Tuesday 8 July 2014

I Need More Money (Part 7) Please Help I'm Desperate

This post is Part 7 of the 20 Part Mini Series on how to earn more money. This series was inspired after I received an incredible number of emails asking questions such as - I Need More Money What Can I Do and What Is a Quick Way to Make Money? I love to give readers what they want to I decided to share 20 short sweet ideas on how to earn more money. Using these ideas you can make anything from $100 per month to $10,000 per month. All these ideas are legal and completely legitimate and there are people all over the world making huge amounts of money just from these ideas alone. How much more money you earn depends on how much time you spend on this project and how. So without further ado here is IDEA 7

IDEA 7: Creating a Membership Site - Earn Up To  10,000 Dollars Per Month

A membership site is not like a SAAS site which is Software as a Service site. SAAS sites offer software, project management tools, keyword research tools. A membership site is when the administrator is an expert in a highly sought after knowledge area and shares this knowledge with an audience that they've built up over time. A membership site would include a stock picking site, a fitness site, or a educational site for children. Again creating a membership site takes time and patience and is very much a long term undertaking. 

You have to start by picking an area where there is demand for a product and service. You then need to find the best service on offer and then provide a better service to the target market. Suppose you are a teacher and want to offer a subscription based service to help toddlers read. Yo would find the best service available and then offer something that's better. Of course it would take time to emulate and exceed the best service but you must remember that good things come to those who wait. Once you've got your service up an running  Suppose you charge $50 per month for children's training material and you have more than 200 paid subscribers you could easily make 10,000 dollars per month

If you need more money creating a membership site could the the answer. Developing material and creating a following takes time as does all things great. Creating a membership site is a quick money making idea but it will take time to generate 10,000 dollars per month. 

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