Thursday 10 July 2014

I Need More Money (Part 15) - Earn More Money

This Post is Part 15 of the 20 Part Mini Series on How to earn more money. I regularly receive emails from the great Millionaires Giving Money Blog readers asking the following two questions - (1) I Need More Money What Can I Do? and (2) What is a Quick Way to Make Money. After responding to a handful of emails I was inspired to think of and share 20 ideas to earn more money. These 20 quick money making ideas are completely legal and legitimate. Using these ideas you can build long term profitable business systems that require very little maintenance. There are people all over the world who are making large sums of money every month using these money making ideas. You to can earn anything between $1000 and $10,000 per month if you need more money. So without further ado here is IDEA 15 of 20.

IDEA 15: Post Reviews on YouTube: Earn 10,000 Dollars Per Month

YouTube is growing at a phenomenal rate and is rivalling search engines as the preferred way to find out information. People love the idea of listening to information compared to reading it which is why YouTube is becoming so popular. There are plenty of YouTube publishers who are earning 6 figure incomes every month just posting reviews on items people search for.

To get started pick 10 incredibly popular items that are searched for on YouTube and then purchase them. Keep the receipt so you can return them. Once you've got the product you need to create a YouTube video reviewing the product. Look at the top reviews and learn from the structure of the content. Create reviews which are much better then the competition and then rank them using white hat back linking techniques. Once you get to the top of the search results you can monetise your content using the Google Adsense Program. Suppose you earn $20 per 1000 views then all you need to earn 10,000 dollars per month is 500,000 visitors per month. This might seem an improbable task however it can be done over time.

When I need more money I try doing a few reviews on YouTube. Whenever I get a new gadget the first thing I do is review it so it eventually pays for itself. If you need to earn more money this is definitely something you can build into a long term profitable business system. If you can post 2 quality videos per day you could hit your 10,000 per month target in 1 years time. It is entirely possible to make more money using this strategy.

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