Thursday 10 July 2014

I Need More Money (Part 14) - Earn More Money

This post is Part 14 of the 20 Post Mini Series on How to Earn More Money. Two questions that I get asked a lot by the great readers of The Millionaires Giving Money Blog is - I Need More Money What Can I Do? and, What is a Quick Way of Making Money? After responding to many emails I decided to think of and share 20 quick money making systems that anyone can use to make large amounts of money. All these earn more money systems are completely legal and legitimate but requires time and patience to build into something big. These money making systems are have the potential to become long term money making businesses that you can leave on standby. Today people are using these ideas to make anything in the region of $1000 and $10,000 and it all depends on how much time, effort and strategy you employ. So without further ADO, here is IDEA 14 of 20.

IDEA 14: Amazon Associates Program: Earn 10,000 Dollars Per Month

Amazon is a multinational business which is likely to be around forever. Amazon has established itself as a leader in online retail sales with revenue in excess of billions every quarter. The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is where you promote the products and service that Amazon is selling. Once you make a sale you receive commission and royalties depending on the price of the product or service. To get started you need to pick 10 sales areas from Amazon. This could include Health, Books, Toys, Entertainment etc. Once you've picked the 10 areas you need to pick the top 10 products in those areas. The final step is to create 10 professional looking blogs or websites to promote the products. You can hire developers from developing countries to set everything up for you and then you just need to promote your sites until you reach the top of Google search results. The higher you rank for a keyword the more sales you will make. 

Suppose you earn $2 per sale all you need to do is sell 200 products per month of each site. This might seem a daunting task however when you start ranking for keywords you will star to make plenty of sales every day and you could easily make 10,000 dollars per month eventually.

Whenever I need more money I start selling products and services from Amazon. This is one of my favourite quick money making systems that has the potential to earn you more money. Try reading some books which highlight exactly how to earn more money using the Amazon Associates Program.

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