3000. So without further ado here is IDEA 19 of 20.

IDEA 19: Take Part in Clinical Trials - Earn up to 10,000 Dollars

Before a drug is introduced to the public is must be rigorously tested. Clinical trails take place to test the effectiveness of the drugs as well as to find out if there are any side effects. Pharmaceutical companies require volunteers who are willing to take part in the clinical trials. These volunteers are compensated handsomely for their time and effort. The more involved the trial the more compensation is available. 

To get started you need to do a search for the official Government Clinical Trials website. Be careful as there are a lot of bogus companies masquerading as real clinics who are only interested in conning you out of your money. Once you find the legal legitimate clinical trails you need to sign up to as many as you can and then wait for trials which are suited to you. Most clinical trials depending on how involved they are pay between $500 and $10,000 Dollars so its important to keep yourself updated as to what is going on.

Whenever I need more money I take part in a clinical trial or two. If you want to earn more money it is certainly worth considering. This is a quick money making system as there will always be a need to clinical trial volunteers. Good Luck. 


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