Thursday 3 July 2014

I Need More Money (Part 3) I'm Desperate Please Help Me

This is Part 3 of the 20 Part Series on how to earn more money. I always get emails from the great readers of Millionaires Giving Money asking me one question in particular - I Need More Money what can I do? I have now decided to share 20 short and sweet ideas which are proven to generate $10,000 per month with the right amount of effort. So what is a quick way to make money? keep reading and find out. 

IDEA 3: Offer Workshops or Training - Make 10,000 Dollars Per Month

If you need more money in your life consider offering workshops or training on a highly specialised product or service. I know professional companies which offer 2 day courses for $1000 and that's on the cheap side. Suppose you were able to deliver a 2 day workshop 4 times a month taking on 10 people and charging $1000 you could make $40,000 per month!

Whenever we need to make more money we consider offering courses on subjects where there is a lot of demand. Recently we delivered a course on how to make money on the stock market using options trading and we were able to charge up to £1000 per person for a 4 day course! You can earn more money quickly by becoming an expert in an area which requires training and development. You could talk to businesses in your area asking them what they require training in. Most businesses send their employees on IT training courses. If you can become an IT expert you could offer a professional 2 day course and charge anything between $500 and $2000. I am not making these numbers up! there is a lot of money in offering workshops and training seminars in highly sought after subjects like IT and the Stock Market.

Find out what is in demand in your City. Then do all that you can to become an expert in that field and then offer professional courses and promote your services to businesses who will be interested as long as you've done your research. 

Earn more money by training employees and then delegate all the tasks to them and pay them a salary. If you need more money then this is a great idea to get going. This quick money making idea has made many people rich and you could earn 6 to 7 figures every year. To see all the mini post series click the I need more money label below.

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